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Name of the site should pretty much clue you in as to what is Adult Friend Finder internet service all about, it’s a site for meeting people in your area and getting together for some spicy sex adventures.

Sometimes dating someone is a real hassle, especially if sex is all that you’re interested in, and since it’s socially unacceptable to just go around asking for sex you can get your kink on at Adult Friend Finder. With over 41 million members worldwide this is the biggest adult dating service that you can check out online. Simple user interface and free registration make it very easy for anyone to use Adult Friend Finder to find singles or adventurous types in their area.
Being one of the oldest sites for exchanging personals and for helping people meet up certainly has it’s benefits, Adult Friend Finder has been with us for over 15 years now and they’ve got huge members base and great experience. Content on the site does not consist of only ads and personals, there are lots of user uploaded videos and photos as well as tons of webcams, blogs and all kinds of Internet connectivity features, the large and active community is rivaling that of Facebook when it comes to exchanging personal information.
Now, while basic membership is 100% free, there are paid options available, gold and silver membership deals that give you access to many more features that are not available with basic access.
One of the down sides of adult friend finder is that there’s a lot of user generated content, meaning it’s not top quality, there are a lot of phone cam videos and photos and overall average content quality.

There’s a good reason for joining this site, and the personals and ads are just the beginning, the adult community here is all about fun, and with such a large member base there’s sure to be someone there from your area code.


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  • After I became a member of the AdultFriendFinder community a new world was opened to me. No more useless talking, just straight to the action. The large choice of women makes my lust explode. So many girls that want to have fun and talk about such stuff that I could not even imagine doing with my ex-girlfriend. It’s great that the service offers adult video and photo exchange between the users; it transforms the flirting into a role-play game.

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