Alice Agency is an elegant way to connect men and women from all over the world, namely, beautiful Russian and ex USSR girls to men from western cultures that want to score themselves a beautiful Baltic wife.

It’s not a big secret that there’s just something about Baltic girls that sets men right off, and this site is there to scratch that particular itch. The good news is, the men who look interesting for dating and serious commitment have been harder and harder to find in Russia and Ukraine and the gals are ready to try out something new. Joining this internet dating community and setting up your personal profile is free and easy. Right from the start you get to access all of the personals bases, you use the search tool and look for a girl that will be closest to your perfect fantasy, just as long as you remember that you have to be charming as well. You’re able to send a message to any of the girls, but it’s up to them if they want to repl or not, and there’s a reply fee, every mail you open with a response from your interest is added to your logs and to your credit disbalance, you have to keep your account stacked with credits if you want to chat with more people. There’s even a video chat feature with simultaneous translators there to make sure the online dates go well and that there are no misunderstandings – most of the Russian and Ukrainian girls weren’t proficient enough with English to be able to charm them with it, you need pretty fine Russian language skills.

Quick and easy way to find interested women with a paying system that keeps your wallet nice and safe, with no impulsive spending features that can drain your pocket

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  • I became your user one week ago and I came to the conclusion that I was pleasantly surprised that the webpage works fast and the standard options are very useful. I heard that Russian girls search foreigners only for their money, but after the beginning of chatting with some of girls I realized, that Russians have a very kind soul. Also I read a lot of different kind of comments about your website. Someone writes that it’s not so good as other web pages, others don’t agree with it. But I consider that I’ll continue to remain your user, until I’ll find the woman of my dream.

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