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Great choice of the most gorgeous women is presented on Ladies of different type and origin gladden one’s eye. It’s very simple to learn information about each of them – just click on the girl you like – and her photo album is on your disposal. Site offers multitude of options from providing a video with the woman of your dream till offering help in visiting her. Site arranges meeting and offers you a magnificent chance to communicate and get to know the chosen lady beforehand. Handy option of search helps you in finding the exact category of girls you like.

What is very interesting and unusual – you can see the reviews of the men, who used services of Prevailing majority of the dating reviews are more than positive and that is the proof that with the help of the site you can really meet your half. There are plenty of advertisements offering you chance to find out more about different options or offers of the site as well as of the other world news. has a strong anti-scam policy, so you can be sure that you won’t be cheated and the lady you want to meet is real.

Site even arranges apartments for you in case you want to come and see your lady in reality. If you desire to talk directly to a lady – high quality translator will provide you with simultaneous translation, so you will be able to hear your lady and understand what she talks about. There are cases when you want to see your perfect woman, but are occupied or just don’t have the possibility to come abroad – simply make a call and the chosen lady will come to you. has a long and excellent experience in arranging such meetings – you will surely get a lot of pleasure from communication with your lady in life. Many of the site users recommend it to their colleagues and friends – because site helped them to obtain their happiness and build a strong family with the women of their dreams. Try it and you will surely succeed in finding your perfect lady.



  • I would say it’s the ultimate service. I’m a member at AnastasiaDate for over a year and have no complains about it. Remember that it’s not a porn chat, so you better be serious about messaging to the girl or she would just ignore your lustful intentions.

  • Howdy guys. I see that there are a lot of positive comments here. Well live video does the trick. Where else you will find the opportunity to talk with Russian women through the camera. International dating is the best, really!

  • What all of you are talking about? My friend found here his wife, so that means it’s a marriage agency. Those who want to find a Russian bride are welcomed here. It will be very easy to start a relationship if you can see each other using camera.

  • At least I will know if I’m talking to a girl but not a dude on the other side. There are so many scams on the internet. Now if you want to be dating online you must research about it first and then join this or that site. But after reading these comments I think that I will join AnastasiaDate. Also I heard about AnastasiaDate on the Playboy radio and I was shocked some site is streaming on the famous radio.

  • OMG, are you serious about Playboy radio stream? Thanks guys, you have answered to all my questions in your comments. I think that I will try this one out, who knows? Maybe there is a girl in Russia that is meant for me.

  • Anastasiadate, anastsasiaweb, Anstasia-international are the same. They are a huge scam. Be prepared to lose a lot of money for fake letters.

  • Slow with the horses guys, first read about the price. Don’t you think it is kind off disturbing? Can someone answer me at this question? Is this price meets the requirements of the, or it’s another money-grabbing tool for lonely and desperate men? I’m very curious about this one, so please answer me?

  • I see the discussion is lively here. Gentlemen, stop worrying about the price, service or real meetings. To understand online dating, you must at least to have some experience in this way of communication. But suggesting that it will be a scam or something like that is pointless I think. First things first, you try then talk about it.

  • Really good question about the price you have there, so I will try to answer it. It is normal to have doubts when you see such price, but it’s really easy to understand why they have this fee. To maintain such great performance and service you need funds. Maybe the price is too much for some people, but for me? I know for what I pay and it’s for confidentiality and great service. Who wants to be disconnected in the middle of the live chat, when you want to say “I love you”, I bet no one. I hope I answered your question about such high fee for the Dating sites? If you have question you can always ask the stuff about it.

  • I have been using Anastasia date for about 2.5 months and have a qustion. I read and write Russian well enough to correspond with a woman directly using personal email in Russian. However, when Ihave asked at least 2 women on the Anastasia site that I am corresponding with through Anastasia, if they would switch to Personal internet e-mail 100% in Russian, they were not willing. They don’t say no, but they give other reasons why it isn’t convenient (none of which seem valid to me becasue they have to use the Internet anyway to access Anastasia, and could just as easily access personal email). It seems extremely unusual to me that a Russian speaking woman would not be willing two switch to Internet email in Russian, unless she has been discouraged from doing this by Anastasia (because Anastasia would then make no money from translations). I know that email addresses cannot be exchanged on Anastasia correspondence so I paper mailed my email address to the ladies, but so far no response.

    Does anyone have any information for me on why ladies on Anastasia are refusing to swithc to personal email 100% in russian? Is there a legitimate reason?

  • Hi, I’m new here so I became really concerned about disconnects. And one more thing, are these girls really are real? Because looking at the pictures I would really want that they would be real.

  • is a real deal. For people that are in love or just want to meet each other, they can arrange you a meeting with your friend. That is how serious AnastasiaDate is. I just hate slow people. Just try it out and see for yourself what and how it works, jeez.

  • I want to share my experience with people that are trying to find their second half as I did it. I was a beginner not only with internet but with the computer as well. Friends were really concerned about me, because my girlfriend left me and I was really depressed. They found and convinced me to try it out. At first it was hard, because not knowing the PC was really a problem. But after few months I met a really beautiful girl thanks to AnastasiaDate. We have so much in common, so now I’m trying to arrange a meeting with her. Hope this will push you towards this site, because I know how all of you feel.

  • I just love It has all the beautiful girls in the world, and I am happy to be able to talk with them.

  • I don’t really care about the services and stuff; I just want to talk to some hot chicks that is all I want from the dating sites. And don’t blame services for your failures with girls.

  • If you are a failure in real life, there are places like to change your character. Who we are in real life is nothing compared to who we can be in the internet. My opinion about the site; there are better places, but it will do for now.

  • Really I don’t understand the word what you are saying. I will give it a shoot, thought I don’t like online dating. I love to look in the girl’s eyes when I talk to her, and somehow try to touch her or even kiss her on the first date.

  • Good evening! I cannot keep my emotions in myself, so I would like to tell you about my great news. I got acquired with a woman here at I took courage and offered her to become my spouse. And she accepted my proposal!!! When I came to the webpage I didn’t believe that here I’ll find my love, but it has happened. You created not only the site, but and my life too! I hope that other clients will find their needs on this webpage too!

  • Anastasiadate and Anastasia International are an affiliate group of sites interested in soft sexual exploitation of Russian and Ukrainian girls for hard western currency. The primary outfit is based in Moscow. All currency spent on any Anastasia site is immediately processed into a Russian account. Anastasia utilizes a vast network of internet affiliates to advertise their (False) product. Additionally, the agencies that Anastasia utilizes in Russia and the Ukraine have similar programs in place to attract the girls (They are really employees) and compensates them as well for revenue generated through their sites. If you have any doubt, spend some dollars there. The first proof will be where the money goes from your account-Moscow. The second proof will be the ladies positive response in a letter or chat. You will never be refused.

  • Sorry to dissapoint so many but the negative comments are all correct.

    It is a complete scam, I know because I worked in Ukraine for 7 years, my wifes friend worked for them and used to tell stories about the scams, restaurants even pay them a commision for the girls to take the men to their establishments, the whole thing is just an elaborate money making scheme, they make the most money out of men who for some reason are happy to communicate with non English speakers, most girls do not work for them for that long as they get tired of the playacting and deceit.

    The only thing I would say is they do get a small amount of genuine woman who contact the agencies as they are looking for a foreign husband but in the last 10 years this has gone from very many to only a handful.

    Anyone that wants to go ahead and waste money (in some cases it has been tens of thousands of pounds) go ahead, you have been warned.

    Expats who live in Ukraine and Russia simply pity the men who come over for this service, we know what is coming next!!!!!!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Ecaterina. I decided to write my story in order to encourage other ladies to follow my example in order to find their life partner. I have been on a variety of dating websites for more than five years, as I wanted to find a foreign husband, for me not the country mattered, I simply wanted a man who would not drink, but being on a variety of sites for so much time and not having any changes was making me desperate about finding that one and only person. So I decided to make a last attempt and joined And I should say that I really saw changes, like for example gentlemen with who I were corresponding were calling me through the agency, and almost five months later I had a visit from Kevin with who I were communicating for two months, but he was not the one as we were too different and looking for different things in life. After I met Brad, well he was a nice man, but I didn’t feel the sparkle. The third person who visited me was Denny, and I should say that at the moment I saw him in the airport I felt my knees were not listening to me. In the last day of his visit Denny invited me to a restaurant there he proposed me, and I said yes.

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