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An attractive and modern app keeping in mind the contemporary trends is opening its doors and pages for you. Brilic is a newly designed app created for those who are looking for serious relationship and is ready to meet their love, no matter where he or she lives.

Brilic welcomes people of different sexualities offering search options for straight, gay, bisexual and lesbian users. It also does not limit communication to those who live nearby or who have already liked each other. Brilic allows you to decide where and who you want to date, and it helps you to make your first step – even if you feel shy at that moment.

This app works well on different devices and is free to download and install. So, why not to try?

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How to become a member?

Brilic is a free app to download and you can get it on Google Play if you have Android-based device, or on App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad. When you create an account on Brilic, you can use your Facebook or Google accounts to log into the app fast.

Otherwise you can fill in the information in the registration form. There you will need to state:

  • Email address.
  • Password
  • Country
  • Name
  • Date of birth (day, month and year).
  • Gender
  • Preferred gender of future partner – male, female or both.

Brilic allows you to do your search, no matter what is your sexuality.

After you fill all the mandatory fields, you get onto the main page and can start your search. It is highly recommended to upload photos of good quality and, if there is a possibility, to make a video to be displayed in your profile. In this way other users will know you much better.

All the photos and videos should be decent and attractive. Brilic is an app oriented to serious relationship and the team strictly monitors the users’ behavior.

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How Brilic works

Brilic offers you a simple and intuitive interface which has only the functions you really need. Here the app does not make any decisions instead of you. You determine your search criteria and see who of the users you really want to date or not.

There are no algorithms and no obligatory likes or matching. All the users are open for communication and may choose who they want to date. In case you do not want your profile to be shown in the search results, you can hide your profile from search by using a special option in profile settings.

If you want to talk to a person, there is a chat panel where you can write and get messages. Every user has a chat button in their profile.


Search of a future partner

You can do your search by different ways here. If you want to meet a person who is near you, you can use “Search places” line in the upper left corner. There you type the name of a country or a city and see the results.

Another way is to sort all the users on the app. You can use Filters panel. There you need to set the age limits, and also choose a country or a region in the list offered. On your wish, you can set the gender of a future partner in Filters panel, too, but usually it is saved automatically in the registration process.

When you browse through all the profiles offered, you see the photos and information about users. You can start communication, writing a message or sending a gift to the person you are interested in. Chatting is not limited to mutual likes and matches here, and you can feel much more free.

In the chat panel you may write text messages or send your immediate photos. Also you can send virtual gifts to the users which you like and show them your sympathy and affection.

In case some of users show offensive behavior, you may block them with the special button in their profile.4-step-brilic


Free and paid options

This app is free to download and install. Also you may browse through the profiles and do your search for free here. For more options it is recommended to choose a subscription plan or get credits. You can get a 1-month, 3-month or 1-year plan. The longer your membership lasts, the cheaper is each month of it.

Also you can get credits and use them when chatting or sending gifts to users. The minimum amount of credits is 200, and the maximum is 30000.

Brilic offers its members a 3-day free trial to try all the functions for free and then decide if they like the app or not.

All the payments are made through iTunes or Google Play accounts and need prior confirmation from the member.get-vip-brilic

Privacy and safety protection

Brilic cares for your data safety and protects you from any offensive behavior of other users. There is a possibility to inform the team about any rudeness you have encountered on the app. Also you can be sure that your profile and data are not displayed to the people on the internet who are not the members of Brilic.

The app creates safe atmosphere where you can meet your love and feel comfortable in any step you make. Try it now and make sure that your love is much closer than you think!


  • For a day of sitting on this site with a premium and additional payment of any functions which for some reason are not included in a premium, there was only one correspondence with the live person. And she tried to make money. Messages in most cases are sent, but for some reason later are absent in the message history. Sure to the recipient, they also do not reach, although this is possible it is not intended to be, and not just a curve realization. Money is asked every day, you can not pay once and rejoice. Also imitate the attention to your page to make it easier to promote for money. Find a person on this site, in principle, is not possible-no one will sit there for a long time. What they charge for is not clear at all.

  • Before you register for this app sat on the Mamba. Here is much more like it – no million useless messages from all in a row, less fake pages. And most importantly-less stupid applications. If site Dating the and need to that, not in toys play!

  • After this app to other Dating sites almost do not go – there is enough and communication, and entertainment and everything. I spend less time in social networks than here. People are generally decent, it happens across all sorts.. but it’s everywhere.

  • Everything is OK, works steadily, does not take off and does not give errors. Function Guests especially like it, it turns out that you already see who shows sympathy and then write. And it’s free. From pay-nothing particularly interesting, top raise, message color, in my opinion, only the money. You need to communicate well.

  • Awesome site and app for your phone! Everything is convenient, beautiful, not buggy. No premium required to buy, and the messages are free, apparently, those who write about it and didn’t even go in! Paid services are also available, and the prices are rather big. But it’s worth it, and there are no bots, and normal people sit and do not write anyone!

  • Well, what a review you can write….Yes the most terrible…..I can’t get rid of you… Just maybe something will change you, so where else was not going to drag this weight. Why are you blatantly block likes and if people don’t want to pay for 12 hours 19 coins….why don’t you give him a choice?!? I is tied through classmates to you and now everywhere and everywhere I blocked already in during year….there’s no chance of getting rid of it. Why other Dating sites after removal are asked to re-register and you can continue to use…..and you have a gun, even a new name and address and all include the old lock with his…….

  • Easy registration, free messages. All anything, if not infinite pop-ups, notifications and other delights which already simply hesitated. If you do not configure everything at once as it is necessary not for you, but for the creators of the site, they will get their advice to Chinese Easter.

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