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If you want to see a kinky side of the UK dating scene, and not just the rowdy, crowded and noisy side of it that you can see in the pubs all over the UK, then Cheeky Lovers is the site you want to be paying attention to. While there are fresh guys and girls here, most of the members are twenty five+ year old singles who are looking for something more then a quick fling.

Cheeky Lovers is the place where you don’t just go to swagger, but you go to show off your wit and charm, that will get you real life addresses and phone numbers, so you better be on your best behavior. That’s not to say that singles on Cheeky Lovers are prudes, it’s just that you can’t get anywhere by being rude and pushy, you need to be charming and interesting enough to attract a hot UK babe or a guy looking for an UK date. Interesting enough, while the site does not have as many members as some of the other UK dating sites I’ve had the chance to check out, the community is most mature here, and I don’t mean the age, I mean their communication skills. Real life dates and meetings are pretty common with Cheeky Lovers, but these girls and guys are looking for interesting dating options and relationships that will last for a while, not for quick flings. You can look at personals and check out chat rooms with nothing but a valid e-mail, but to unlock all of the powerful search and match making tools you need to pay a small fee, which works as a great screening tool versus spammers, scammers and fake profiles.

Cheeky Lovers is one of my new favorites when it comes to online dating sites based in UK.


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