ChinaLove Review January 2019 (Real users comments)

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How it looks at first sight: isn’t your typical dating site that greets you with a huge gallery of half-naked girls right on the main page. Quite the opposite, its layout is romantic and modest. It pictures a happy interracial couple and there is a very positive and festive logo that inspires from the beginning.

Service: is an Asian dating platform working since 1993. It claims to cover 40+ countries including the Philippines and Kazakhstan from the female side and the US, Latin America, and Europe from the male side. It’s a mail order bride site rather than just a flirting or a hookup platform.


There is both free membership and paid membership available on ChinaLove.

One can be rewarded with the free membership if he follows all the recommendations listed below.

Paid members are using the PPL or rather pay-per-action system of payments. The site is informing that received funds for the credits are spent on translators, photographers, hired developers and other involved stuff. Paid members also receive much faster customer support.

Services cost:

  • 1 minute of chat – 1 credit / min.
  • 1-way video chat – 4 credits / min.
  • 2-way video chat – 6 credits / min.
  • Offline message – 1 credit
  • 1 letter – 10 credits
  • 1 video / photo viewing – 15 credits
  • 1 sticker – 5 credits
  • 1 animated smiley – 1 credit
  • Watching 1 profile video – 10 credits
  • 1 virtual gift during Live Chat – from 10 to 1000 credits
  • Let’s Mingle feature one-time usage – 5 credits

1-month membership includes:

  • 20 Welcome Credits
  • 10 free short Live Time sessions
  • First offline introduction letters to anyone are freechinalove-online

Free services:

Both male and female adults can become free members.

To apply to be a free member, it’s enough to fully complete the profile, purchase at least the minimum of credits, and remain an active member: enter at least 5 times a week with 8 hours online in total. For starting the process, it’s important to press the “Qualify as free member” button. Web-camera and microphone access should be allowed. The majority of received messages including offline chat should be replied within 24 hours. Online chat messages should be answered promptly. Let’s Mingle feature should be used each time one is logging in. Notifications via email shouldn’t be ignored.

Additionally, it is recommended to share the link to the CL account on the user’s FB page, update the information regularly, change the photos regularly, and upload the short introductory videos every week. Video calls option should be used every week too. There should be no complaints from female users about one’s impolite or abusive behaviour. This definition includes a wide range of possible violations.

Fee based services:

  • Video chat, including virtual gifts, stickers, and smileys
  • Audio calls
  • Instant messages
  • Watching profile videos etc.

Trial period:

It exists here and lasts for 1 calendar month. The user can become a paid member within these 30 days. Until then, he is able to use the most basic features including even messaging to/from paid members. In case if the paid membership isn’t bought within 30 days, the profile is deactivated until the moment of payment.


In order not to be banned, the user is obliged to care about the following aspects.

  • Photos quality: no nudity, no vulgar / pornographic content, no lingerie or swimming suits used as lingerie, no transparent or too revealing clothes, no provocative sexual postures or gestures, no photos that contain the escort / prostitution advertisement and contacts, no photos that promote BDSM activities, child abuse, threesome alliances, or any other stuff inappropriate for the mail order bride site.
  • Video chat behavior: again, no sexual movements or undressing, even partial; no offensive speech containing any kinds of discrimination, threatening, strong criticising of ChinaLove and its service or members; demonstrating or referring to pornographic or erotic videos; sharing or requesting other people’s personal data without their consent; sharing financial information; advertisement of commercial services; expressions of hate, bullying, informational misleading. Nearly the same restrictions concern messaging and audio calls.

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Special features:

Live stream is a popular feature but to use it fully, it is recommended to purchase enough credits. 1000 credits is an efficient set.

Safety level:

It’s easy to report a suspicious or abusive user. The administrators of the site highly recommend to not share the vulnerable personal information with other members including the bank card data. It is also recommended not to correspond with newly registered girls and chose those who are checked by time. However, no special settlements or technical measures are done in order to additionally protect the members.

Girls’ quality:

Once you browse the gallery, you see thousands of girls’ photos that are the links to their profiles. As usually, the most popular girls are on the top of the gallery. We suspect the site administrators also pick them manually to attract male members as they are either the youngest or the most young-looking girls on the first positions, very delicate and petite. It is known that admirers of Asian beauty prefer childish women as it’s a very typical type of appearance, particularly, for China.

The overall quality of girls is high but they aren’t too glamorous or completely model-looking (which is probably good).

It is noticed, however, that women are mostly oriented on white Western men, therefore, they join the site keeping in mind the interracial dating/marriages.


Beautiful Asian Women are Found at ChinaLoveCupid


Pros and cons:

To be short about the pros, the site is legit (or let’s say, mostly), very easy to navigate, and free of ads or pop-ups. It has a high response rate and the majority of girls quickly prove they are real, mostly, with non pre-recorded video chats. A generous 1-month trial is among the main benefits.

As to the cons, the majority of complaints are connected with its PPL system which is harmful for one’s budget and always creates the favourable conditions for the fraud. The site also has a slow customer support although they promise the opposite.

The company doesn’t organise any social events or offline dates so all arrangements are on a man’s shoulders.

Users’ comments:

“There are plenty of Asian dating sites on the Internet today, even hard to focus on one platform only. And I definitely wouldn’t concentrate on PPL site: never! I had enough bad experience with such sites in the past. But, two of my friends found a mate on ChinaLove: one met his current girlfriend and another one his current wife. How could I resist? At the beginning, I was trapped by a scammer but I already have a strong immunity against them. So, I quickly figured out and moved forward. In just one week, I found there a shockingly amazing girl who I checked, tested, and analyzed in so many ways but she was a true jewel. I traveled to Beijing the same month, then invited her to my city, and now we are living together. She is exactly the kind of girl I would propose to. I am not saying everyone will be that lucky. But for me everything happened quickly before I spent a fortune on letters. I suggest the same tactic to you guys.” (Peter Jones, 39, New York City)

“I hate paying for love and was spending all my days on Tinder. But honestly I wanted something very particular, a long-time relationship with an Asian girl. It has been my golden dream since long. On Tinder, even if you find a pretty Asian lady, you never can be sure she is communicating only with you. Impossible: she can be out with anyone, any time. The app is exactly for that. So I decided to spend a certain amount of money but to find what I need. I surfed through the reviews on different sites and liked only several of them, ChinaLove has caught my eye the most. It wasn’t crazily promoted or scandalous. I gave it a chance and was using it 1 month for free. Later I paid and tried to spend the credits wisely. It wasn’t easy as many girls were great and seemed interested. It took me 3 months though to find someone I was completely sure about. I am very analytical and intuitive. But she was totally the best girl for my plans and ideas. We are travelling the world together now and I couldn’t be happier!” (Tim Wyler, 35, Vancouver)china-love-free

Phone app version:

It is available. To fully use it, one should install the ChinaLove app and allow the notifications.

The official owner is: SOL NETWORKS LTD., Hong Kong

Current version: 6.2.1

Release date: June 24, 2018

Last updated: December 18, 2018

Requires iOs: 9.0 or later, Android: 5.0 and up

Support email:

Users’ rate: after the last update, the majority of reviews are 5-stars

Final verdict: shows pretty good results bringing Western men and Asian women together. It’s a reliable yet not perfect platform, with its flaws and weak sides. However, a big number of success stories, confirmations of its legitimacy, reassuring reviews, and pieces of evidence are very good signs. As more we research and dig as stronger is our feeling that we can indeed recommend this site for finding an Asian mate pretty quickly.

At the same time, having all necessary resources for the scam preventing, the site developers and administrators are doing nothing in this regard. Men should rely on their own experience and brains to protect themselves from catfishers and golddiggers. There is no even strong photo/personality verification!

Well, it still works well in 80% of cases, which can be explained by its popularity exactly among Chinese women and in other Asian countries. It’s actually very correct, to promote the mail order bride site among the women and not so much among men. It’s all interconnected! Another fact that you may like, there are many girls from Kazakhstan on ChinaLove. Why is it good or important? Because girls from Kazakhstan combine Asian beauty and hotness with Eastern European values. Kazakhstan was a part of the USSR for a long time, just like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Slavic countries. Mothers and grandmothers of these gorgeous girls adsorbed the classical values and traditions to then pass them forward. Kazakhstan girls make wonderful wives and their mentality is easier to understand and accept than purely Asian mentality.

Men are also happy to easily meet Filipino mail order brides on this site. Initially, they are perfect pretenders to be Western men’s life partners. But dating platforms usually exploit this idea too much making the profit of it and giving nothing back to customers. It really seems simpler to travel to the Philippines than to find a girl from there online. But ChinaLove breaks the stereotypes and helps to meet real Filipino personalities at ease.

As usually, men should be careful with whom they correspond with but the danger is slightly smaller on this site. Always remember a simple rule that profile photos are telling a lot about a woman already. Too glamorous studio photos can mean she’s a professional dater, so analyze her eyes expression and what she is saying in the profile. Casual photos with a simple daily background, on another hand, aren’t a 100% guarantee that a profile is trustworthy: the photos of this kind are often stolen from social networks. Again, you should analyze the face expression: does it look that a girl wanted to post this photo on a dating site and attract potential boyfriends? Ok, it’s always about being a good psychologist but don’t be too stressed. Use the 1-month free trial and communicate with people as much as you want, but watch out your every step. It’s the main principle of online dating.

We consider a semi-expensive, but reliable site with a vast database of serious-minded Asian singles that can be recommended to Western singles for classical dating. We rate it as 4-stars dating site.



  • Where have you seen free entertainment? All for money, as well as with Dating sites. If you want to get a real result – only there. Because free sit among the farmers, who can communicate normally can not, not to mention serious relationship. The website is generally excellent, the prices are normal, justified on all 146%. It is bad that people are selected automatically only from your city, I would like to communicate with others.

  • I registered about a year ago, and immediately retired, because no good at all. I do not understand what is the point of saying that the site is free, if in the end, even messages from other users can not be read? Slag’s full.

  • Those who appreciated free Dating sites and paid have long made a choice in favor of the second, because there people are really interested in the relationship, and the free sit mostly lovers of sex for one night and non-Russian! App is one of the best sites I’ve ever seen. The price is reasonable-800 rubles a month with Moscow prices and salaries – once to go to the store, and immediately clear who thinks it’s too expensive. I liked the compatibility test. Love this stuff. Let’s see if we can find happiness here.
    It is good that we always have a choice – free for all in a row or paid but for a limited number of persons. Each has its own, as they say. I choose the latter. And on app you can always find pretty girls and ready to communicate. A real man is always ready to spend money on a pretty girl, especially such a penny! So far I like everything, beautiful, clear, inexpensive. And most of all fun, and there maybe a serious relationship will come.

  • : Everyone understands that such resources are created for entertainment, and accordingly it is necessary to pay for it, so there is nothing surprising in this. People here of course not very much, but unlike the same Mamba here at least not every second offers sex for money. There is always hope that you will meet an interesting person for yourself. Everything is beautifully decorated, everyone can understand intuitively. And no one forces anyone to register, then to write negative reviews.
    similarly))) here came a daughter for our first wedding anniversary)))

  • And I found her husband on the Internet, now in Houston live and pregnant) Accidentally stumbled upon the application and saw reviews of Dating sites… at first came and voila)
    I’ve known you in tinder a long time. What do I like about this site?

  • First, you can write only those with whom you got a hit in the heart. I mean, you two liked each other. In another case, no debris doesn’t bother you. What can not be said about the Mamba and the international Dating network.

  • Secondly, the guys are very decent. Especially if you add another geographical position (paid service, $ 10 per month). For the sake of interest looked at countries such as Switzerland, Austria, etc. – very cool guys. Those who want to marry a foreigner-straight here in tinder and buy geo-position.

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