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Matchmaking Inc has opened up another great dating site, connecting men from all over the world with gorgeous girls from 16 countries (including Russia, Sweden, Dutch, Finnish, Czech…). These girls are all of age and all in the mood for a serious commitment. There’s a lack of men in Baltic states, and these chicks are really itching to find someone who can knock them off of their feet.

Basic membership deal is completely free, giving you a limited number of profiles you can look at and contact, and if you find someone in that dating group, then power to you. You get access only to message exchange and to some basic chat features, but that’s it. If you wan tot see more of what has to offer, you have to get a paying membership. Don’t worry, the price is pretty low considering what some other dating sites tend to charge, and as a part of becoming a premium member you get to fill out several personality tests and quizzes, giving the system enough information so you can be matched to a perfect partner for yourself. Privacy is a big deal here, all of the data is stored securely and is not used for anything other then making matches. If you desire so, you can list your profile in certain dating groups and wait for an interested lady to hit you up, or you can keep your profile hidden and just browse, waiting for a personal ad, a photo or a video set to strike the right cord and to make you fall in love. With years of experience, is a great place to look for romance and love.

If your goal is a bride from Russia, Ukraine or any of the Former Soviet Union states then is your new best

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