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9 cost
10 design
10 usability
9 support
10 content

Purpose of the site

The purpose of this site is dating European singles. It includes all European countries, particularly, Eastern Europe. Judging from the users’ stories shared on the front page, the site is mostly meant for virtual flirting.


General info is a product of AnastasiaDate/RussianBrides sites family so it looks a lot like the main site and has similar features. It is credits based as well and isn’t totally safe or legit. Any issues are to be solved through the email address



Payments can be done only with the bank card. The site works by a credit-based system and pay-per-service principle.

Credits can be purchased only after paying the monthly subscription: $9.99.

There are various credit packages starting from $15.99.

 eurodate review

Front page

The front page is very typical: the registration field, a short introduction, some profile photos with the names and age, promises of a high quality service, and references to the main sections such as the Terms of Use.



The anti-scam system on isn’t strong. The site just recommends to be careful with the strangers online and not to share the personal information. It isn’t specially equipped for avoiding the scam and doesn’t take any particular measures for that.

There are also some cases of non-authorized withdrawal from the users’ bank cards so it is highly recommended to be cautious about that.


Warning signs and traps

  • Extremely attractive girls in glamorous revealing clothes, the photos are severely Photoshopped. Of course, beautiful girls by themselves aren’t a warning sign. But they turn into a proved commercial material, if there are 95% of them, they are 20-22 y.o., they seek 18-80 y.o. men, and if this fact is accompanied with others listed below.
  • Introductory letters and letters in general. Reportedly, many letters from the girls on are fabricated. How to define that? The texts are similar or same from different girls; the texts contain lots of compliments and silly sweet words, including the comments about a man’s photo or advantages even when his profile is empty; the text looks like a copypaste product, very impersonal and vain. One should also pay attention to the whole correspondence as the girl’s stories and biography facts may differ from letter to letter.
  • Charles Dickens’ stories, or Dostoevsky stories – those are the sad stories Slavic women like to tell, about their terrible childhood and adulthood, lots of debts, a sick parent or relative, hospitals, medications, starving, and so on and on. For sure, some of that stuff is true, no doubt Russian and Ukrainian economy is in the ass hole, but it isn’t Mozambique after all. If things are so bad, why would they look so terrific on the profile photos, with the brand new clothes, makeup, and jewellery included? Such girls should either join sugarbaby dating sites only, or share such circumstances after establishing stable and trusting relationship with a man. Begging the money from a stranger is weird and inappropriate.
  • Private photos trap – that’s a real trap you’re going to be caught into. It is said in the rules that a man is getting the right to open a girl’s private photos after he writes her a letter. Of course, he needs to spend some credits for that. But even after sending the first letter, he doesn’t get any access to the so-called private photos. Customer support, if it replies at all, explains that a girl should open a man’s letter but it rarely happens: girls are just sending the next letters without even reading what a man wrote. Since no one is sending the money or gifts on the very beginning, a man’s first letter is simply useless for the girls!
  • The chat thing. Some of the reviews about are positive and they praise the chat feature. Well, it’s definitely pleasant to chat with someone who pretends to be a super beautiful and young blonde, even if it costs a lot. But if you don’t like to be fooled, we highly recommend to video chat instead of just texting. Yes, it’s much more expensive, but you can do this only once, to make sure this particular girl is real. Keep in mind that if she turned the webcam on, sent you an aerial kiss and waved on you, it’s not enough to convince you. Ask her to do something non-typical, like showing three fingers or writing certain words on a piece of paper. In 90% of cases, a girl will find excuses or simply escape from the chat. Now you know she is just a catfisher! If this scenario repeats again and again with every new girl, it’s probably better to stop wasting your money and leave such a fraudulent platform.
  • Sending pictures endlessly. Every man wants to see the maximum of his chosen girl. So you might be happy about a bunch of pictures, especially in revealing dresses or bikini. But for them, it’s just a business. Remember, you pay little something for every photo received and sent, both in the chat and in the letter. It’s easy to lose the track and spend much more than you ever planned. If a girl sends the photos endlessly and constantly encourages you to open all of them or send some back, it might be the warning sign. A big one!
  • Disappearing and ghosting on men is unfortunately a normal practice there. Those model-looking women either do not answer any questions from the beginning or disappear later when it comes about the meeting in real. There is realistically no chance to meet anyone from and there’s no evidence about such meetings found over the Internet. There aren’t success stories either.
  • 15+ reviews with 5 stars on some sources. Look, even if the dating site is super good, there is always critics. People find something bad and rate it as 4 or 3 stars. But endless 5-star reviews are forever, ever a sign of sponsored stuff.

There are some other warning signs too but you may notice them easily especially if you aren’t a beginner in online dating.

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Users’ comments

“ made my pockets empty before I even realized what is happening. It makes you pay initial $2.99 but very soon charges you the $15.99 and more and more and so on… without any authorization from your side. Girls are obviously fake and one has to be stupid not to notice their robotic style of communicating. I’m not sure why I joined at all. They look and sound trustworthy from the beginning and those Slavic chicks are so damn sexy so I guess many men get trapped. I wish I never knew about this site and kept my money on their place.” (Joseph, 41, San Francisco)

“I had to stay away once I learned is a part of AnastasiaDate dirty business! Now I’m punished as they charged me many times without my allowance! Customer support is just mute and there’s no one who could restore justice. Well luckily it didn’t last long. Their strategy is very primitive on this site and normal men may quickly detect the fraud. No surprise many Western and European men stop believing in Russian girls’ genuine intentions: the fraud is always connected with them! Such a shame! Avoid such sites at all costs”. (Dirk, 52, Munich)

“I hate the way they fool us. How can they ever guarantee the anti-scam system if they are scammers themselves?? The girls didn’t ask me to send them money or gifts, no. But it’s only because they didn’t reply at all! I was bombarded by silly meaningless letters with naughty pictures, just to get my attention and write back. Even when someone wrote for the 2nd or 3rd time, they never answered the questions I asked. They ignored them because they are robots! Anastasia workers even didn’t bother this time to hire some real people who would care to answer the questions and pretend all is true. They just charge and charge you for nothing. Don’t even hope it’s legit! Save your money and nerves!” (Richard, 48, London)

“I am a woman but I has been cheated by this tricky site as well. I look pretty hot and I currently live in Athens, Greece. I am very far from Greek men’s mentality so I decided to search online for someone more traditional. At the beginning, I was fascinated by this site as all men looked so handsome and positioned themselves as serious and family oriented. Wow! But it was just a trap for naive idiots like me. I quickly noticed they are contacting me on the chat the same second I appear online, and all those messages are very typical and impersonal, so poetic and sweet like I’m watching the soap opera! The letters are like this too, just sweet impersonal bullshit and nothing more. They do not even write the second or third letter. I did waste some money but I rescued after and I’m not recommending this fraud to anyone! I’m sure they have the same scheme for the male users too. I’d better try Tinder or eHarmony. Respect yourself and don’t become the victims like I did!” (Stephany, 32, Athens)


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As we can see from countless complaints and reviews, is rather an expensive toy than a real dating site. Not all sites of AnastasiaDate group are totally fraudulent, some contain real girls ready to meet and even get married. But this one is a failure. It’s made of robots and a few dozens of agency workers who fake the video chats with the girls models’ help. It’s a system and you’d better stay away from it.

At first sight, the site looks nice and decent, but very typical for a big group of sites owned by the dating giants. It’s good for the owners though there isn’t much lies on the first page as it contains zero success stories, only positive comments about online flirting. A dozen of visible profile photos, on another hand, is called to attract as much attention of potential users as possible, as there are beautiful girls and handsome respectable men from various corners of Europe.

But once the user joins the site and becomes a paid member, all the charm vanishes. Even if he doesn’t upload a photo and leaves his profile empty or writes negative things in it, he is still showered with sweet words and seductive photos from ladies, mostly from Russia and Ukraine. All messages sound very similar and the girls never go personal. There’s no hope to ever discuss the meeting in real or other serious matters. Only their profiles say they are all here for serious reasons, but their silly messages prove the opposite. After all, they don’t even sound human but robotic or at least fabricated.

We must say this site didn’t manage to become popular or create a well-developed, many-levelled system of fraud like some other sites and apps of the same owner. Only thanks to this, it remains so-called safe. But it isn’t protected, user-friendly, or client-oriented at all. Even the bank card is used and charged without a proper authorization and allowance, while customer support is literally absent.

As a summary, we wouldn’t recommend this site to single users who seek some adventure or a serious relationship online. It’s not good for flirting nor for marriage-oriented search or even for hook-ups. It’s just the place where you can present some of your money to the owners in exchange to robotic tenderness and glamorous pics you’d better find on Google or Facebook as there’s no real person behind them.

Although we do not tend to criticize but rather to find something good about every platform, we must admit this particular dating site is useless and even harmful. According to this conclusion, we rate it pretty low and suggest to find other ways of communication with European women.




  • All about you my beloved asked and I bought a gift for Annette gold jewelry you bought, you only in no case do not give up, the thing that is bought. And you just need your detailed address and specify the full name of the patronymic. Here it is the moment of truth, only a fool can lead to it. My son and a photo of the goat in the Google search POPs up pictures and we have so much information, Mother dear! The name of our darling Michael, he lives in Riga, there was born and most importantly, he is the head of the sect and he has his own website. There is it in all social networks. Here’s to you and Sam has already been by the name it is possible to calculate the fraudster. Girls, good luck and do not be fooled by these goats. I write to you because yesterday exactly the same rubbish I wrote. But I put him in his place right away. And to this Swindler I sent links to all sites where it is available! Good luck.

  • All kind time of day, I want to write a review about a Dating site, site appearance standards, but to find and use it for its intended purpose is almost impossible, many “dead souls” that is, pictures and information, and the user is not present, and often re-duplicated the photo, and most importantly, the fact that when you choose a premium “type for a week” you register the subscription, in the amount of RUB 899, where each month is deducted this amount on the site to remove a subscription is not possible, so think is it worth it to use this site, thank you.

  • I’d rather pay money than sit on free Dating sites! Bunch of degenerates just one offers sex for money, do not understand how people find Boyfriends\girlfriends. Teamo is a good site, I liked the compatibility test from unusual services.. I don’t really believe it’s all the same, but it’s cool.

  • A normal site, poorly, that without money at all nothing not’, even message cannot be send. Enough people, but if it was free at least communication, is another matter, and so the toad smothers, though the price is small. A lot of cool features, but again only for the money. Would come up with at least some type of demo period, and then did everything for a fee.

  • Great service! Well, what can I charge almost everything, do not sit a dubious personality. Sometimes there are bots, but it is tolerable. But everything is convenient, starting with registration-you can not fill out a questionnaire, and go from social networks, already so much time will be saved. Many beautiful girls from my city, on the street with such you will not approach to get acquainted, and here – please! I like everything.

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