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German Friend Finder is part of an ever popular Friend Finder network dedicated to connecting German singles from all over the world. It gives them a chance to express themselves and fall in love.

The site is more of a social community then just a dating site, with features like blogs, groups, chat rooms and so on. All of this you can check out with the basic free membership, but to unlock some of the advanced features you need to pay a small fee. This fee will give you access to unlimited daily profiles (the free account has a limit) and will unlock things such is live web cam chat. With something under one hundred thousand members, German Friend Finder is not one of the biggest dating sites online, but it is definitely the biggest one covering this particular group of singles. There’s even a magazine published weekly with some of the most interesting articles and posts from the site. You don’t need to know German to be able to use German Friend Finder, but that will certainly give you a slight advantage as there are users that are speaking only that particular language. The match making tool is very easy to use and has plenty of filtering tools that will help you out while looking for a partner to spend time with. There are very good anti bot checks and anti spam tools integrated in the site, and moderators are constantly cleaning up fake or duplicate accounts for your maximal pleasure.

All in all, German Friend Finder is a great site that will give you a helping hand if you’re looking for a particular type of date.


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  • I am 30 years old, single. Using GermanFriendFinder for a year soon will get married to a girl that I met from my very first matchmaking a year ago. Website has a very decent design that is a big plus in my opinion. When I signed up it was easy to login and even easier to start dating. Women are very polite, and I thought that German girls are horny, reckless and bitchy. My opinion changed after the matchmaking.

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