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9.2 is a premier on-line dating and matrimonial site that aims at bringing single people’s hearts together. Disregards, you are a man or a woman; you can meet your fate on this site. However, the men are more spoilt on this site as the choice of women’s profiles is wider. So, men have higher chances for romantic success, but women have more gallant men to choose from. Everyday more than 350 000 visitors come on page looking for serious relationship. assists in perfect match making and special search service helps you to find the one you were looking for, it saves your time and nerves. You also have a possibility to look for singles from your area only, in order to meet them up easier in real life. Men and women join absolutely for free and the rest of the services are free for women only. However, men are the winners in regards of the amount of drop-dead beauties registered on this site. Register today and start using site benefits of modern interactive features and polite friendly service of the site stuff. Join for a romantic journey of a lifetime and you will never regret.


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  • It is one of leading dating sites. It is good that you want to get a mate and find love. This place will help you a lot.

  • is a modern and fastest way to get a real date very fast. I did it in just a day. If you want sexy girls, you should think about joining.

  • Here are not ordinary girls, they know their objective and the reason they stay on the site. So if you are willing to date these hot and nasty girls, then you came to the right place.

  • Girls are very demanding, so you better think what you want to say. But be sure that for every girl there is a way how to seduce her. So read some tips on the internet and then start dating.

  • It seems that some people just can’t stop thinking about sex. Dating sites are for relationships, not for finding a girl just for sex. If you want to have sex, go to a club and search for a girl there.

  • I just can’t imagine that some girls want to talk to you guys. You are so premature and silly that I just want to puke.

  • Stop this nonsense right now. Leave comments to help people in realizing what they really need and what they should do.

  • I am not a member but I think it is another useless site where you will spend a lot of time and find nothing. But I hope those guys that really want relationships, will find their love.

  • is a unique and place to find your love. At list this site deserves your attention.

  • Three things that I wish to say about the girlsdateforfree. First – service is good however with some minor defects in the search system and dating tools. Second – website is for real dating, flirting and relationship building. Don’t ever start your first conversation with the words (sex, let’s go have some fun) etc. Third – useless website or not, but there are couples that were created thanks to this service, it’s only your mistake that you could not find a partner. Stop trash talking and try to help people, not show how miserable you are.

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