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Korean people are known to have a lot of national pride and to be a bit stuck up about dating other groups, but Koreans all over the world have found it hard to find a date when they’re far from home. That’s why Korean Friend Finder was created initially, but now days the site is all about connecting friends and potential dates in a big social network that is just Korean themed, not exclusive to Koreans.

You don’t need to know Korean to browse and chat with people on Korean Friend Finder, but most of the user generated content is in Korean, so you better be ready for that if you’re unfamiliar with the language. The site is a pretty fresh part of the Friend Finder network, a very popular matching and dating tool that has been around for years now, since 1996, and they’ve got tons of experience in matching people up and finding you a date. Man looking for a Korean woman or woman looking for a man, this site is easy to use and with about 70.000+ real live profiles and about 50 being added every week there’s always something new to be seen. Users upload photos and videos of themselves, and if you want to, you can mail them and chat them up, starting your Korean Friend Finder friendship, but it’s up to you to make it into something more. Personals contain everything, from friendship and flirt requests to single Korean men and women looking for relationship and marriage, it’s a big Korean dating pool open for everybody.

As far as Korean dating sites go, this is the easiest one to use and one of the very few that doesn’t require you to speak Korean.


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  • Guys you know that there are a lot of jokes about Koreans, but when you date one it’s just not relevant and not funny at all. After I joined Koreanfriendfinder I met a beautiful girl with pretty name Ae. It was the love at first sight. She is just perfect for me, she listens to everything I say, understands English and talk pretty well, tender and cute. I love how the search system is adjusted for any individual to have the perfect match.

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