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Not every corner of the world is safe and sound for a lesbian to announce what she is and that she’s interested in dating females, that’s something that Lesbian Personals can fix, here girls loving girls can find partners near their city or area with just a few clicks, it’s a dating heaven for girls who are into girls.

Lesbian Personals is a leading site when it comes to hooking up girls, it’s got thousands of active members at any given minute. While the site clams that there are over 30 million adults in the Lesbian Personals network, I think that number is greatly exaggerated and that the real number of real life profiles is closer to 2 million members at best, but even so that’s a big dating pool for lesbians to explore. The basic free membership on this dating lesbian site allows a girl to look at a limited amount of personals and to send limited amount of e-mails, if you want to access some of the advanced features including live cam chat and huge chat rooms, you have to go for one of the advanced membership deals, and those come with a small fee. Also, every member of Lesbian Personals has to be 18 years old or older, simply because good portion of members have uploaded photos and videos to their profiles that can be characterized as adult in nature. Sex is the main theme of these lesbian personals as girls are looking for someone they can get kinky with, but there are plenty of personals on the theme of dating or long term relationships – with the advanced search tool you can find exactly what you need.

Lesbian Personals is a great place for you to look for a sex partner if you’re having trouble finding one in your area.


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  • Hi to all registered girls and to those lonely ones that wish to join our community. I can talk about lesbianpersonals all day, how great it is, how reliable, fast and cheap service is for us lesbians. There are thousands of girls and me as well that want relationships or just casual fun with no regrets or strings attached. If you are unsatisfied in men and you understand that only we girls can rely on each other and give the pleasure that men could then this place is perfect for you. I hope to see you soon new girls, bye!

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