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Malaysian Cupid site should be pretty self explanatory as to what it is all about – this is a site connecting Malaysian singles from all over the world and expanding their dating pool. The site itself is part of a huge Cupid dating network, one of the top networks for internet friendship and dating.

There are plenty of site benefits on Malaysian Cupid, the network itself has been online for over a decade now and the moderators and administrators have perfected the art of putting people together. Malaysian singles is helping thousands in finding their true love. From simple things such are personals and adds to advanced features like personal blogs, video feeds and group chat room, there are plenty of features you can put to use in finding yourself a Malaysian soul mate. The site comes in both English and Malay, but you do not need to know Malaysian to use it. Still, knowing the language will make forming friendships easy because good portion of the content on site is user generated, and the users are usually posting in Malay. The basic membership is completely free, while some of the features need to be unlocked with a small fee. While you may not like the fact that you need to pay some money for the dates, the process is a great screen against scammers and spammers, combine that with a really good duplicate and fake accounts finding tool and you’ve got a really good network consisting only of real people interested in dating.

Getting a Malaysian date has never been easier, with just a few clicks and a working e-mail address you can find thousands of Malay singles who are ready to date.


But if you want a perfect mix of the best Asian features, such as femininity, hard-working attitude, being humble, being sexy and innocent at the same time, you’ll date Malaysian women.
It’s exactly the case when gorgeous women are down-to-earth and good-natured. Beauty queens of Malaysia are breathtaking, yet they remain very friendly and never arrogant.
You should know that majority of Malaysian women are Muslim, just like Indonesian girls. They even a bit more religious and traditional, so keep this in mind when you are courting them.

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