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You’re in one of the military branches and you’re having some trouble scoring yourself a date? And I mean a real date, not some meaningless flings? Military Singles Connection is a site that can give you a hand by introducing you to women and man who are interested in having a relationship with someone who is part of the military, knowing everything that goes with dating someone who’s in the service.

The site was started in 2002 and is a premium dating site helping people get together. With dozens of differently themed dating sites in the network there are several million of active members, and at any point of the day at least a thousand are online. Military Singles Connection may be the smallest part of this network, but it still works just as well as any of the other sites, and will easily match you with someone who is willing to form a friendship or a relationship. The personals here offer online friendship and flirting experience just as well as love and marriage proposals. You can form your online profile and start browsing with just a few clicks, all you need is a valid e-mail address and no payments at all, the site boasts it’s free membership. Most of the basic site features stay free and you can find everything you need to using it, but there are some features that are unlocked with premium membership only, but these are not essential – only making the online dating experience a bit smoother. There are also online dating tips as well as safety tips set in place to give you a helping hand in making online relationship work.

All in all, Military Singles Connection is a great place to check out if you’re in the service and have little to no time for real dating, but want to have a date eagerly waiting for you to come back home or to take that trip and make online relationship into a real life one.


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  • My job is to serve my motherland. All my life I dedicate myself to my motherland. And of course I don’t have a lot of time to get acquired with girls in reality. Your webpage was a pleasant find. The most wonderful fact is that here there are women, who understand how difficult is life of a military men. They are ready to dedicate their soul, love and respect to people, who can spent only few hours a day at home. Here I don’t worry that the girl won’t understand my life and my busy schedule.

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