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In modern world it is a real hassle for people over fourty to get a date. Not because there’s lack of singles in that age group that are interested in dating, but because there’s a distinct lack of places you can go to meet them, the bars, clubs, cinemas, all has been invaded by new culture that is more focused on speed dating and instant gratification then on what a mature person is looking for, a stable relationship.

This is a site dedicated to people over fourty who want to meet someone interesting. It’s very easy to start browsing the personals and adds related to seniors dating on overfourty.net, all you need is a working email address and you’re good to go. The simple site design and elegant solutions mean that you can easily use this site even if you are not too skilled with browsing the internet. As for coverage of overfourty.net, most of the 10 million + members for overfourty.net are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find an European over fourty or that EU members can’t look for dating and love here, but the site is all in English and if you’re not too good at it you’re not likely to have a good time.


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  • After the divorce I discovered a new sense in life in my children. But after my 4* birthday I understood that life is not eternal and I need love. I used different online dating sites, but overfourty.net became my favorite webpage, because here I’ve met an interesting, kind and clever person, who I hope will become my future husband.

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