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The name says it all, this is not a site for those looking for romantic meetings and moonlit walks, Shagaholic is a place for people who are looking for local adult sex and men and women who are into kinky and perverted things with no strings attached, which makes it one of the fast growing online communities.

Shagaholic itself is an international dating site but the most of the members are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland, meaning that the main communication language is English. Discretion is the better part of valor, and that rule is applied here, your personal information, photos, comments and everything you post on Shagaholic is protected and will not be used for any other purpose then scoring you a date in your area. There are dozens of sites with the similar theme, but Shagaholic has a very good track record when it comes to finding real people interested in sex and putting them together. The search tool lets you check out your area not just for all members but for series of parameters that narrow down your search results to people you will get along best with. Instant dates and quick sex with no commitment is the main site theme and every feature it’s got is dedicated to scoring you a partner with as little effort as possible. Creating your profile is completely free, but to join various groups and to use one of the advanced communication features you do have to pay up, luckily not too big of a fine, as far as dating sex sites go Shagoholic is pretty affordable.

Hot instant sex community that will make your life a lot more interesting if you’re looking to meet people who are into physical encounters and little else.


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  • Good afternoon for everyone! The site impressed me. The searching system works fast. There are a big number of profiles on the webpage and it increases the chance to find the right person. The interface is very simple, so there were not many questions during the registration and using the site. And finally, I want to add that the options are very useful and comfortable.

  • It is a ripoff. I join a couple years past a a full lifetime membership and now they have limited me to not even the ability to communicate Don’t join might as well try and rob you l lied about the benefits once it will happen again pick another one to join but make sure it is not affiliated with their company. They always were pushing those on you as well but the same women are on them

  • I’m a beautiful girl, divorced. Not yet ready was to look for a serious relationship and to get back into the bond of marriage, but male support and affection wanted. Registered on a Dating site to find a decent wealthy man and after three days found his companion. Super!
    I helped you to find your love, who lives in the neighboring house. It so happened that just at this app were able to communicate and understand what fit together. So I can say for sure that the site works, brings together and connects loving hearts.

  • I found a companion on the website at sea. Deserted cry, that soon food, but very bored. There was an interesting companion with whom had a great time. She became my friend and close in spirit. We still communicate and plan a new joint trip.

  • On the website there are already half a year. There are successful meetings and small disappointments, but I want to note that there are no bots. All men and their profiles are real. Communicate openly and directly say what they want. In life and that, sometimes, it will not achieve. It pleases me. Grateful to site.

  • I use the site from time to time. I am a student, sometimes it gets boring and want to communicate with beautiful girls. On the website a lot of them. Sometimes my eyes run away, I do not know who to start writing. Was a real encounter, very happy with them remained. Recommend men. Try it, you just like it here.

  • I stuck on the site for a long time. Out of boredom I checked and tightened. It has been registered here for a year. I feel like in a harem) Girls of different ages from my city and more remote towns of Russia. With some we just chat, with others managed to meet. There is always a choice and I like it.

  • I used different sites. Especially nowhere has not achieved success, and here I liked it. Great site, interface, applications, and most importantly men. It seems that all the beauties of the country gathered here. I brought my friends here too. Now choose together.

  • Thanks to the app for giving me a family. My husband then found a long-awaited. I still don’t believe it’s possible. And met on the first day of registration, and a month later already lived together and planned a wedding. Wonderful!

  • At work I had free time and looked at the site for the sake of interest. Quickly joined, and quickly found the object of sympathy and now tightly together. I haven’t seen you yet, but I plan to make a great date soon. I recommend the resource to anyone who does not want to be alone.

  • I’m over forty, but the love and warmth you want. On the site I feel welcome, beautiful and interesting. Greatly improved their self esteem. Men choose, rather than waiting for me somebody to write. I like to feel on top. Thank you site.

  • A great Dating site to communicate with successful men. Men themselves write and get acquainted. Really great choice!

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