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  • At I met Ciara, wow I have never seen such a beauty in my life! The moment I saw her sexy pictures, I felt such a huge desire to possess her, as I never felt before. When we started speaking she was so good about everything that I started doubting whether she is genuine and really exists. But when I met her two days later, I realized that she is more than true. The problem was that the moment I saw her I have decided that she is the perfect woman for me, but unfortunately she was not feeling the same way. So I had to play and pretend that I am not looking for something serious same like her. It took me more than five months to make her trust me, and even to make her introducing me to her son. Later I proposed her and told her about my feelings; she said she needs a few days in order to decide. Those were the worse days of my life, but I decided to go with my decision to the end, and whether to win everything, or to lose. She agreed, and now we are a family. Well what I can say as in each and every family of course we are arguing, but still respect and love each other. So we are grateful to for the chance it gave us to meet each other.

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