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Once you peel all the flirting and innuendos aside, there’s only one thing dating community is interested in these days, and that’s physical relationships, sex. Up For It is a site that acts as a bit of a social shortcut, you don’t have to spend time wondering if the other person will be insulted or is just not in the mood for a sex date, if they’re here that means they really are ready to get frisky and get it on.

Up For It is a name that pretty clearly associates men and women to what they can find here, a good dating community that isn’t too focused on the romance and dating part of the whole experience, but more on the quick and messy sexual encounters. Up For It is a place to have fun, so get your charm on and expand your dating pool quickly and easily. This is not a place for shy people, there are dating sites who deal with romance, marriage, love and all those things, but while there are some instances where Up For It has led to more serious relationship, casual and no strings attached style is what is appreciated more here. With hundreds of thousands of members from all over US, Canada and UK, this is not the biggest dating community you can find, but it is pretty vibrant and interesting, with lots of user generated content being posted each day and couples being matched for some kinky fun.

While the number of members could be more impressive, there are plenty of redeeming features on Up For It, namely a great anti spam and anti bot tool as well as a good matching tool that will help you score a date.click-here-to-visit-orange1


  • My stupid ex-boyfriend betrayed me few months ago. He decided that my cousin is better than I am and began to date with her. Of course I was shocked, cause we were dating for 2 years and everything was okay between us. After the breaking up I didn’t know what to do. Honesty to say I didn’t think that I can love anymore. But my friends proposed me to register on your site. And you know, I signed up and after a month I’ve got acquired with a very good person, as I want to think. And now I again began believe in love. So, thank you for your work and for this webpage, which became a hope for me.

  • On upforit.com I met Sandra, she was young and ambitious, and she knew exactly what she wanted and what she was able to offer. We made a very good deal for both of us. I got a young and experienced lover by my side with who I was feeling younger, while she got her own car and unlimited credit card for shopping and other women stuff. To my surprise she used a lot of money not for buying clothes but for opening her own flowers shop. While seeing this I began looking at her in a different way, as I was already respecting her a lot. Now she is living in my apartment and we are in a relationship, of course we are not planning to get married, I am too old and wise for it, but our relationship has become much deeper than it was before. We both removed our profiles on upforit.com, to which we are very grateful for our meeting, and started to live with the thought of the feelings of each other. So if I knew that coming late without calling Sandra will make her sad, I was not doing it. Once she even made an apple pie for me, funny, how things can happen in this life.

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