With the name 1st international dating network you’d expect this site covers every aspect of online dating and connecting women who are eager to find themselves a partner and men interested in marriage, but this is another Russian/Baltic online dating site, a tool for matching single Russian women looking for serious commitment with men willing to commit.

The site claims to have tens of thousands of real active Russian female profiles ready to be browsed at any point, the ultimate goal of all of those personals, adds and matching tools being bringing couples from all over the world together with ease. The site management is located in the USA with partners all over Russia and Ukraine, and they’ve been around for a while, first they run the dating community in the form of a magazine with a pen pal section, but now running it as an online agency, much faster and more reliable way to set up dates. The girls on these pages are all beautiful Russian chicks or come from one of the neighboring countries, and they’ve got their interests and hobbies listed for your viewing pleasure. Once you do pick a partner you’d be interested in wooing, it’s up to your charm to make things happen, girls are here to have fun and you better give them that. Russian wives are tender, loving and caring if you put an effort into seducing them, and it pays off to check out what’s on the menu on this site before picking a partner for good.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous Russian hottie to date, you’re at the right place to do so, 1st international network is made for that purpose alone.click-here-to-visit-orange1

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  • OMG!!!! It’s incredible! I found my love and all its thanks to your site!!! I get acquired with the best girl and who could ever imagine that she will be a Russian?! People, who are in search don’t worry, everything will be okay, cause you found this webpage! 1st-international.com it’s a good beginning of a love story. You know, I’ve never regretted that I open your webpage for me!

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