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africandate review
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10 cost
9 design
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General information:, formerly known as AfricanBeauties, is the site of the same group as a famous, with head office in the USA. It has a similar logo, a similar interface, and a similar pricing. 3 other websites are located on this server including The site is open both for same-race and international dating, both for local and distanced relationships.

Basic features:

  • Let’s Mingle – works as ice-breakers for mass contacting
  • Instant Chat – the most popular option that allows to communicate 24/7 non-stop
  • Offline Messages – an alternative communicating option that allows to catch less active members. Exchanging photos and short videos is included
  • Mood Indicator – an element of social network
  • Virtual Gifts – another type of ice-breakers that also work like smileys and mood-makers
  • Real gifts delivery – works in the biggest cities of South Africa and others
  • Phone Call – an interpreter can be provided on a 3rd line if needed

Note that real dates and romantic tours are not organized.

Safety measures:

  • Profile verification
  • Personal data is confidential and protected
  • Anti-scam reporting and checking
  • Safety tips are constantly updated

Customer service:

  • Regular technical support by email and phone
  • Live Support chat system
  • Customer service system by FB and Whatsapp


1st month membership – $9.99

20 Credits Pack – $32.00
160 Credits Pack – $192.00
1000 Credits Pack – $798.00

Member structure:

Members of are indeed mostly from African countries. By statistics, there are only 3% from the USA and 1% from Eastern Europe.

Signing up:

It is convenient to use the quick registration/search window or sign up with one’s Google account.

Meet Single African Women on AfricaBeauties

Profile quality:

The profiles tend to be complete and detailed. After analyzing the photos, we cleared up there are both white and black men from South Africa and other countries; their photos are mostly casual; they look natural and trustworthy. As to the female profiles, dark-skinned women prevail and some of them may have the “celebrity” look, but it’s mostly because of current Instagram tendencies. The pictures are mostly taken outside, among nature; both selfies and highly professional photos are presented.

On the contrary, the layout mostly consists of model-looking personalities and their photos are used with the purpose of advertisement.

black african women

Free services:

Signing up and browsing through the gallery.

Real stories:

There aren’t many success stories shared online, but all the users who shared their experience characterize it as completely positive and satisfying.

Pros and cons:

On this particular site and app, the cons are minimized. Costly services is the only point that is negative.

While the pros are many: vast database of real members, quick and strong customer support, the small amount of complaints from the users, simplicity and intuitive navigation.

Phone app version:

It is available on iOs. Chatting and exchanging photos are among the main features. A partial usage is credits-based and a full usage is membership-based.

Users’ comments:

“I loved being on AfricanDate. There aren’t many African dating sites out there. So this one is highly appreciated. So many cool and sexy girls and they all are real. Some of them were making hints about the gifts or money but no one asked or insisted directly. We even started to discuss the real meeting with one girl. She lives in Seychelles so it will also be a nice vacation. How do they manage to have so many pretty women in their database? I think local agencies are involved and the administrators also select the cutest girls like it happens on But one can find hot black sisters only here! If all goes well, I will marry one of them! Anyways, it’s a cool site if to spend the credits wisely. I do not send or open pics, I do not present gifts, I do not video chat much. This way, I manage to communicate cheaply and move forward. Well in short, I’m happy this site exists. It’s legit and I recommend it.” (Victor, 38, Cape Town)

“All my time spent on AfricanDate was nice. Honestly, I met a few scammers but I have a feeling they are everywhere. I would be surprised if there was none in poor African countries. Lately, I am trying to communicate only with women from big cities. They are better educated, better dressed, and more open-minded. I correspond with 5 such women quite seriously and going to meet at least three of them. I would prefer this site to be cheaper but we have what we have, at least it works. Shall write more when I meet the girls!” (Andrew, 42, Johannesburg)

“I tried different apps for black girls dating as there are lots of them and only a few desktop sites. Surprisingly, this site and app appeared the best. I finally met my soul mate and we are totally on the same wave. It’s costly but it won’t be a problem to switch to a direct communication. I know the majority of men nowadays don’t want to pay for dating services. But I made sure they are qualitative here and the operators are reassuring all is real and trustworthy. I analyzed lots of reviews and my own sensations before making any conclusions. I think AfricanDate is a good thing and it brings people together.” (Kwame, 31, Durban)

“AfricanDate is my favourite discovery. I lost a lot of money and nerves on other African dating sites, I don’t want to name them here. They are all a joke, like a virtual game, they give nothing. But on AfricanDate, I can see the girl on a webcam, I can send her a gift and get a confirmation photo, all is real. I am not trying to say they all behaved flawlessly. Some wanted money and others wanted virtual sex. But there are many good ones as well. It’s effective and honest for guys like me who just want to quickly find a girlfriend.” (Robert, 28, Pretoria)

“I joined only two days ago but I can already say this site isn’t as hopeless as the others. Even with a good photo of mine, I am not getting millions of stupid and useless messages with sexual hints and begging for money. Those are normal messages from normal girls and I can see real people in them: sometimes with grammatical mistakes, sometimes with emotions or funny reactions, but they are real. I missed that. I missed the alive communication with alive girls who can laugh, flirt, and seduce you in an innocent way. AfricanDate has that and a true free spirit of our people. I think it’s more than possible to find a mate here and sites like that are disappearing already. I am not complaining about its cost, I am just spending slowly and watching my credits. If you do like that as well, you will be just fine here.” (Tom, 26, Nairobi)

“I honestly like Tinder and Badoo and wouldn’t try anything new, but other girls told me AfricanDate is for more serious relationships. I didn’t believe it much but I found so many great men here, they were from different parts of Africa but mostly from SA. I moved to SA 10 years ago when my dad got a job here. So it wasn’t difficult for me at all to meet those guys in real and take a chance. I quickly liked one of them and we started to date. We are engaged now! Although we aren’t in hurry with the marriage itself, I think it’s a miracle that we met each other online and were brave enough to continue our journey. We have different characters and tempers but we love each other very much, and meeting him was the best New Year gift for me. Thanks AfricanDate!” (Linda, 33, Cape Town)

africa dating review

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Final verdict: is a surprisingly good dating site (and app) with much lower scam level than AnastasiaDate and other sites of this group.

It has a clean, neat, bright, and romantic interface, simple but attractive design, a modern registration form that can be entered, optionally, through social networks. It isn’t obligatory like on some other dating sites.

One isn’t bombarded with shallow and automatic messages after the registration. Instead, he may get a reasonable number of substantial messages and normal natural chat invitations.

The majority of girls have natural photos and are committed to meet in real. Although it’s mostly about distanced or even international dating, the site helps to break the barriers, assists with the translation, provides a quick and reliable customer support, and does all the other things to reassure you’re in the right place.

Although the safety system isn’t perfect and some scammers may get through, it’s easy to report them and avoid them. It’s always recommended to chose the women who live in bigger cities and show the higher level of education, but not their tricky part. It’s also recommended to gather some personal photos and short bio of her and later make sure her story isn’t messed up. In general, the girls on AfricanDate are genuine and more or less committed.

Accordingly to their heritage, they can speak Africaan, English, French, or another language; they can be Christian, Muslim, of another religion; but the majority of them are family-oriented and kids-loving. You have to set it up from the beginning and discuss whether you have common goals with every particular girl because some are here for fun, some for lasting relationships, some for money, and some for building a family with kids. In general, African women are traditional so it’s better not to play with anyone’s feelings.

For sure, paying always hurts and all users would prefer this site to be free. But free sites are full of trash, sorry to say. There are often poor-quality selfies of teenagers, lots of perverts showing their bodyparts right on a profile photo, and so on. No one is ever controlling that flow, moderating it, or setting the rules. It’s a spontaneous process and you rarely can find anyone qualitative there. So it isn’t a bad thing when a professional team of administrators charges us but provides a full-set service.

We analyzed some of the women’s reviews as well and concluded they are mostly satisfied with the service. Many confessed they found a boyfriend, a friend, a sponsor, or a future husband through this site or app. Those were women of a wide age range so AfricanDate is literally for everyone.

The phone application makes this platform especially convenient for those who are constantly on the road or at work. The app has a good navigation system and allows to date locally with a high degree of accuracy. Its pricing slightly differs from the desktop version but it’s fair enough. The comments and reviews about the app are mostly positive, except for those folks who always criticize. It also has a vivid design and inspires to trust new experiences.

We can confidently say that AfricanDate is one of just a few sites/apps of this particular family which really works and can be called positive. We recommend it to all black, white, or mixed singles who seek hot African dating. We rate it as a 4-star platform that still needs some improvement but in general, meets the users’ expectations.




  • The website I didn’t like the communication either very slow, sent gifts, wrote the compliments of the answer is zero I guess something is wrong with me or men in General on the site, and foreign suitors heap, write letters without mentioning my name send templates and address dear friend or my dear friend, is nonsense, to end the money and I’ll go away,

  • Before probably 2 years ago and there was some communication, not now. At all! Don’t have to pay the money, not for communication with bots. Bots like you are stupid and don’t know). What is a Dating server and even paid.

  • Overall a good site, amongst the other best in my opinion! There are of course disadvantages, where do without them. But there are real and adequate users, there are not so many of them, but they are. With 2 I personally met and communicated with several on the Internet outside the site. But a lot of speculators! It’s my duty to help women avoid getting divorced like I did recently! First foreigners immediately zeroing, 99% scams. Secondly, if on behalf of a man writes a woman mediator, it is a representative of the “Centers of family creation”, is not an option, will lure and tear off the money, I have already passed 5 years ago. And the third most important thing. The scammers have such a scheme. Handsome and Russian, usually Muscovite, with a sonorous name and appearance Alain Delon and writes so sugary, well, just a Prince on a white horse! Typically he premium, or super premium! The text is standard, I liked you very much. On the website I one day, but the questionnaire will remove, I want to chat really.

  • I am very busy and busy, here is my email address, we will communicate there. In the questionnaire, they immediately removed, or they declassify the administration of the site, but the woman is already on the rod. In social networks, they do not want to communicate, they say we are not there, lies of pure water, if there is already an indicator in social networks that the user is real. As soon as you give your email address, instantly comes a huge letter, and with the smallest details, names and attached pictures, but again all sugary and sugary. In short, if you want to know who is writing you are doing a simple action, find Google search. Human photos, put 1-3 pictures and a swindler will immediately pop up. Thanks to my son, taught me. Here I wrote one goat, introduced himself as Artyom Moskvin, there on the website. All according to this scheme, so I bought it the first time. Then sugary letters, photos sisters Natasha and son Eugene, sister and then wife was in the real world, son, think the real.

  • A lot of details and type he lives in London and who goes and what to do, went to the wife of the friend for birthday, her name is Annette, and what to get her ask our pseudo Artem, and then writes said birthday.

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