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Service: is a popular dating site with a vast database of members from Latin American countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and many others. It’s a PPL or rather a pay-per-action site. The site is owned by the same company that owns a famous platform Anastasia International, with all the pros and cons involved.

Member structure:

Signing up:

Signing up takes around 5 minutes with all basic classical questions.


Monthly membership: $9.99

  • 40 cents per credit in a package of 1000 credits
  • 50 cents per credit in a package of 500 credits
  • 58 cents per credit in a package of 320 credits
  • 60 cents per credit in a package of 160 credits
  • 70 cents per credit in a package of 80 credits
  • 75 cents per credit in a package of 40 credits
  • 15 cents per credit in a package of 20 credits

The minimum purchase is $15.99 (20 credits). 1 letter sent / opened costs 10 credits.

Free services:

Registration only.

Fee based services:

Camshare is one of the most expensive features. All other features are credits-based as well.

Special features:

Such important and trustworthy services as Romance tours to Latin American countries, Date A Lady service, or the Gift Delivery service were initially promoted on the site but quickly stopped working.amolatina date

Warning signs:

All 5-star reviews sound very unnatural and not like something a man would typically write.

Both introductory letters and inviting chat messages are very generic and impersonal.

Girls are trying to keep a man online and continue the chat as long as possible, by any means, like if they are getting profit out of it.

Women are extremely enthusiastic and flattering in their messages. But they find very typical excuses when it comes to the meeting in real.

Communication on this site is very harmful for the budget and it can be noticed already after the 1st week.

Safety level:

There is just a minority of confirmed profiles. No one really guarantees a safety of personal data or the bank card data either.

Pros and cons:

Instant messaging and video chat are available.

However, many processes are commercialized including first inviting messages from women.

Personal contacts can be exchanged only through the Call Me service but that’s an expensive feature.

Terms of Service are really unclear, and the site is rather costly.

The notifications are really loud and disturbing.

Phone app version:

It’s available, with the customer support address

The majority of reviews are negative. The database is full of model-looking women only who write typical enthusiastic messages even to men whose profiles are almost empty with no photos added.

The pricing is following: 1-month membership priced at $15.99 includes 1 offline message to 10 different users, 10 free letters to 10 different users, 1 Let’s Mingle usage every 24 hours, and access to the credits purchase.

Users’ comments:

“Amolatina is way worse than Anastasiadate although they come from the same owner. It doesn’t provide the services like Date Me or romantic tours. Such services at least guarantee the girls are real, even in cases when the agency is using their photos by their consent! But Amolatina does nothing. It just eats our money and allows all Latina girls or those who have their photos, eat our money as well. Nothing else happens. Those are just glamorous photos and nothing behind. I was paying 2 months for each letter and each minute in the chat just to make sure that all was a game. Do not waste your time there!” (Donald, 45, Washington DC)

“I was using both the site and the app so you can believe my experience: it’s a bullshit. Girls are talking same talks like they were taught to say those sweet things. No one is realistic about their daily life and activities, no one tries to meet in real. They find excuses for not communicating directly or not being in the city when you plan to visit. Fake, fake, fake! but a very professional fake and that makes you feel even worse. I do not recommend this dating site even to my enemies.” (Greg, 42, Miami)

“Latin American women are beautiful that’s why many are trying to make business on their beauty. But some sites are legit and Amolatina is not! Why do you think aren’t they delivering gifts or arranging the real dates? It needs too many arrangements and too much honesty but they don’t have that. They want easy money! It’s ridiculous nowadays when we have Tinder, Facebook, and many other ways of free communication. Here you pay monthly fees and still you need to buy credits to do anything, and the girls are doing their best to make you spend more! It’s just another tricky and harmful structure that is killing your belief in love and sincerity. Not recommended to 40+ people who have a weak heart or nerves! It takes everything from you and gives nothing back!” (Mike, 38, New York City)

“Honestly I met a girl through this site but it looked like an occasional luck. I noticed from the beginning that she didn’t write to me all those fishy compliments like all the other girls. She was asking normal questions and her English was honestly bad. She impressed me so much that I took a risk and called her through the site to get her direct contacts. It worked! She had such a sweet voice! I don’t know what she was doing at all among all those fake girls and golddiggers! I flew to her city in three weeks and the meeting was awesome, nothing like before. We met in a modest cafe and she wanted nothing from me. After I made sure how genuine she is, I could start a normal courtship. We are engaged now! I wouldn’t believe if it happened with me. So you can take a chance on Amolatina but you should watch your credits and analyze every word coming from girls. Otherwise just use cheaper sites and apps as they are often more effective!” (Colin, 36, Chicago)

“I am a 26 y.o. women from Brazil but it was so hard for me to compete on Amolatina with thousands of robotic or professional girls who were getting all men’s attention. When I later asked some men why they were so hesitant in replying to me, they said they were literally bombarded with super sweet and sexy messages from young Barbie-looking Latinas who seemed to crave their attention! Of course, it’s hard for such men to notice a real, serious, but less model-looking woman among all the lures. A man who eventually started to communicate with me on a regular basis, did that after being scammed several times. He lost a lot of money due to those girls and their fake compliments and promises! He was so disappointed that he could not build a trusting relationship with me and we broke. I think such dating sites literally ruin the men’s psychic making them very suspicious and angry. Although the site is free for me, I had to leave it as it gave me nothing.” (Adriana, 26, Rio de Janeiro)

amolatina dating best

Final verdict: could probably be a good Latin American dating site if it was organized in a more honest way and if it was a 2009 and not 2019 now. In 2009, international online dating was really exotic and desirable, people were ready to pay any amount of money to make it happen. But now times changed a lot. If Anastasiadate is perceived as a reliable platform that is checking the girls, and that’s why it’s expensive, Amolatina doesn’t even verify the female profiles thoroughly, not talking about extra checking or providing the offline services. And it’s today, when men can perfectly find Latina girls both online and offline by themselves, at no cost! Such methods of dating business are very old-fashioned and profitable only for one side.

It’s already obvious that users are starting to prefer other sources of Latin girls database, but Amolatina still remains popular thanks to especially gorgeous photos of model-looking women. Some of the other sites of this company are more or less legit and effective, so the users aren’t totally disappointed in this developer and expect some outcome. But, it’s better for them to know from the beginning that Amolatina is different, and not in a good way. It charges you but it organizes nothing in return. There are a few success stories, in fact, but the participants confess it’s rather occasional because their other experiences on Amolatina were negative.

But let’s analyze the dating process with Latina women from the beginning. Why would they date online at all? Yes, it’s a normal tendency of a today world, but it’s more logical for genuine Latin American women to use free dating platforms or convenient inexpensive apps, where they post normal casual pictures and speak as much English as they know.

Another hint, Latina girls are just too dynamic and full of life to stay online for hours. They aren’t the couch potatoes at all! And they aren’t as fanatic about their smartphones as Asian girls. A typical Latin woman will never chat with you non-stop, she has better things to do even if she is crazily in love with you. Only getting some very particular profit can keep some of them in front of their device. We hope you got what we mean!

But if they look damn chic glamorous on studio photos only, speak very good English, write very sweet and silly words, and do everything to keep you on a costly platform, it can mean only one thing: the profiles are either fake or professionally done with a commercial purpose. You wouldn’t want to become someone’s toy and financial victim, would you?

Latin American countries divide into poorer ones and more progressive ones. It isn’t very gallant of Western men to say something like “Latinas got a stomach that’s why they date us online”, instead, such men should remember that dating agencies and owners of the sites got a very big stomach too! If you aren’t working at your job to feed their big stomach, you should definitely try dating on free platforms or even travel to Colombia and Mexico by yourself. It isn’t hard to organize and can be done during your next vacation. Not all girls who you meet there will be honest or single or both, but at least you will see them in flesh and trust your intuition rather than catfishers’ sweet words in the paid chat!

It is noticed that people after 45 y.o. travel a bit less, maybe that’s why we see so many 45+ male members on sites like Amolatina. It’s probably easier for them to take a risk online than to try a real adventure but their choice leads to disappointments only and accumulates a lot of negativity in their mind. It reduces the possibility of successful matching in future, too.

We aren’t saying that all PPL dating sites are bad, some of them provide such a good effect that users claim it was worthy of every penny they spent, but the majority of them are rather fraudulent. In this particular case, you should be cautious with Amolatina not because it is exactly dangerous, but because it’s just a virtual dating game that makes your bank account empty.

As a summary, we do not recommend for meeting Latin American women. We do not consider it as effective and legit as some other platforms of the same owner. It is hard to explain, for example, why this company perfectly works with an Asian database on other platforms but doesn’t help with Latina women. Probably romantic tours and pre-ordered dates are harder to organize in Latin American countries but why to charge that much being so ineffective?

We rate Amolatina pretty low and suggest to study the users’ reviews in prior to making your own conclusions.




  • That is, buying it, we can add any country and look for potential suitors in it. Sex few people offer, for money, for example, and any perverts a little. Often offer only sex on friendship. You can not say about other sites – Mamba, Loveplanet, for example, there’s just sadness…

  • If you come to another country. your geographical position changes automatically and free of charge.

  • I do not regret it! And strong feelings, indeed, came to me after the wedding, such passion-muzzle raged! Smile Now, of course, quieter: and children will not be allowed to roam, and our love has become different, more Mature, or something… We have been together for over 5 years, love each other, love our two princesses. An ordinary family, with its joys and difficulties. But that’s another story, and the Dating site has nothing to do with Smile

  • On the Dating site I registered a long time ago, 10 years ago. Then I was a student, especially not busy, communication live I did not have enough – I’m terribly shy, and talk to an unfamiliar person for me still almost a feat – well, I went for this very communication on a Dating site.

  • There is a block “I’m looking for”, where you can specify your expectations in detail, and also to tell in detail about yourself – if you want honesty from people, you should not” darken ” yourself, and everything is normal to paint.

  • There is a block “self-Portrait” – quite interesting questions, the answers to which, indeed, will tell a lot about you as a person. My then-still-future-husband is exactly what is in my profile and “hooked”.

  • There is still a lot of new: the section “travel” to find fellow travelers, “my diary” -something like a blog. Also offer complete a psychological test Team – it’s just hidden advertising another Dating site, don’t get fooled, though… the base of the profiles it seems like they have a total flirt.

  • Well, what to say, communication on the site is really enough. Many write about the crowds of perverts – but on my page they somehow did not go, in any case, I can not remember anything that way. I put a photo in a swimsuit or with a deep neckline, probably because few people of the “concern” was interested. But with normal people he met, with some still in touch. The truth is Facebook Smile

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