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Why it’s so crucial to read is a super famous and even a bit scandalous dating site with a huge base of members worldwide. It is specialized in Russian and Ukrainian dating, mostly. There are also girls from all Eastern Europe and the countries of former USSR.

Let’s say, only a lazy person didn’t make a research about this site and only newcomers didn’t hear about it at all. It’s even on the Wikipedia, wow! Thousands of Western men know exactly about its pricing and all other details. There are forums and blogs dedicated to AnastasiaDate and people’s experience on it. Why would we need another review then?

In fact, those people’s experience is often one-sided, shallow, or outdated already. Even with all its flaws and fails, the site still has a huge potential and can be used as a powerful tool for international dating.

That’s why we keep on analysing for you to provide you with the newest and most actual information.

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How it all started

The pre-history of is very interesting. It has been founded long ago in 1997, by American-Russian couple David and Elena Besuden. It used to have up to 500 employees, mostly in New York and Moscow offices, on the peak of its activity. The maximum number of active members was 4 million.

Anastasia is actually the most popular Russian name, since the 80s and until now. But the founders created a romantic legend about the title of their famous product: they claim it comes from the name of Tsar Nikolai’s daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia who was impersonating Russian girls’ beauty and grace. You probably wonder how the Duchess is connected with scammers. There’s no connection between them, and the story itself comes next.


Long-time run: the look from inside

Some men were literally spending decades on, hurrying home every evening to chat with the chosen beauties, spending hot and passionate or soft and romantic evenings with them, travelling to Russia/Ukraine and back every season or year, studying all details about visa needed for a girl’s visit to their country, and so on. American, Australian, Canadian, German, French men were joining the romantic tours to meet dozens of stunning Slavic blondes gathered in one place. What have been hidden behind this mass elegy? Foolish hopes or sometimes the real feelings?

Customers’ feedback became negative only recently, when men got somewhat spoiled by the opportunities of social networks and low cost travelling. It’s so easy now to meet a Slavic girl by yourself, without any intermediaries, especially if you combine your search with a nice vacation to Odessa or Saint-Petersburg. Exciting! Men hate to pay for opening each letter or expensive chats, and they reject the idea of having an interpreter in between during the real meeting. Unnecessary complications! Moreover, the owner of the site has changed in 2011 and the results/effect changed a lot too. Let’s say it brought more harm to men and much more profit to the owners, than before.

But things were different years ago when Westerners knew nothing or almost nothing about Eastern European culture. It’s now in fashion and considered very practical to speak some Russian, to study the information about sightseeing and the cheapest hotels. Men weren’t that brave before, they preferred to rely on professionals and AnastasiaDate showed its very best in such services. They were working like a very sharp and precise mechanism, and in all situations where they needed to choose between men’s interests and girls’ interests, they tended to go for men because men got the wallet. For sure, this business was very rewarding for the owners and devastating for male members, but it was also diligent and exhausting. The enormously huge team was working non-stop 24/7 and the wheel has been spinning.

Men seemed totally dependent on this love carousel and didn’t want to quit. There were many cases when they discovered the truth by themselves or were informed by local interpreters who had some mercy for them. But their unreasonable optimism, the total absence of self-criticism and the enchanted condition kept them on the site for ages. Even knowing all the truth from inside, they were repeating their mantra: “The girls on AnastasiaDate are of the highest quality. What in hell should I do on free dating sites? All women are old fat monsters there!” So the business remained pretty good.

So how come it has been popular for so long being, in fact, half-legit and half-fraudulent? Let’s see how it worked.

The original owners of AnastasiaDate had a stable politics of non-interference. They played a simple intermediary who “didn’t know” about the completely fraudulent scenarios of local agencies. There were hundreds, at times, even thousands of them in many countries of former USSR. They were “hiring” any girls and young women who agreed to cooperate with them and/or, in some cases, really looked for a foreign husband. The brides were obliged to provide everything the head office demanded: scanned ID, video introduction, the guarantee of the real meeting, confirming photos of the gift delivery, and so on.

By the fraudulent scheme, all the rest was done by the interpreters/agency workers: they were composing letters instead of girls, answering the phone calls for them, play the pre-recorded videos in the webcam chat, etc. The head office knew about all schemes but demanded only one thing: not to get caught too openly. Otherwise, the agency had to pay out considerable penalties. In some cases, the girl or even the whole agency could be blocked for good. It wasn’t disciplining the dishonest people. The head office just didn’t want to deal with too stupid agency managers not skilled enough in fooling people. Only the smartest and trickiest ones remained in the team for decades.

Right now it’s a bit different, both in a good and bad way. Bad news is that local agencies started to fight much harder for getting some profit. They now invite only Instagram models to join them as models are obviously more beautiful and recording flirtatious videos is literally their profession. They can do this for years staying youthful and seductive, hiding their real boyfriends, and sharing the profit with the agency. Good news is that economy in Russia and Ukraine got worse than ever and many women honestly want to leave the country. Well, probably not exactly the models because they are already travelling the world thanks to their profession.

Now you know all the secrets, but what about the positive side? Were the success stories ever possible in such an unhealthy environment? We shall answer in detail below.

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Success stories has never been totally hopeless. The number of members was too huge and all human situations were very different. It’s a fact that hundreds of members ended dating in real or even got married. Again, it was rather a tendency in early 2000s but not now when men also became less serious and committed.

All success stories that took place since 1997, can be divided into three categories:

  • marriages of partners who both had serious intentions from the beginning, and quickly found the common ground – 70%
  • marriages where one part only wanted a citizenship and money – 5%
  • marriages where a girl was a scammer at the beginning but changed her attitude due to her life circumstances and/or a man’s good nature – 10%

We can give you one example from each category. First category mostly consisted of mature Westerners and 35+ women or young girls from miserable families who wanted to change their life completely. For example, 23 y.o. Katya from Nikolayev was sick of her boring life as her parents and a sister were selling the toilet seats and they expected her to join the “business”. Instead, she got married to a Swiss millionaire and forgot her previous years like a nightmare. It was 10 years ago and they are still together.

Unfortunately, shit happens as well. 25 y.o. Marianna from Odessa had negative past experiences as both her father and her ex-boyfriend were physically abusive towards her. She used to have a scar crossing all her face. But even with this scar, she looked like a pretty little Barbie doll. Steven from the US could not stand seeing her sad eyes and decided to make her happy by marrying her. But after so many disappointments in the past, she couldn’t remain a normal human and took everything from him after their quick divorce.

Video Review from experts

Finally, 32 y.o. Viktoriya from Chisinau was a beautiful go-go dancer with no serious profession, no serious man in her life, no house to live in, and no perspectives for the future. She was already too old to sign dancing contracts abroad. Although she was using foreign men for money, she always hoped to meet someone who will be committed to have a child with her without just seeing and treating her as a sex object. Surprisingly, she met such a man, it was Jeffrey from Australia. He flew her away and they got happily married. She is now a wonderful mother and wife, and he even helped her to overcome her depressed conditions.

Being severely criticized and even hated by men who found themselves in bankruptcy after years spent on, this site remains a life-changing platform unforgettable for many. There are Western men and Eastern European women who remained friends for life after meeting through AnastasiaDate. They keep in touch through Facebook and Whatsapp, and even meet sometimes. These relationships can be very different, from Internet buddies to friends with benefits, there were even cases when older men wanted to adopt very young girls from AnastasiaDate and send them to good Universities. Charity exists!.. But all these cases have something in common, people met each other through the site which is literally in the world’s black list, and made a fairly good connection that lasts until now.

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Recent data

Today, AnastasiaDate is available both as the desktop site and mobile app. It has tens of thousands female members in Eastern Europe and 20 million users worldwide in total.

The new options are super-quick registration and signing in via Facebook or Google.

It’s still a PPL, credits-based platform. Online chat/camshare, direct calls, and the gifts delivery remain the most popular features. The last two of them allow exchanging contacts, which is usually avoided by the girls.



1-month membership – $9.99

20 credits (min) – $15.99

200 credits – $119

500 credits – $249

1000 credits – $399

5000 credits (max) – $1899


Summary has a long history, high prices, enormous base of members, a lot of rumour around it, and the conclusion cannot be one-sided. Its team does a huge amount of work daily including such creative and innovative projects as photo contests and more. This site still knows how to keep the men’s attention and make them pay, and not everyone complaints!

It’s true that women on AnastasiaDate are of high quality, although it was said mostly about their appearance and not their values. The girls and the agencies are obliged to avoid any conflicts and respect men, both online and offline. Although men are seen more like customers than future husbands, such an attitude plays a good role for the business.

Of course, with every year PPL sites and particularly AnastasiaDate lose their actuality. Western men became so cosmopolitan and confident in their communication skills, they dare to meet beautiful women from all parts of the world, totally by their own forces. And it works! They create blogs and vlogs sharing their experience. AnastasiaDate works by very old-fashioned principles.

However, it remains desirable for well-provided men who want models only and who don’t mind some risk on their way. There are still clients able and willing to pay!

Our summary is that AnastasiaDate is viable and attractive enough but not very practical. It’s up to you to decide, whether you want such a risk or not.


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