AsiaMe Review (Signing up, Free services, Safety level, Pros and cons, Prices)

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10 Cost
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How the site looks at the first glance

The dating site has a simple and classical design depicting a happy couple on the background and offering convenient basic features. It contains such divisions as Signing in field, About, News, In the media, Members’ comments, Services, Help & Info, Sister sites, Disclaimer. At first, it doesn’t differ from dozens of other dating sites of a similar type.

Signing up

Signing up process is quick and easy. One is just putting his / her name, sex, Birthday, email, suggested password, then agrees to the Terms of use and Privacy policy. Approval by email is required. Then Search is immediately available, and one can keep on filling the profile. Some of the data should be repeated once again though for adjusting the free trial.creat profile asian me

Female profiles quality

Only after registering, one learns the site isn’t dedicated to Asian females only. The database also contains an equal number of Russian / Ukrainian profiles and a smaller number of women from Latin America (just a few hundreds). The majority of Asian ladies are very young (18-24) and model-looking, although not all of them are lightly dressed. Slavic women are of various age, often middle-aged. Not all of them are model-looking or very gorgeous, but most of them are cute and with a professional makeup.

Free services

Free trial is available, without adding the bank card data. The site doesn’t mention for how many days though.

Safety level

Safety level is average and below average. Basic positions are reflected in the Privacy policy.

Age group

By tradition, AsiaMe is another site where older men prevail. As a result, men over 40 date 20-years old and 30-years old women from Asian and Slavic countries.

Pros and cons

Instant calls and CamShare are available. Customer team is especially appreciated by clients. The site and its features aren’t innovative at all, but responses are really good as success stories are many. Users are admitting the simplicity of finding a qualitative and sincere Asian woman, as well as her availability for real meetings. However, it’s a PPL site and it always means that a user is forced and over-motivated to open each letter even if it’s shallow and a girl isn’t serious. Similarly, girls are overly-motivated to send many short shallow letters to help the site owners earn more. Getting a girl’s personal contacts is also costly. Still, the site is good enough both for hook-ups and for lasting relationships.

Phone app version

The app is available for downloading on Android and iOs. It is rated surprisingly high. The comments are few but very positive. All of them are recent, February 2019. The pricing isn’t obvious in the description though.asianme app mobil

Users’ comments

“I have tried many Asian dating sites but in was in vain. Sites often offer nice pictures of ladies who have nothing to do with reality: either taken from social networks or from celebrities’ blogs. We westerners do not know Asian culture much, so we cannot detect the false stuff. We just face the truth when we spend thousands on corresponding and travelling to the Asian country, but no one awaits us there. Well, it was different with AsiaMe. I immediately made new friends, and like thirty percents of them were ready to meet me in reality someday soon. No one prostituted themselves online for expensive videochats or gifts delivery, all was more or less decent. I really felt those girls were sincere. And I eventually met two of them in Beijing. We spend a marvellous time together and on the first date I already discovered that one of them is a hookup material and another is a wife material. Don’t judge me but I used both chances. In any case, it became real only with the help of AsiaMe and I am thankful for that.” (Michael, 39, New York)

“AsiaMe is my pleasant discovery of the year. I got used already that Asian dating online is a source of constant scam and fraud. Interracial mutual attractiveness is not only a social phenomenon but also a bottomless abyss of easy money. I even thought to leave this idea already but my friend recommended this site and app to me since he found his current girlfriend there. I got curious and decided to try although it wasn’t for free. Immediately I got acquainted with dozens of cute girls, mostly from China, and they seemed reasonable. For a comparison, I was getting hundreds of responses on other sites not just dozens, and all messages were simply ridiculous and silly. I made a few good friends on AsiaMe and invited one of them to visit me. She had doubts and it seemed completely natural to me. Finally, she talked to her aunt who was like a mother to her, and accepted my sponsorship of the trip. This is how I met my future bride. Thank you AsiaMe!” (Steven, 42, Washington, DC)

“I won’t pretend AsiaMe gave me immediate wild love at first sight, but I was shocked, in a good way, by the quality and sincerity of the girls here. Despite its title, the site also offers acquaintance with Russian women. I am not a big fan of them anyway, but you should know that you need to filter your search thoroughly. I didn’t have any problem in finding and meeting 5 or 6 Asian girls, all from different countries. I am a big traveller and it was a pleasure to me, although it was very risky too. I enjoyed those meetings a lot although no one became my girlfriend so far. But I am impressed AsiaMe works that fine, since other similar sites don’t do that at all”. (Pieter, 35, Phoenix)

“AsiaMe isn’t a very popular site and I am surprised I managed to learn about it at all. But I do not regret it! I harvested so many beautiful Asian girls thanks to it. One or two of them really deserve to be lifelong partners so I have a food for thoughts. It was easy to meet all those girls and I practically didn’t see even one scammer on AsianMe. Maybe, I just was lucky! I do recommend this site and application to others, I think it’s perfect for American men who are keen on Asian beauties. But you should be prepared to spend quite a lot, it’s not a free platform.” (Marc, 46, Miami)asiame date

Final verdict

Asian dating is in a high demand lately, and this trend is only growing last 5 years. AsiaMe caught the wave and quickly became popular, especially after adding the Russian and Ukrainian database.

Our research has showed that responses are starting from the year 2017, and there was a period of time on the beginning when the site obviously used the system of bots and scammers to attract a bigger number of male clients. However, it quickly ended and the database consisted of real profiles already in a middle of 2017. Since then, it was successfully serving its clients during 2 years.

As experts, we do not consider AsiaMe very innovative, or very unusual. It provides all the classical services and features. However, men customers do enjoy these features despite the cost, which is surprising as usually people prefer free dating sites.

Two years of a stable and successful activity, with prevailing positive responses is a lot for a dating site. Let’s not forget that even famous dating giants that function for years, have their flaws and receive a lot of critics. Of course, AsiaMe could take into account the experience of older platforms and suggest something new, but even with trivial tools, it achieves impressive results.

AsiaMe application has appeared in the market only recently. It’s a very convenient addition for those who use the site regularly already. Judging from the responses, it’s genuine and effective as well, so we indeed applaud to its creators.

However, it should be admitted, that Russian/Ukrainian database is less qualitative than Asian database. Women are obviously older, they are less committed to meet, and often seem to be on the site for selfish reasons only. At the same time, they are real and proven since videochats are normally arranged without any problem.

Although both Asian and Slavic databases are visibly provided by professional local agencies, meetings still take place and girls share their personal contacts if this particular service is paid by a man. Therefore, we detected no fraud or the minimal volume of it. Accordingly to customers’ responses, an administration team of the site works diligently and encourages to report suspicious female members in case there are any. Technical support is equ ally quick and helpful 24/7.

Consequently, we would give AsiaMe strong 4 stars out of 5 and 5 stars to the application.



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