AsianDate Review (General info, Pricing, Safety level,)

10 Cost
9 Design
10 Usability
9 Support
10 Content

General info: is a popular dating site with over 4 million members that helps to build international and interracial heterosexual relationships. The platform belongs to the AnastasiaDate family of sites. The owner’s name is SOL NETWORKS LTD.

Member structure:

Women are mostly from China, the Philippines and Thailand. Men are mostly from the US: 1.6 million users.

Signing up:

It’s a quick process that can be done via one’s Google account or via the 4-rows window on the front page.

Profile quality:

Many profiles contain text and video interviews to prove the girls are real and serious-minded. All women’s photos are model shoots, whether you like this fact or not. Casual photos can be requested later in letters and chats.

Making contact:

Thousands of women are online at any hour so it’s easy to contact someone instantly. Not all of those profiles are real so one needs to be cautious and reasonable.

Important note:

In 2015, this website received a lawsuit about the photos usage of the women who didn’t give their personal consent for that. Although this fact is erased from many reviews over the Internet, one has to be careful and test the girls he is corresponding with.


No membership/subscription needed

20 Credits pack – $15.99

160 Credits pack – $96.00

1000 Credits pack – $399.00

Free services:

Signing up, search, opening of women’s letters

Fee based services:

All the others

Special features:

  • The “Asian ladies in USA” feature allows to meet women locally.
  • Contact List is formed accordingly to one’s chats and messaging.
  • Virtual Gifts can be bought for credits.
  • Real Gifts Delivery allows to surprise a girl and get the confirming photo of her in 3-5 days.
  • The “Call Me” service allows to talk with a girl having a translator on the 3rd
  • The “Date A Lady” feature ensures the real meeting will take place. One pays $70 for the agency’s guarantee and additional fees for the interpreter’s service.

There are no romantic tours or apartments/taxi rent through AsianDate.

Warning signs:

  • Immediately after signing up, one is getting showered with thousands of messages. They are mostly automatic and non-human.
  • One should avoid the women who send too intimate and impersonal They are either catfishers or professional daters.
  • The short introductory videos of girls prove they are real, but do not prove their serious intentions. A man should pay to open a video so it’s just another source of profit for a model and the dating agency.
  • If a girl finds excuses for postponing the real meeting or cancelling it, most probably, she is not going to meet at all.
  • Any hints and direct talks about the desirable gifts, financial difficulties, the taxi cost before the meeting, etc. should be considered suspicious and fraudulent.

Safety level:

It is average. Inappropriate members and behaviours can be reported but they aren’t detected manually by the administrators. The personal data is usually safe but no additional measures for protection are taken.

Pros and cons:


  • Vast database.
  • There are some real women as well and success stories take place.


  • Women actually cannot register online. They can join only through the local Asian dating agencies which isn’t convenient for all. The site administration explains this with the high need in central management who could control the gifts delivery, phone calls with the translation, and other distanced services.
  • The site is costly. The pay-per-action system makes the credits flow like water.
  • Both the site and app freeze sometimes because of too many ads and pop-ups.
  • There are programmed bots who contact the men.

Phone app version:

The app is available both on Android and iOs with a similar pricing and features. Reportedly, the number of real profiles is fewer there. Any questions can be asked by email: new

Users’ comments:

“I am not a big fan of as I have been scammed several times here but I also met some girls who seemed to want nothing from me, it was just a healthy interest and flirt. I think Asian girls are in general less mercenary than Eastern European or even American women. But their photos and data are often used by catfishers. I think I would have more info about the site if I eventually meet one of the girls but I never reached that point. I wasn’t brave enough to travel far away and the “Asian ladies in USA” feature is such a fraud. There was no one in my area or any close. I am currently seeing someone in my city, the girl who I met in a bar, an old good way to find a mate even if not a very serious one. If it won’t work I may travel to Thai but I am going to order a date instead of relying on a girl’s decency.” (Matt, 36, Seattle)

“AsianDate worked just well for me but only because I travel a lot and Thailand or the Philippines are my frequent destinations. I would survive even if no one met me there as I know how to find the girls. But surprisingly, they helped me to go out several times and all women were just ok. I could immediately say who came for a free dinner and some pocket money and who is indeed single and open for relationships. I don’t mind to buy dinner or to make someone happier with the kisses. I just didn’t meet the one who could become my girlfriend or a wife. I think the number of genuine girls on this site is limited so you cannot really choose between them. You either accept a person who is ok or continue your search elsewhere. But it’s not completely hopeless or fraudulent, I wouldn’t say so.” (Terry, 42, Miami)

Video Review of Asiandate

“My experience was awful, I didn’t make it through all the scammers and bots who hunted me from the first day I registered on AsianDate. Maybe I am not patient or experienced enough to struggle with them and find a real girl in between but I felt crashed. Everything was so fake and every dollar has been spent in vain. Each time when a girl’s eyes seemed innocent and her words seemed sincere, at least a little bit, I was becoming hopeful. But our further communication always ended at the point of asking for money or silly ignorance. It really seems to me no one can succeed on these credits-based sites. They are designed for charging us endlessly and fooling the single men who are keen on Asian beauties. I am convinced it’s easier to travel to Asian countries by yourself and talk to girls there, no expensive agency is needed. It’s so old-fashioned and useless to ask for their help. Even Tinder helps more so don’t waste your time here.” (Derek, 38, Philadelphia)

“I met a girl here who I liked very much. It didn’t happen at once, I spent months on AsianDate. Its long-time reputation was keeping me there although I saw lots of weak sides too. I had a lot of compassion towards the girls who were ready to type dirty things just to get a few dollars or a free lunch when we meet in real. I don’t need dirty things especially from young girls who could be my daughters and I hate this system. But I was polite with all of them or simply ignored. Eventually, I met my Malee and we are very happy together. If you want to succeed on the site like this one, you should have enough money and patience otherwise you’ll fail.” (Antony, 45, New York City)asiandate online

Final verdict: is a controversial dating site that cannot be viewed from the positive perspective only. For sure, it is a commercial platform first of all. It uses all the tools of commercial platforms such as automatic bots, a certain quantity of fake profiles, attracting Instagram models to the process of correspondence and meetings, cooperating with local agencies that have their own fraudulent technologies, and so on.

At the same time, there are some real girls with real intentions too, and the luckiest men managed to start the relationship with them. It’s easy to do if you know some tricks that neutralize their own tricks! So, how to define whether a girl is just a paid model or a sincere love seeker?

  • The gifts delivery: make sure this option is turned on in her profile. It means she at least exists. If you sent her flowers, the confirming photos are important and pleasant, but use one trick: ask her to show the flowers a few days after, even if they look not so fresh already. Can she do that? If yes, you’re lucky. You see, many girls are just getting their monetary percent from each delivery, and pose with the gifts right in front of the flower shop or souvenir shop, then those fake “gifts” are given back and everyone has his profit except you.
  • The video chat also means nothing: it proves she exists, but has nothing to do with her sincerity as the videos are often pre-recorded and used multiple times. The operators of the agencies know which part contains her aerial kiss, or her standing up and turning around, etc. That’s why you should ask her to do some unusual action: for example, to write the today date on a piece of paper, or to touch her hair. Just ask mildly and politely because even when a girl is genuine, she doesn’t like to be pressed, stressed, or tested!
  • Ask a girl about a possible meeting soon after you started to correspond. If she finds excuses immediately or simply ignores your question, do not even continue with her. Postponing the answer like “I will think/check/ask about my schedule and let you know”, are suspicious but understandable: wait and see what she says in a few days. The best guarantee is ordering the “Date A Lady” service, but it obliges you to have an interpreter in between and you are not going to detect whether the girl is genuine. A perfect variant is that she agrees to meet, you arrange it all by yourself and arrive, she appears, she makes attempts to speak English, her body language shows her interest, and she doesn’t demand any taxi money or stuff like that. You can be a gentleman and offer such kind of support by yourself, but the initiative shouldn’t come from her.
  • Don’t wear the pink glasses just because of her beauty. Stay sober and analyze all your correspondence and chats from the first words. The words are revealing more information than you can imagine. If she contacted you right after your registration, her message was silly, impersonal, and too intimate, she never answered your questions properly, didn’t remember what you discussed previously, then you were dealing either with the bot or an operator.

As you can see, there are many nuances that you should take into account while dating on AsianDate. You may ask, why make things so complicated if there are other Asian dating sites with a bigger number of genuine girls? It reduces the efforts and saves your budget, too! But some men want only qualitative girls and certain guarantees that a dating agency is able to give. All that is available on the sites like AsianDate that are in the market over a decade. So it’s totally up to you whether you want to join it or not, after being acquainted with the pros and cons.

We rate as a 3-star dating site and recommend it to 40+ single Westerners who aren’t after fun trendy features but who prefer the two-way communication with the administrators and guaranteed services.



  • Very bad Dating site compared to other sites. Girls try already on looks-you will write and they are silent.

  • Hello, my husband and I are very grateful to Your site. I looked for it for 2 years, and he gave me 10 years!!! And thanks to You we found each other and are very happy!!! Thank you very much, good luck to all!!! My husband even wanted to put You a monument during lifetime!!!!

  • I am a person far from the computer, and my skills end on typing, so when a friend offered to register on a Dating site, long resisted, because I thought I could not. But 24опен all so clear and easy to understand, that even me was not difficult. I liked the forum a lot of topics where you can chat with different people. And of course Dating, a lot of people, there is someone to talk to. While the second half is not met, but for entertainment a great resource.

  • I’m not a fan of Dating sites, 5 years ago registered on the Mamba, but a bunch of obscene proposals quickly brushed off my desire to get acquainted on the network. Recently got bored and decided to register on 24. Compared to the Mamba a completely different service. If everything is free and, accordingly, a lot of strange people and bots, here paid functions weed out most of this contingent. Bots are rare. There is another forum for fans to communicate in the company, but I’m not fond of, so I was not impressed.

  • Cool site, a lot of people, if you want a lot of communication here. It’s comfortable, I like it. Often I use anonymous chat, a funny thing, though all sorts of come across, although like girls often complain about obscene proposals, but among them, too, such come across!

  • Recently broke up with a girl and decided to look for a new not in the usual social networks, where no one to communicate with the purpose of Dating usually does not want to, and 24open. I chose this site because I liked the design and read good reviews. I also liked the service. Despite the fact that there are paid features, money is not pumped out – if you do not want to pay, you can communicate as usual, only the questionnaire in the search eventually falls down. Well, you can write yourself. And there is a possibility of real calls, not correspondence, it is a pity only rarely who agrees, all such shy.

  • The coolest site!! I’ve been registered for about a month, sitting here all the time. Interesting, but don’t you want to go from online)) And as soon as you leave, you immediately cease to write(( a Lot of interesting men, mostly all good!! A couple of times for relationships at night, where without them))

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