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9.4 is the funniest and the most serious dating service on-line. The site provides a vast variety of personals looking for fun, friendship, pen pals, romance and serious relationship and even marriage on-line. The data base of the site comprises men and women of different genres: heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbians and even couples. contains adult content that is why the site has a requirement to all potential users, who must be 18+ years. Total number of users for today constitutes around 700 000, with women prevailing; however, the number of the users of grows day by day, as hundreds of members join the site daily. The site maybe not available in some countries and this is due to the policy of the country only. The potential users are free to choose between free and paid memberships. provides last modern communicative and search features. The users of the site can take advantage of member search, advanced member search, sending winks, replying to e-mails, writing e-mails, thus initiating contacts with other members; browsing picture galleries, adding personal multiple pictures in personalized profiles, uploading personal videos, viewing other members’ videos, including those on; take advantage of the instant messenger, audio and video chat with other members, plus chat rooms experience; adding members to a Hot List and creating new lists of preferred members, etc. the site ensures you on-line dating experience will remain personal and private. guarantees security and confidentiality of your personal data. Friendly and experienced customer service stuff works for your comfort 24/7. On you will feel the real freedom of choice. Join the site for free now!


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  • Definitely is the best place to find a partner for a night, or for free relationships. The name talks to itself. As for loners that want serious relationships, I suggest you start reading some books about relationships, because in our times there is hard to find a good and trustful soul mate.

  • What can I say about the There are a lot of people, so it won’t be a problem to find someone to talk to. Find a girl or a man that matches your standards. Oh, there is a great about this place. All girls can register there for free. Girls love these kinds of promotions, so that’s why there so many of them from different places.

  • As for me, there is nothing unusual about Benaughty. There is nothing special about this place, regular dating site, service staff that is available 24/7, one thing that I doubt about. As for the rest, all is the same. One thing is very important and it is live chat. This is the only option that I think gives the advantage to

  • This site is awesome. I already have three dates that I think will end up good for me, if you understand what I mean. Go ahead guys; this site is like a paradise for loners. Horny babes that want not talks but action, they want adventures and you can give them that. One thing on what we are good at is lying on purpose.

  • Online dating is very stylish in our days. Facebook, MySpace and other social networks are just a place to share your pictures and say how awesome you are. Dating sites on the contrary, are created for build some sort of relationships. Well obviously, we are using this excuse very often and hurt those who gave us love and understanding. I hate people that use dating site for their scam, it’s just inhuman.

  • Are you girl or something? Feelings are just a myth. If there was such a thing, there were no Dating sites, no scams and trash like this. I don’t want to say that people don’t love each other no, but there is always a price to pay, and the price we see now is the price for you so called love.

  • Look like this guy is very disappointed in his life and in love if he writes such awful things. Of course some things he said were true, but rest is just words of a very lonely man. Benaughty is not a perfect dating site, but there are registered real people, and they also want at least some attention or something much serious and deeper.

  • is the best site that I know. Guys register and have fun with the beautiful girls on the web.

  • I’m just laughing about some comments. Maybe I will give it a shoot, who knows what to expect these days. Will I become happy or just another poor guy that will lose month of his life and money.

  • Is it safe from scam? I never heard about BeNaughty before. Can someone say few words about the site; maybe some possibilities or at least something useful?

  • Still nothing important about I did not get from the comments. I guess that trying it out will help me at least with some questions.

  • Guys, all you have to know about is that it provides the best service and there are real women. The rest is up to your communicating skills and will to build some sort of relationships. Looking for answers on the web won’t give you the answer to your questions.

  • Are there chances for a 40 years old man? Because it’s very hard to live alone, and Il get crazy if I don’t find a woman that will understand me and live with someone like me.

  • is welcomed for all people. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a man with life experience on your shoulders. Guy from the older comments said very interesting words; if you have the will then you will build the relationships that you so waiting for.

  • I signed up for a month. The First day I was hit on by a Transvestite post op. After that it was barrage of Cam girls that only wanted you to join their site. No one is real here. Every woman just wants to chat not actually.There I experience a number of technical problems. Dropped chats logged off of account by site Cam girls interrupting every 2 seconds. The people who work at that site do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. After a few weeks I let billing know not to re-bill my account and that I would be canceling after the month was up. I gave a date to cancel my account to be 8/1/2012. They canceled it that day. So apparently it doesn’t how you pay as long as they get their money. Assholes.My account was canceled on 7/12. No refund!!!! No sorry to see you go.Sorry you has soooo many technical problems. Support was never a help. Probably somebody’s neighbor kid who knows a little about computers. Got this job.
    Improvements to the site should be a back button from the profile you checking out to your last location. Right now you can get to the profile your site is showing but you can’t get back to where you were before easily.
    The Search Engine totally sucks ! Its based on town names not the area code. Here in the states the postal system is set up based on numbers not towns. There are more than one Jonestowns in America. I had a number of women from around the country asking me out but they were in a completely different state,because of your search engine.
    Another Complaint, I am not attracted to black women. I don’t have any problem with them. I’m just not attracted to them,but in every search there were at least 100. THE FILTER DOES NOT WORK!!!!!! Its lets everybody in and filters nothing out. If elephants could type on a computer. I would have had a number of them too.
    BASICALLY IN A NUT SHELL DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS SITE. IF YOU WANT TO GET LAID. Go and get a hooker at a local pub or dive bar. You’ll know where you money goes and yes you’ll get to see a woman undress for you. BUT you’ll actually get to touch her. Plus, she is right there not 500 miles away giggling at you.

  • On I met Ben, and Simon. Mmmm both of them were incredibly handsome and yummy, so I was not able to make a final choice between them. Later I understood that if you think you love two persons at the same time, than it means that in reality you love none of them. So when I got a message from Carter on I saw no obstacles in order to reply him. Besides he was making me laugh a lot, and was distracting my attention from the choice and eventual possible mistake I could make if choosing the wrong one. Hah I didn’t even realized how and when he managed to become the one and only for me. I guess it is because he even naughtier than I am. Today is our one year anniversary since we met each other, and I feel myself happier than ever. So I would like to give an advice to all the people who read this. People do not lose your hope in finding your soul mate, all the places and ways to find this special person are good, so don’t hesitate to join all the possible dating websites. For me joining was for fun only, but it turned to be my chance and way to become happy.

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