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You can become one of these happy men who are married with Russian women. Just take this chance and join the site and become a member for free. It takes you only 2 or 3 minutes of your life. And since that moment you will never be alone. You can also subscribe for free to receive news, updates, photos of top rated girls, feedback, tips and dating articles to your e-mail.

Membership is free and you can register your profile, to search database and to send messages for free. But if you are a man, you have to pay for opening the second messages from other members and you need to buy credits to do this. For women all services are for free. You can buy credits on-line and the credits will appear on your account. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Credit’s cost: 100 credits or more: $1 for each credit, 55-99 credits: $1.09 for each credit and 20-54 credits: $2 for each credit.



  • Sometimes there are problems with the connection, but fortunate, they have really understanding and experienced support. They always help when users have questions or problems with connections. Well, connection problems could be from the big traffic. I’m a dating sites veteran, and I am registered on many dating sites. What can I say for beginners; it’s a great service and beautiful girls. Girls are real I can assure you, but the reason I spend less time here is because of the server downtimes. I’m a busy man and every minute I want to spend with reason but not waiting for an hour or so to just chat with a lady. But the rest here is good, go ahead and try it up guys.

  • Guys, it’s a great place for loners. If you want to meet Russian girls, or at least talk to them then go ahead. Don’t be shy and all; girls remain the same na?ve and unprotected girls even in Russia or elsewhere. They need love or just good friendship. I’m just glad that I could find such amazing site with so many hot chicks. Well if you don’t like the fact that you need to pay for some credits to open extra features, then good luck on finding a better place, but for me, every penny that I spent here is worth it. But for me, the less people join bestdatingnow, the more fun I can get!

  • Anyone know what is happening with the website as it appears to be down or has shutdown?

  • I am user of bestdatingnow from July 2009, it is 3rd time like this.
    Usualy no more than 2-3 hours down. I think because of big traffic.
    A lot of my friends use this site, as well.

    Regards, Marco

  • Russian and Ukraine girls. These beautiful, fantastic, sexy, gorgeous, well I can tell about them all day. These fantastic women are the best in the world. I was also member of this site, and thanks to him that I found my wife that is from Ukraine. Now I am married with beautiful, fantastic, and so sexy woman, that I don’t know how to repay to bestdatingnow that they helped me find my love. I remember like it was yesterday, when I registered and start searching my second half. But let me tell you how I found this site. I was alone, and to close that hole in my heart I tried to work myself to death. Day by day work was the only thing that kept me from bottle. Once by accident, at work, I happened to visit this site, and was amazed by the beauty of these godlike women. Then I registered at their site. I think it was the best thing that I done in my entire life. Not just that I find myself excellent and beautiful wife, but also meet few friend that by this day are by best and only friends that I have. By only friends I mean my best friends. I think you all know what it means. And it is all thanks to bestdatingnow.

  • If you ask me, the site has its good and bad parts. If you want to chat with a woman, then it’s definitely a good part, and to be able to talk to such beautiful Russian girls, it’s a dream come true for every man. For me this site is a place where I met my wife. It was two years ago when I met a woman, and after a year or so I went after her on the Ukraine and took her home. I’m happy that I can share my experience with others, and I hope that you will be able to find the same happiness with bestdatingnow.

  • This place I found on the forums. My story is typical, loved a girl but soon I found out that she cheated on me. For months I was so depressed and lonely. Surfing throughout the internet I found this place where I felt once again a real man, and found a girlfriend. My girlfriend and I are from different countries but, it’s like we were meant to be together. I hope that this place will help you same way like it helped me.

  • I’m sad, because I had a pleasant talk with a super hot babe and bamm, the site got problems, and I waited for two hours, but the girl went offline. It’s was the biggest disappointment about But if you look the bright sight, the site is very responsive, great design and easy to use it. Very fast responses with sexy and very horny girls. There are women that want serious relationships, but I’m the guy that is not ready for such relations.

  • I don’t know about other users, but I’m satisfied with the options and service that provides bestdatingnow. Site provides with all the necessary information how to begin. Well for me, all that mattered is that I will get the chance to talk to gorgeous Russian girls, nothing more. I heard that Russian chicks love foreigners, but I could not imagine that they are so lovely. When I first talked to a girl on the bestdatingnow, I was just charmed. I’m already one year on the site and want to stay here more.

  • Well the membership is free and I’m glad they did it so. It’s good because you need to understand whether you will stay here or just leave this site like others. Glad that they renewed their paying system and now to purchase credits you can use you MasteCard. The rest is similar to other dating sites. I’m already two months here and already found a girl with whom I can share my secrets.

  • We often look for happiness in strange places, so why not look for it on the internet? Many people found their love this way. The good part of this dating system is that you can forget about shyness and uncomfortable situations that often we encounter. It’s really great to sit home and just enjoy the pleasant moments with your partner.

  • Great service and gorgeous babes. What more can a man ask? If you want serious relationships, you can have them here. Lonely girls that want to build a family, that want to meet a man that will not cheat on them. If you want these kinds of relationships, then you certainly will find them here.

  • Bestdatingnow is a normal site with real babes. I am a member on this site for six months, and the only disappointment is that there are no disappointments. Great help, and exceptional service will help you anytime. And another great thing is the price of the service. It’s very cheap for such big and very lively place. Well it’s only my opinion about this site, maybe some people are disappointed in their service, who knows.

  • My first opinion about bestdatingnow was awful. The site was laggy and the responses were like from three to four hours. Well it was like two years ago. Now many things have changed, a lot of new women register on the site every day. I’m now in serious relationships with a girl from Ukraine, and I want to propose her. I hope that she will say yes and I will fly after her. Hope that I encouraged you to at least try something new in your life.

  • I’m 20 years old and found my love on this site. At first I was really unsecured about this all only dating thing, but after some time I was so addicted. Now I’m living with a sexy looking Russian girl that loves me and I love her. Bestdatingnow is cheap, fast and very great place to start your relationships or just to find a friend to talk to. Hope you find the girl that will love you as much as my girlfriend is.

  • Every minute that I spend on the site, it makes me so happy. Its great thing that so many people can just sit home and talk to people that are so far away and yet so close. Bestdatingnow helped me realize that there are thing that are more important that money and its love and family. Don’t think that it’s some joke. Service is fine, maybe with some flaws but it’s ok. The rest is up to you and your personality

  • It’s an amazing site with gorgeous and understanding girls. If you want to chat or to get serious with a girl that you like, all is possible. I am telling this because I’m in the same boat as you are and already have a lot of girlfriends from different countries. I’m not telling you to register; I’m just sharing with my experience. But man, there are real horny babes out there.

  • Guys, this site is the best. I’m just few weeks registered here and already found so many girls that want to go out with me. Bestdatingnow is with free registration. If you want some extra possibilities like to send a gift or a private message, you have to pay very little fee. From my opinion this place is the best for beginners. If you are serious about building a strong relationship, then go ahead and try your best.

  • It became obviously for me that the most attractive women are Russian after my joining your site. Now, I am sure that it’s true. I registered on the site just for communication, flirt and friendship. But I think about the beginning the serious relations with the girl from Russia. Believe me, I worked in many sites, but I consider has that the most interesting proposals. I liked that the search system on the is better than on

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