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Spark Networks dating sites have a lot of themed dating sites, and Black Singles should be pretty self – explanatory, this site is here to connect black skinned singles from all over the world who want to enter the exciting life of online dating.

Some of the users here may be just too shy to entertain themselves with real life dating, some don’t like the dating possibilities around them and some just want to try out dating without having to go to the clubs and parties, with more intimate information exchange and personal touches then that. That’s what Black Singles is all about, this site has over a million of black members, mostly in US and Canada, and they all have their profiles where they list their interests, hobbies and expectations. Some are just looking for friendship, some want to try out their pick up lines on a new crowd, some want to expand their dating pool but all of these single black women and men are here to have some fun. Joining the site is pretty easy, all you need is an e-mail address and you’re good to go. Well designed and easy to use, even people with limited internet experiences can handle what this site asks them to do. Black Singles is more of a social network then pure online dating site, and it lets you find out a lot about people even before you chat them up. Just get your charm on and see if you can score yourself a date on one of the big black dating networks.

This site caters to the dating needs of black community only, and there’s a really impressive number of members looking for friendship and love, so it’s very much worth joining up.



  • Hey, peeps! I think that is comfortable, interesting and useful. The searching system is fast and productive. I like the fact that the options are useful. This online dating website helps me to find flirt, communication and love. Thanks to it I found good friends and maybe a future girlfriend.

  • At I met Andy. She works in a pharmacy as the main consultant. I was looking for a nice and modest lady. As it was almost impossible for me to meet a lady in my real life due to my busy working schedule (I am a surgeon), I decided to place my profile on some dating site, and have chosen due to the very simple interface. When I introduced the main criteria of the search (the main characteristics of the lady) my browse showed me more than a dozen of profiles, and all of the ladies were quite beautiful, but one of them has entirely caught my attention, as she looked very simple and innocent. That was Andy, my Andy. We began chatting, and I realized that I made a correct choice, while choosing to communicate with her, and ignoring all the other ladies. The only problem for us was our personal meeting, as two times because of me, we haven’t met, and I was cancelling the date due to urgent call from hospital. So the first date was arranged by her, she came with a picnic basket full of sandwiches on one of my night shifts, without even telling me. This wonderful surprise turned into a great relationship, due to

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