DateInAsia Review (Female profiles quality, Age group, Users’ opinions, Summary)

9 Cost
8 Design
10 Usability
9 Support
10 Content

How the site looks at the first glance

The dating site has a nice looks, nothing too special or innovative, just pretty Asian girls on the layout. The registration field is simple and intuitive, there’s not much information available on the main page.

Female profiles quality

As a free site, DateInAsia can be called a champion of selfies and casual photos. Consequently, the photos quality is rather low and the assortment of women is too big to figure out easily who is attractive enough.

Safety level

Safety level is average since it’s too hard for administrators to manage such a big quantity of profiles. Sometimes they put too much efforts and, consequently, many users find themselves blocked without reason.asian2

Age group

Many Asian women are trying to find a nice generous westerner here, so the age isn’t limited at all. It can be said that women around 30 prevail.

Pros and cons

DateInAsia is a free dating site with a big database but it cannot be called very efficient. The administration doesn’t really fight scammers and catfishers, instead, it is blocking genuine and active users if someone reported them or they just didn’t accept their profile photo by some parameters. The site doesn’t organize the events, trips, or romantic tours, meetings in reality. It only connects people without bearing much asia

Users’ opinions

“I cannot say anything good or bad about DateInAsia, it’s just like hundreds of others, brings you some fresh impressions but nothing serious or long-term. You should also watch out to not have negative impressions. Stay away from fake chicks and scammers. So, everything is like usual but it’s perfect for killing the time, it’s free and I made some cool buddies through it.” (Michael, 37, Los Angeles)

“I used to be a constant member of DateInAsia but there’s smth weird lately… It is so spammed and it is kicking me out all the time, I am waiting for weeks for a support’s response to get to know why exactly I am blocked. I enjoyed it a few years ago, tolerated it all the last year, and now it became simply unbearable. I found my ex-girlfriend there a year ago but times are obviously changing and I could not do the same now: DateInAsia turned into a trash. I see that my friends are leaving it too, one by one. The owners should either improve the situation urgently or forget about its former popularity. Because it’s really over now.” (David, 29, New York City)

“DateInAsia is a virtual space that makes me feel less lonely. I mostly use it for chatting and video stream when I am at home. It gives me an illusion of having a real girlfriend. I had a few meetings with its help too but all of them were about shopping and money spending. I think this site is suitable for purposes like mine and for real hookups too, if a person is less picky than me. There are millions of users in different locations on there so it can be used while travelling, too. However it’s sometimes hard to get through the oceans of bots and scammers so be aware. I find it useful although far from perfect. Free usage was one of my priorities.” (Jay, 35, Phoenix)

“A big number of scammers is a bit annoying but they are very recognizable so I went through and found a few amazing girls I am currently communicating with. I seem to be in love with one of them so I think it’s a great site where some guys can meet the right person.” (Oliver, 39, Miami)search asia 3


We have to admit some positive responses from the users still take place from time to time, but they are very rare. They mostly come from people who were patient enough to go through hundreds of obstacles such as annoying ads, bots, scammers, perverted freaks, and who were lucky enough to catch someone nice in this ocean of bad surprises. We rather warn inexperienced daters against using this site.

For sure, DateInAsia isn’t for the beginners in virtual dating as they may appear too impatient for weeding out the scammers and bots. But it’s not a big deal for experienced daters, after all, about 80% of users are real and single! They are usually under 30 so DateInAsia can be characterized as an Asian dating app for youth. The owners wanted it to be useful for different purposes not only for hookups. Success stories, even if only a few, tell about great one-night-stands, new friends, and serious relationship found with the help of DateInAsia.

DateInAsia is just one of hundreds dating apps that promises to help with one’s loneliness but instead keeps on depressing people with its ads, bots, and scam. It’s free though so people who got enough time and patience can still use it for frequent hookups. Luckily, it isn’t too harmful for late teens as they normally don’t choose it having much higher demands regarding design, the overall style, and the quality of members.

Dating culture goes somewhere wrong and only those platforms give humanity a chance that offer an aesthetic and creative visual constituent along with innovative social networking and strong flirting features. Not many platforms have this kind of advantages, and DateInAsia isn’t among them anyway.

However, every goods have its buyer, and DateInAsia remains comparatively popular, even if not high-rated. The one who survives the ads and silly profiles, wins it all. It’s fair to mention that app became somewhat better and more qualitative after the last updates of 2019.

DateInAsia is elegantly designed and all naughty photos are only sent privately so the general look more or less decent. It attracts more and more members every month and the developers have already promised to keep on improving it. We can recommend this platform to experienced westerners who wants to find like-minded friends and partners without wasting their money and nerves. A big database also allows to date internationally and find travel companions.

DateInAsia doesn’t exactly support sponsorship-based kinds of relationships such as sugar dating; users who made hints on any financial reward, can be and should be immediately reported. One of the DateInAsia mottos is: “People here are looking for love”. And nothing else!

Despite of the free status, DateInAsia still isn’t very popular among late teens or very young people. The reasons are following: too slow and detailed registration process; requirement to post real photos with the clearly seen faces on them; being focused on serious intentions. There are much more trendy platforms for youth with somewhat lighter and less classical asia 2

Dating industry is the industry of competition and being in the market since long is a big advantage for DateInAsia. Some customers really stay with them that long. It’s important not to spoil this advantage with wrong actions and bad service and seems DateInAsia more or less manages to meet the users’ expectations. Free usage is another advantage although people start to understand that more expensive apps are a better guarantee of great results.

The site is popular among such social categories as students, social and ethnic minorities, and bored stay-at-home dudes. The last category isn’t ok and one should always test the person he found online in order to clear up whether this person is really single. The administrators don’t care about any kinds of verification, pre-moderation, and other safety tools so one should use common sense and analyze things by himself. Other than that, the atmosphere of the site is ok and it can be used for casual dating/occasional meetings unless one didn’t find something more efficient.

That’s basically all that can be said about DateInAsia but there are also very important general recommendations such as being cautious, using common sense, testing a person you talk to, re-checking all the information twice, and analysing people’s intentions basing on their phrases, behaviour, and even their face expression. The simplest psychological skills are crucial just like everywhere else on the Internet.



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