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10 Design
9 Usability
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By design and provided services, DateMyAge is a twin site to and a serie of other sites owned by SOL Networks Limited, but this one is dedicated to mature people dating. Its “About” section, Terms of use, and other pages are very much “copypaste” from these twin sites. It’s a truly international dating site that welcomes the heterosexual 40+ singles of all races from all over the world including Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA, and Australia.

How the site looks at first glance:

DateMyAge has a nice cosy layout that depicts a happy charming couple next to the Christmas tree. Visually, it symbolizes a lasting relationship and a family life so it clearly shows DateMyAge isn’t for hookups.


1-month membership – $9.99

Monthly membership saves 50% off other purchases

Credit Pack 10 – $10.99

Credit Pack 40 – $37.99

Credit Pack 80 – $69.99

Credits use:

  • Basic chat – 1 credit / min.
  • 1-way video chat – 4 credits / min.
  • 2-way video chat – 6 credits / min.
  • Offline message – 1 credit
  • 1 letter – 10 credits
  • 1 video / photo viewing – 15 credits
  • 1 sticker – 5 credits
  • 1 animated smiley – 1 credit
  • Watching 1 profile video – 10 credits
  • 1 virtual gift during Live Chat – from 10 to 1000 credits
  • Let’s Mingle feature one-time usage – 5 creditsdatemyage girls

Free services:

  • Registration
  • Filling the profile
  • Photo upload
  • Personality test
  • Offline and online messages
  • Notifications to other users about your activity, online and offline status

Additionally, new members get 10 free chats. Both male and female users can qualify as free, no-charge members in case they follow all conditions listed in a special section.

Fee based services:

  • Real gifts delivery
  • Basic and Video chats
  • Watching Live Stream

Special features:

13-points personality test is a powerful matching tool.

“Take the first step” is a unique ice-breaker that allows to chose an interesting question out of the list and send it to the user you like.

Mood Indicator is a kind of social network element that allows other users see your current mood and thoughts.

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Warning signs:

The pop-ups with overly sexy women streaming now look too commercial and vulgar.

Unexpectedly, there are too many Russian and Ukrainian women. There’s nothing wrong about that but many dating platforms use Slavic women’s beauty for getting a profit. It’s well-known that some of them are the scammers and others’ photos are just the masks for the third personalities who produce the fraud. Unfortunately, judging from the male users’ reviews, this site isn’t an exception.

Safety level:

The site promises it uses the last generation encryption techniques and any personal information is constantly protected from the hackers, both automatically and manually. It is recommended to report the scammers by email or through the online customer support.

Pros and cons:

Many profiles are reportedly fake and automatized, both male and female ones.

Like on and many other sister sites of SOL Networks Limited, the users are encouraged to apply for a free membership but on DateMyAge, this process isn’t smooth. Let’s say such applications are almost never approved and the customer support is super slow in all other matters too. The “trial period” thing is also very unclear here.

No real success stories found on the Internet.

Phone app version:

It exists and has a high rate. The app requires iOs: 9.0 or later, Android: 5.0 and up.

It’s free with in-app purchases: 1-month membership – $9.99, Credit Pack 10 – $10.99, Credit Pack 40 – $37.99, Credit Pack 80 – $69.99.

For any questions, please contact the team dating

Users’ comments:

“After 3 months of using DateMyAge I got nothing. I see they are just mocking older people as their features are absolutely ineffective. The database seems big from the beginning but some men are just repeating each others’ sentences like there’s some automatic system. After some time, I started to feel like I’m trapped there! But does it make sense to pay for being trapped?? And not so small money! I know the online dating world is all about that, but it’s not fair towards the vulnerable category of people. I know some men are very naughty in their 60s and they probably deserve such a treatment, but not the decent women who just want to find a good-natured partner to bring joy into each other’s latest years. It’s a moral killing of people who have noble intentions. There are much more honest apps for mature singles, I do not recommend this one!” (Jessy, 56, Detroit)

“I didn’t quite understand why this site is full of Russian mature women! I expected to meet someone locally, but of course, they promote Russian beauties instead and make a lot of money out of it. No one told us in advance about that, we joined to find a mate within our country, if not the state or the town. Don’t we know that international dating involves a lot of efforts and expenses? Moreover, 80% of Russian daters are scammers or catfishers! Now, why do I need to pay for all this circus? To feel that I am chased by those women from Moscow who are still model-looking in their 40s and of course single despite their beauty?? Expensive fairy-tales! I also noticed a very slow, nearly absent customer support and lots of technical issues. I think DateMyAge is a money-waster and a professional heartbreaker that needs to be closed. I will be surprised if there will ever be the success story about two people who met each other through this garbage site.” (Michael, 54, New York City)

“The site looks very nice and gives a pleasant feeling of comfort and hope. It promises to protect you from the vulgar things and money-takers but in fact, it does nothing in this regard. All men on this site looked just normal, not too handsome like Hollywood actors so I wasn’t suspicious at the beginning. But they were writing to me such sweet words like if I am a teenager or they are paid for that! Several of them wrote to me the same scenario that they remained widowers with the grandchildren on their hands and other sad stories… clearly begging me about the money! Are single old women such stupid chickens? No, we aren’t! After using such sites as DateMyAge, the idea of finding someone seems disgusting. I don’t want anyone to play with my feelings, I am too old for that shit.” (Mary-Ann, 62, Miami)datemyage seniors

Final verdict:

We have to note that DateMyAge is a purely commercial PPL site that didn’t gain much trust among its users. Literally every step made on this platform should be paid for, and the company doesn’t follow its promise to let some members use the site for free.

For some reason, the base of members for 50% at least consists of Russian women, which is quite a surprise for many male users. Why would Russian women join this site at all if it isn’t initially dedicated to Eastern European dating? Maybe the answer is simple: because Russian women’s profiles, especially fake ones, is the easiest way to fill the lack/gap in the database and attract many male users who didn’t even hope to find someone very attractive. Isn’t this trick used everywhere on the Internet?

These women are equally sexy and youthful despite their age, equally single and always open to talk, and write equally sweet sentences to… every man. No doubt, it’s suspicious.

We didn’t find any positive evidence about successful matching through DateMyAge. But if it isn’t enough, let’s analyze the reviews on phone applications too. What do we see? On PlayMarket for Android, there are only a few comments and they mostly consist of questions, not the conclusions. On AppStore for iOs, there are only negative 1-star reviews! The owner of all DateMyAge platforms is the same; doesn’t it mean they use the same tactic all the time?

Not to mention that 50+ age is rather vulnerable when it comes to online interactions and real relationships. Of course, many people in this age are successful business and property owners or at least good workers who managed to save some money for retirement. But many just live on the retirement pension and hope to find a modest, kind-hearted partner who would share their peaceful hobbies and take care of them in the last decades of life. The site even promises a good matching to 90 y.o. people! Are they serious with such a statement?

Instead, all those singles only receive robotic compliments, manufactured introduction letters, hints about the gifts, and requests for money. How should they feel and how severely discouraged will they be?

The biggest danger lays in the positive atmosphere of the overall design and nice promises in the FAQ section. Elderly people are more trusting than younger ones and the betrayal is traumatic for them, especially when it’s connected with the finances. To not let the drama happen, it’s better to avoid this site at all. Mature dating is very common nowadays, and many adult children or even grandchildren advise their older relatives to find someone on the Internet. But there are much more decent and effective platforms for that. Just always make sure the rate is high enough, reviews are credible, and success stories can be easily found on different sources. Exactly on different ones, because if you find only one source of them, it usually means all stories are sponsored.

It is obviously a mockery of older people to shower them with nice ice-breakers and offers from super attractive Eastern European and Asian women, whose appearance is a famous fetish for online daters. Smart 50+ people wouldn’t spend their budget and their last hopes on someone sexy-looking who can ruin all their life even if this person turns real, not talking about the catfishers. Those ones who are very rich or very risky should be especially well-protected as no one deserves a failure.

But all these single Western men cannot find the only thing they initially needed: a local partner, reliable and down-to-earth, to spend a qualitative time with. Judging by reviews, there’s a lack or even absence of local matches in any particular state of America as well as in other Western countries. At the same time, men are bombarded with international dating opportunities they didn’t ask about and weren’t prepared for.

As a summary, DateMyAge is rather a costly virtual game than a real dating platform since it doesn’t keep their promises, guarantees, or obligations. It has a copypasted Terms of Use and other important pages and a partially stolen base of female profiles. It doesn’t answer the help requests from the users, doesn’t guide them, doesn’t solve the issues, and doesn’t improve the quality of service. All DateMyAge cares about is a pretty picture of layout and an attractive photo gallery, which reminds a magazine but not a serious platform for finding a committed relationship. This site isn’t even for hookups! Instead, it’s purely commercial.

We hardly recommend 50+ singles to find more reliable platforms for mature dating or try free / comparatively cheap specialized sites. Even Tinder is better than DateMyAge as there is an age filter and matches are found locally. International dating is way too expensive for those who aren’t ready for this option, it even leads to bankruptcy especially if someone is inexperienced in this area. Watch out and save your funds for your happy elderly years, healthy food, vacations, and pleasing your young family members. Dive into the international dating only when you are completely sure about your wealth, practical thinking, good sources of advice, and moral strength. But in any case, never try it on doubtful platforms like DateMyAge.



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