Datingcom Review (Pricing, Warning signs, Users’ comments)

dating free com
9 Cost
10 Design
10 Usability
10 Support
9 Content

General information comes from the same owner as AnastasiaDate and Amolatina. Lately, it is mostly popular for its phone app but the desktop version is much in use too. Like all other sites of this group, is a pay-per-service platform with a credit-based system. It hosts the users from over 32 countries and has the head office in the US.


Front page

The front page looks very stereotypic. It includes the romantic background with red hearts, promises of a qualitative service, shortened gallery of the users’ profiles, and very common and shallow phrases from the users quoted in the bottom of page. The female members presented on this page, strangely have Slavic names but live in Western Europe which create an impression they are easy to reach.

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The pricing of is also typical for the AnastasiaDate group: one-month membership costs $9.99 (includes 20 credits as a bonus, 10 free chats, and offline introductory messages) and gives the right to purchase the credits. The price of the credits depends on the kind of package you choose. For example, 1000 credits cost $400.

  • Basic Chat – 1 сredit per min.
  • One-Way Video Chat – 4 сredits per min.
  • Two-Way Video Chat – 6 сredits per min.
  • Offline Message – 1 credit (160 symbol limit)
  • Mobile App Message – 1 credit (160 symbol limit)
  • Email – 10 сredits
  • Sending/viewing photos or videos – 15 сredits each
  • Sending stickers – 5 сredits each
  • Sending animated smilies – 1 сredits each
  • Sending gifts in Live Video – 5 to 1000 credits
  • Sending personal message in Live Video – 1 credits each
  • Viewing video in profile – 10 сredits
  • Let’s Mingle – 5 credits.

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Warning signs

It’s absolutely the must to ask a person you are corresponding with, to accept a phone call or turn on the webcam. If a person is encouraging you to chat every night but always finds excuses not to reveal the face or voice, you’re in trouble. It would be ok if the site was free and credits weren’t flowing like water.

Also it makes sense to watch out from the very beginning: analyze the profiles of the members who are trying to contact you, and their messages. All that should be qualitative, and unique. If it’s obviously false and copypasted, stay away. If the profiles contain some doubtful or suspicious information, stay away. Here are some of the examples:

  • Many girls are from the same area and it’s an unpopular, less populated place, such as a small African town etc.
  • It’s an Eastern European girl but she is “luckily” in the US, UK, etc. She never shares her exact location and gives mixed answers.
  • She has a normal, non-suspicious location but suddenly she mentions other city or even country in her messages.
  • She calls you by another name. She forgets the names of her parents, pets, and best friends she told you about, and writes other names instead.
  • Her profile says only very sweet and common things about her personality, without an impression of “alive” person.
  • Her profile says she prefers this or that particular age, appearance, other data, but she writes to you, still although your data is different.

There are other warning signs too but they will be easy for you to detect if you aren’t a newcomer in virtual dating. The same hints are fair for women who are corresponding with men through catfishers, scammers, and fake profiles can be either female or male. Be cautious all the way long and don’t allow the situations when the correspondence lasts 2-3 months without proving the person is real.

Another danger comes from the payment system that charges you automatically even if you didn’t authorize the regular payments or cancelled them. If the bank card is deactivated, it switches to your Paypal account.

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The basic complaints from the users

This section of review would be normally named “Pros and cons”, but since we didn’t find many pros and even those ones are useless without the real effect and success stories, here we come with the list of most frequent complaints from the users.

  • Same or similar messages/letters from different users.
  • Location filters in the Search option don’t work properly. They show zero members in the area from where many letters are coming.
  • The bank card is charged automatically without the user’s authorization and allowance, sometimes within the first hours after joining the trial period, without any notifications like “Your credits run out” etc. Therefore, big amounts of money are often gone without any control or wish from the users’ side.
  • Girls are using any reasons to make the user continue the chat, but they are also using any excuses to not communicate elsewhere.

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Users’ comments

“It is far, very far even from AnastasiaDate, where you can find at least several real women. Here none, seems! Always typical profiles, typical messages, so meaningless and false. It sounds like some brainless schoolgirls write idiotic flirtatious sentences to seduce you and make you waste more credits. Normal women, smart and genuine, would never send such a bullshit. They always send same smileys, ask same questions about my current mood or romantic fantasies or my willingness to see their best parts. What parts didn’t I see? There are special sites for that. claims to be for serious relationships but it’s just a dirty joke. Well no one ever tried to scam me there but it’s just because they were committed to keep me there for credits and this income was enough for them. Let me tell you: doesn’t matter for how long you communicate with this or that girl, they just suddenly disappear whenever they want. It mostly happens when you ask questions about their direct contacts or meeting in real. If you aren’t a convenient client who is ready to chat forever – they kick you out of their contact list! What a crazy site. You will find no one here, just a waste of time and thousands of dollars.” (Steve, 48, UK)

“I honestly joined this site just because I saw Russian and Ukrainian girls on the front page. And the site seemed ok. But I wish I studied more about it before joining. It is completely a commercial toy of AnastasiaDate and AmoLatina owners. You will become a bankrupt very quickly without even finding a girl. You don’t have to be very smart to notice all their traps. It’s so obvious and stupid how they act, but you realize only when they charge you again and again. Of course, the girls are seductive some even have big boobs specially to get your attention. But you must use your brain as all they do is just playing with your ego and your money. I made a mistake joining it and I am not recommending it to anyone. There are so many modern dating sites that are cheaper and much more real. I wish I met at least one honest person through this site, but it just didn’t happen. It should be closed and removed because it’s a heartless money-making machine.” (Robert, 56, Australia)

“I am a single woman from California and I don’t know why I decided this site will work for me. Immediately after joining, I was overwhelmed by messages from very hot, model-looking men from all over the world. Wow! I got suspicious but one of them, Mexican teacher, was writing quite intelligent letters. I really started to trust him but then something changed and his messages became different, containing silly compliments only. I have an average appearance and didn’t even show enough of my photos to make him flatter me that much. Wow! After changing his behaviour, he suddenly asked me for money because he just lost his job at school and his old mother is sick. I reported him and blocked him but I stopped to trust to the whole site. They keep on charging me although I did everything to cancel my membership! Stay away from because it can break your heart and your belief in good people.” (Jenna, 41, USA)

“This site is very confusing. I don’t know why it still exists. It charges literally for every little step and you never know how empty your bank card became after a simple chat. When you like a girl, of course you don’t count how many photos or virtual gifts or smileys you sent her, you always think that only minutes count. But then it appears that everything counts, and you remain not only single but poor and single. Look, even on fraudulent sites, I always managed to find someone and meet someone in real. But it just didn’t happen on It feels like all girls there are workers who make you pay, and they aren’t even smart or educated as they write with mistakes and can say nothing when you discuss some topics with them. Those people are only a bit smarter than machines. Even if they were real, you wouldn’t want such a stupid wife. They were writing to me sweet things but no one agreed to meet or exchange contacts. I wasted my precious time, and lots of funds too.” (Michael, 39, USA)

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Summary doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy dating site that could be recommended to singles for finding a mate. It doesn’t work like that. It’s more suitable for online flirting if you are ready to pay for that. Judging from the users’ comment, you cannot even be sure that girls who are talking with you, are exactly girls and not some uneducated male students. At least, the impression of chatting there is pretty weird and uncertain.

We found out that many reviews are 5-stars reviews and they are posted in turn, with zero critics in them like it’s the flawless dating site. But our research shows the opposite.

We recommend to take into account the warning signs we listed above, check every girl from the beginning asking her personal questions and comparing them to her profile data, discuss the meeting from the beginning, and demand a video chat and a phone call for hearing the voice. Of course, tests and checks aren’t romantic at all but without them, you are going to remain with nothing.

Some men practice such budget-saving tricks:

  • Since each letter costs the money, it is reasonable to ask as many questions as possible, in only 1 letter. All plans for the future and topics that should be discussed, can also be gathered together in one letter. If a girl’s reply is unsubstantial and shallow, without concrete answers and comments, she isn’t worthy of your time and money.
  • Chat only with those girls who agreed to video chat for a few minutes and proved they are real, without a pre-recorded video. Do not continue with the girls who refused, found excuses, or whose video was pre-recorded. Report them to the administrators.
  • Don’t use any extra features such as virtual gifts, stickers, smiles, exchanging pictures and short videos, etc. This way, you will stay in touch with the girls without wasting too much money.
  • Always talk straight to the point: what her intentions are, when she is going to meet you in real, and so on. Never allow the meaningless talks about the weather, the weekend, endless dreams and fantasies, etc. Discuss the things that are worthy of spending credits, but don’t be too rude.

If you follow all recommendations listed and described in this review, you may have some pleasant and useful moments on But since the quality of members and services is only getting worse with time, you are risking to observe the false profiles and shallow talks only, instead of finding a life partner or at least someone real who could go out with you.



  • Cool that you can not sit around and chat, and all sorts of services – like forum, anonymous chat! Especially liked the calls, live with the person of course much nicer to talk! Sign up, we will communicate))

  • Like many people who are fond of Dating sites, tried different services and applications. 24open – standard Dating website, register and chat for free. If you want to raise the profile in the top or in the tape photos, then you have to pay. One of the interesting bells and whistles there are anonymous chat and phone calls, yet never met. Function in search of new acquaintances and enjoy the fellowship performs on 5, and everything else – a matter of taste.

  • Registered on 24open about six months ago. The impression of the site is smooth – there is nothing bad, but does not cling to anything. There are a couple of fun things, like anonymous chat, but it’s not news anymore. Annoying mass mailing-always a lot of the same type of messages, which is immediately clear that all in a row are sent – such do not even answer. To get a lot of communication will have to throw money, otherwise your profile no one will see – as on all such resources.

  • Registered on app for about a year, it used to be more interesting – when advertised, people came here, now people are less, respectively, and the probability of interesting communication is reduced. I liked the function of mass mailing-usually the first message you write to all the same, you spend time on a set of similar phrases, and here it is possible to send immediately to all who liked it.

  • Useful Dating site, you can not only look for your love, but also just to communicate with interesting people and even find friends on a hobby – a lot of different branches for communication, and a lot of people, if you write a message, then respond almost immediately, and not in six months, as is usually the case on any forums. All sorts of contests, opinion polls – in short, to be bored here precisely once. Paid features are not particularly impressed, a couple of times raised the profile in the top, begin to write all sorts of degenerates with obscene proposals.

  • Site about anything… On the first day began to appear letters “how about Dating a married man.” To the question “why”, the answer is “meeting, sex.” He is married and that his wife a little?” Sometimes, Yes. Men, what’s the problem? change your place of residence, nationality, flag in your hands and get a legal harem. I you can also nothing, I want to have a baby, to be needed by someone – you satisfied with this?

  • I met my husband through the Internet, lived 1000 km from each other, there was no other chance to meet))

  • I went to visit my sister, and he volunteered to meet me, before that on the phone agreed that we go on a date, both thought that all jokes)))

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