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9.4 is relatively new dating community when compared to some of the big names around. The site has been up and running for less then 5 years now and is centered mostly around finding single Russian women and bringing them together with men who feel like exploring the kinky side of Russia, but there are many more international profiles for you to navigate through.

The site design is one of the first thing that falls into view, while most sites are made to look as user friendly as possible with lots of color solutions and so on, here we’ve got a more direct approach, it’s more like an index then a real social network, index that you can browse to your heart’s content looking for that one perfect match that will make your life much more interesting. A bit over 75 real members with active accounts can be met here, males and females alike, and you can sign up for free to get access to chat and message boards as well as free live video chat. The AntiScam System is set in place to make sure all of your data is safe, you can really focus on flirting and having fun with single babes. The site is not all just profile archives, there are also pretty active boards where both men and women exchange their experience and talk about what they can get from Datingsite.

This is a dating network that has a long way to go to even begin making a dent in huge dating networks. With design that not everybody will like and the fact that there are just too few members to be able to find them worldwide this is one of the average solutions to your internet dating

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  • Nearly three months ago I became your client, but I still look for of my prince. Despite this sad fact, the site impressed me well. I never could say that I know how to work with computer and different websites, but here I rather fast understand how to use the options. So I rather quick began my work on the webpage! It’s a huge plus that is absolutely free and I should not pay anything for opening the additional options.

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