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Discreet Sex Dates is a dating website that has a very unique idea behind it, an idea that makes it stand out among hundreds of similar websites. Namely, it is meant for those people who would like to keep their casual sex adventures as discreet and as below radar as possible. To this end, Discreet Sex Dates employs some serious anonymity and security software that ensures your dalliances will never be discovered.


Discreet Sex Dates, despite being a low-key affair due to its particular nature, still manages to be extremely exciting and it is all thanks to the thousands of members this website boasts. These members are all very active and before you know it, you will be on your way to meeting the most exciting people that you have ever met, all indulging in the same sort of sweet sin that you are.

The use of the website is truly simple, while never feeling too simple, if you catch our drift. Nothing takes more than a few clicks, which makes things more vibrant and enticing. Another great thing about Discreet Sex Dates is that it allows you to have tons of fun on the very website. You do not even have to risk it by meeting your new lover in person. With the live video chat and multi cam video chat, things can get as heated as never before without even meeting in real life.


If you are looking for a place to meet someone new and start a fling that you will remember for the rest of your life with a huge smile on your face, then Discreet Sex Dates is the place for you. It is so sweet and sinful that it should be illegal.


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  • On discreetsexdates.com I created a profile, after my third boyfriend has left me without running into some explanations. Well he didn’t have to, as I knew it perfectly well, that the problem was in me, and in the fact that I am quite reserved when it comes to bedroom. On discreetsexdates.com I was planning to learn the art of seduction and to discover my hidden passion. I was expecting to feel myself disgusting, but after hearing some naughty phrases, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I replied them with the same coin. Being naughty in the chat was much easier than in real life. In that moment I didn’t knew the simple true that it takes a loving man to make a lady blooming. Trev and I met, three weeks later, and I was all shying to look into his eyes, but he took my hand, and said “Hey, I like you, and I am not going to bite you, at least if you will not ask me to, so relax and smile, I love this cute smile of yours”. He waited for me a long time, but after we made love the first love, he said that I was totally worthy waiting for. To my happiness and relief, he didn’t left after our sex, he left only two days ago, in order to change the clothes and bring some of them to my apartment. Since that time we are living together, for seven months already.

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