Dream-Singles Review (Signing up, Free services, Users’ opinions, Summary)

10 Cost
8 Design
9 Usability
10 Support
9 Content

How the site looks at the first glance

Dream-Singles has an impressive main page that immediately strikes an audience with a sexy kissing couple on a layout and loud self-promotion. “iDate Awards Winner”, “Thousands of success stories”, “15 years in business”, “7:1 women to men” are just some of the slogans they strike you with. The page also contains the video promo and offers an instant access. There are such sections as Live Chat, VideoChat, Intro Videos, About Us, Testimonials, Terms & Conditions, Contact Us, Help & FAQs, Anti-scam protection, Advanced Search, Online Now, New Profiles, Woman Gallery, Become a Partner, Affiliate Partners.

Signing up

Signing up process is free and comparatively quick.

Female profiles quality

Women’s photos on Dream-Singles can be divided into 2 main categories. One category is obviously patronized by professional agencies so the photos are extremely glamorous and provocative, with lots of makeup, Photoshop editing, and a focus on breasts. Another category consists of independent girls who present themselves, and their profile photos are much more modest. It’s up to you which category you choose. An assortment is enormously big and it’s easy to find a model-looking female right away.search dream singles

Free services

Free trial is available, but all services and membership are paid.

Age group

All age groups. Women 20-30 y.o. prevail.

Phone app version

Dream-Singles app is not available for Android or iOs.

Users’ opinions

“Dream-Singles made me acquainted with my future wife and I am thankful for that. It required lots of patience and money though as we found each other after several months of membership, and I passed through many fake or inactive female profiles. But all that was worthy of the final result and I recommend this app to single westerners who are in their most serious search”. (David, 52, Washington, DC)

“I expected more from Dream-Singles as my friend got married with its help. But what I see is that women are just chatting and playing there, I see no real courtship and women aren’t even well-provided to have a family life. Others seem to be married already as they disappear for days and close the chat very suddenly, their talks are weird. Maybe I have to be patient and keep on searching but I got tired already from such disasters. We will see in future.” (Peter, 41, New York City)

“I like Dream-Singles, it’s the only international dating app I can use. Others are filled with the wrong people. If to get used to its bugs and to attack the customer support regularly forcing them to help you, one can survive on here. It’s pretty cheap and easy to use. You just swipe and communicate. I met a few women via Dream-Singles but I had to drive a lot to see them. I don’t complain though, at least it wasn’t another part of the world. For now I am mostly for friendship and flirt here, but I am sure one can find a lifetime mate on Dream-Singles too.” (Tim, 33, London)

“I think it shouldn’t be called second Tinder, firstly it’s not an app and secondly we serious daters don’t judge people just by their appearance. Family values and other views are much more important but how can you see them from the first glance? But, if not to be too negative or philosophic, it’s quite a good site. Most of people are real and I had several dates with its help. I would go on with it especially taking into account its super low price. I am recommending it to my friends and colleagues too. Maybe it isn’t brilliant but reliable enough for me. I must also add that it became less glitchy to the end of 2018.” (Mike, 45, Seattle)

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It’s well-known that many Americans have a serious attitude both about career and about marriage. Dream-Singles is suitable for very busy people who are too much into work but want to chat with other singles once in a while to see what happens. This site has a somewhat bigger base of members than other international dating apps so there are realistically bigger chances to meet someone.

We would divide the reviews about Dream-Singles into four groups: the typical critics about the necessity to pay and non-serious members; clearly fake (sponsored) 5-star reviews; genuine positive reviews from satisfied users; and negative reviews from those ones who really suffered from this or that bug/error.

The good thing is that if customers mostly criticize the attitude of the opposite sex online, it means there are enough real users who respond, make actions, and first of all exist! That’s why Dream-Singles is so promising. We can call it much more trustworthy than many other modern apps.

On another hand, so many complaints about superficial people on this site and overall skin-deep attitude can be connected with the huge difference between expected Slavic mentality / values and a modern way to swipe on people basing on their looks. We really think that dating apps with less modern features and more old-fashioned principle of work would be more appreciated by true Christians. For now, sadly, the database of Dream-Singles mostly consists of less religious women (sometimes even already-married) who don’t mind to play and flirt, and they are opposed to marriage-minded women over there. Some of the women also care more about the gifts and shallow compliments making serious men unhappy. Of course, we are not saying here that swiping is the root of all problems but modern online dating is.

On another hand, success stories still happen even in these unfavourable conditions. How can it be possible? The secret is that all traditional Russians especially the women, are extremely family-oriented. They do not contact an opposite sex without keeping marriage in mind. They are indeed less picky than Europeans, and accept with thankfulness the most serious pretender they could find. That’s why the correspondence through Dream-Singles ends in marriage very frequently despite the lack of serious female users and costly membership.search dream singles free

As to the last fact, a lot of single men consider finding a good wife for a lifetime a very important task, so important that they are really ready to invest into it. So there aren’t many complaints about the price, rather complaints about the low rate of response from women.

It’s criticised and this is a fact, but the arguments are often non-original and even a bit ridiculous as people manage to complain about Premium subscription which is very low here, or about non-serious girls like if it is possible to measure somehow. Some guys want only sex and some girls want only the money it’s how this world revolves, almost impossible to avoid that. We wouldn’t take these complaints into consideration as lots of other members are sharing their success stories.

However, success on Dream-Singles severely depends on location. It’s understandable as there are thousands and not millions of active users. Like on other apps, the majority of them come from bigger cities and there are only a few in towns and villages. But let’s agree that it’s better than nothing. By “nothing”, we mean totally fake profiles, bots, and absent customer support like on some other dating sites. In comparison with them, Dream-Singles is definitely legit and effective.

They still need to improve the technical part, partially or completely replace the support team or optimize their work in other ways, and promote the app stronger for getting more members/subscribers. There is already a positive tendency as the overall quality of services slightly improved for the last year. We can confidently recommend Dream-Singles to single people who are bored or hope to find a match but they should be patient and tolerant about possible bugs and problems.

We would rate this site above average if there weren’t good alternatives to it in the market, but they do exist. As experts, we believe it can be improved with time, but it’s better not to delay that moment, otherwise, Dream-Singles will eventually lose its customers. People cannot be supportive endlessly towards something that promotes itself but doesn’t work to the fullest.

What we suggest is joining this site with a great caution and analysing the profiles/messages before jumping into any conclusions or illusions. Not all users are serious there and it’s a fact. However, if to communicate gradually, step by step, and accompany your talks with direct questions about one’s values and intentions, success becomes possible.

Taking into account all technical issues and imperfections, we have to rate Dream-Singles site as “average”.


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