EastMeetEast Review (Female profiles quality, Age group, Users’ opinions, Summary)

eastmeeteast review
10 Content
9 Cost
9 Design
10 Support
9 Usability

How the site looks at the first glance

EastMeetEast has an interesting main page that seems to be typical but there are some original elements too. There are featured videos on the subject and illustrated success stories below. Finally, it presents the gallery of random users with the motto: Browse first, think later. Sections of the site include the Blog too.

Female profiles quality

The site gallery consists of selfies, therefore, the quality of photos is rather low. Women just take photos of themselves as it is, without an appropriate makeup, posture, or background.eastmeeteast profiles

Free services

Signing up process is free for everyone but services are free only for women. Men should purchase the 3-12 months membership package.

Age group

Mostly young people prevail on the app, it would be fair to say it’s filled with 30 y.o. or younger.

Phone app version

EastMeetEast app is available on iTunes, with a high rate but bad responses. Reportedly, there are way too many scammers comparing to the desktop version.EastMeetEast app

Users’ opinions

“EastMeetEast is my favorite site, I use it every time when I’m lonely, and I always succeed in finding someone to spend a nice evening with. I’m sure if I had more time for a qualitative search, I would even find someone serious there. It’s great, easy to use and free for girls” (Rina, 26, Burke)

“It doesn’t kill my devices with the thousands of features, it just helps to find an Asian girl quickly. I think it’s cool such friendly and helpful platforms exist for mixed dating and something more than just hookups” (Daniel, 28, Los Angeles)

“I love this site, it’s just so nice-looking and effective. Always great guys online and they live not so far, easy to catch each other. It fits well into my busy schedule and I can chat from home or from work between my running here and there… It’s much easier to find a match through EastMeetEast than in offline life” (Jenny, 27, San-Francisco)

“I found my boyfriend through this site and it’s enough for me to thumb up on it! So many people in the database, everyone can find a nice partner through it. We are like-minded and we know what we want from the beginning, we’re open-minded enough and nothing can stop us. If to talk about me and my fiancée, we are going to make a charming mixed baby soon after our wedding, and we shall thank EastMeetEast for bringing us together!” (Liza, 32, New York City)eastmeeteast video

“EastMeetEast is my latest finding that made me very happy, without exaggeration! I got addicted to girls in Thailand and could not find anyone decent here in the US. But nearly all girls on EastMeetEast are super cute. They are available and they like me! It’s so cool! I met four of them already and I am really fall for one of them. I am glad I started my experience in the US exactly from this site, as I analyzed the reviews on other similar platforms and people weren’t happy. Thanks EastMeetEast for all beautiful girls especially my Laila. You have at least one devoted customer now!” (Richard, 39, Miami)

“I was greatly surprised by EastMeetEast, such a high quality of Asian girls, and they aren’t fake or scammers. Just normal girls who want a good admirer. Many of them are show girls but others are modest housewife-type in search for a reliable boyfriend. I like a big choice on this app! It isn’t for quick sex only! I keep on seeing some of the girls from here and I may eventually choose one of them for good. I am happy such apps exist where dating an exotic personality isn’t just an adventure. For many people it’s a lifestyle, and seems it’s really respected here. Very well done! I already recommended it to my buddies too.” (Lionel, 32, San-Francisco)

“EastMeetEast is cool, I was already desperate to find a decent man for me, all of them were after cheap sex without even remembering my name or face. Here the most of guys and gentlemen and some are very hot. One of them presented a dress to me, it was very sweet. I forgot when I dated like that. I made my own little research and I think it’s possible to find either a sponsor or a long-time boyfriend here. Also it’s free for women, I am sure it will be more and more crowded with new people soon. Brilliant!” (Jemima, 28, New York City)

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Surprisingly, EastMeetEast dating site isn’t heavily criticized like it often happens with paid sites or interracial platforms. The developers really managed to create a friendly, supportive, and helpful atmosphere for all Asian beauties and those who are interested. Positive reviews are greatly supported by other users and often give an example of someone’s success story.

There is a big need for good and qualitative dating sites in a modern world nowadays. Asian dating, particularly, is a norm for many countries and big cities. However some of the existing platforms are purely commercial and vulgar traps for single westerners aimed to play on their feelings and budgets. EastMeetEast is very far from that. It suggests a huge pool of members so there’s someone special for each single person who joined. Moreover, it improves its features and fixes the problems every month, so there are even bigger chances for those who will join or continue using it in 2019.

The developers of EastMeetEast insist on a friendly and respectful atmosphere. The administrators keep on controlling all processes to make sure this recommendation is followed. As a result, we are having a comparatively safe and effective dating environment for thousands, soon millions of same-race and different-race folks.eastmeeteast stories

However, there are some nuances we have to warn you against.

Since the site is very simple in usage and free for females, it is mostly welcomed among teens and people in their early 30s. But it isn’t actually an appropriate platform for a kid or a youngster, so parents and themselves should be aware. And here is why:

  • It mostly welcomes selfies and, consequently, teaches to judge people by appearance only.
  • Some users want to get noticed by any means so they use the sexiest images. It becomes a general attitude in relationships and life.
  • Many profiles are fake or inactive so it’s an adventure at the ghost place.
  • When someone isn’t liked frequently enough because he is less hot, he/she may develop profound insecurities.
  • Teenagers and young people often do not realize they need to be appreciated on a deeper level. Many of them aren’t as skin-deep as the modern culture. Their feelings may be eventually hurt after using this site.
  • In fact, one is buying people’s attention for money on such platforms. Moreover, a person is willing to pay just for being able to rate the others. It’s a bit disturbing, a psychologist would say.
  • The only thing it has to offer, is an enormous number of young people’s photos, sometimes indeed very attractive. But it makes much more sense to find them and like them through social networks: at least, you can see whether there is any recent activity, and make sure those people are real. Very often, girls seek virtual admirers only so it’s for nothing.

This site is just ok if not to call it a leader and not to expect much from it. It is more or less effective in several biggest cities of the US and in Taiwan, that’s from where are coming those bunches of positive reviews. Fake accounts are also present, so one should be an experienced online dater to avoid the danger. Judging from all that, we should be happy that at least some of the users are legit and at least some of the functions work properly. There are much worse commercial dating sites in the market than this one.

To be realistic, we recommend this platform only to 30 – 50 y.o. people who are interested in Asian dating but who are located in the most populated cities of the USA or Taiwan; who have enough experience and patience to deal with the buggy, partially legit site; and who have some stable income because a man cannot do much there without the money. Our rate is “average”.



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