EliteSingles Review (Signing up, Safety level, Pros and cons, Summary)

elitesingles review 2019
10 Content
9 Cost
10 Design
10 Support
9 Usability

How the site looks at the first glance

EliteSingles isn’t a typical static site bit a modern landing page with a lot of information on it. There is a stylish signing-in form, animated layout with attractive people’s portraits. The site guarantees high security and 85% of highly educated women’s profiles. Intelligent matchmaking and high success rate are also among listed advantages. Expert profile advice is included into services.

The site states it is focused on local Canadian dating, not depending on singles’ religion and skin color. Customer service is also self-proclaimed perfect and exceptional. The “Find a match” section offers straight dating, LGBT dating, Christian dating, Senior dating, Single parent dating. FAQ and Blog / Magazine are available as well.

Signing up

Signing up process is free and simple. It is organized with a serious attitude as one should accept Terms and Conditions before joining or entering. EliteSingles doesn’t offer signing in via social networks.elitesingles ca

Female profiles quality

Women’s profile photos are qualitative but not too much edited or glamorous, rather casual and natural. The personal information seems trustworthy too.

Safety level

Safety level is above average, the site uses a strong security system. Manual profile verification, quick customer support and technical safety are among the advantages as well.

Age group

The site and app state that their target audience are 30 – 55 y.o. singles.

Pros and cons

The personality test and detailed profiles are at avail. Ice-breakers and automatic matching are included.

Phone app version

EliteSingles app is available both on PlayMarket and AppStore. The application positions itself as the UK dating platform. The application is rated much lower than the desktop version of the site.elitesingles app

Users’ opinions

“EliteSingles is cool, cool, and again cool! I really love it. I spend every spare minute on it and always manage to find someone. I know, other similar sites offer much more features and nearly turn to the social mini-networks, but I don’t have that much time working on two jobs. EliteSingles is perfect to me as it gives results without spending hours there and trying to figure out how it works. I don’t need to do much and have a brainstorm trying to position myself from the best side: I just put my best photo there and voila, I go out with someone! Even if I have to fly over there! I think it’s really a good finding for someone lonely who is too busy in his offline life but wants good qualitative dates in between.” (Jane, 42, London)

“I decided to try out EliteSingles, to be exact, its free version and see what it brings. Honestly, it helped a lot that I wasn’t picky! I am in New York city and it suggested to me just 6 matches – really, EliteSingles? 4 of them even weren’t actually near! I understand that it’s UK and Canada-focused but that’s ridiculous. I was so lonely that I started to communicate intensively anyway and managed to set up 2 dates. One of the guys was a complete freak but another one was nice and I grabbed him. We keep on seeing each other so this app isn’t a complete trash – but again, only thanks to my determination!” (Amanda, 31, NYC)

“Well, it wasn’t my best online experience as the flaws of EliteSingles became too obvious right after registering. I decided to not expect quick results and continued to use it once in a while in between my working routine. After some weeks, I was rewarded with a pleasant acquaintance so I cannot complain, but using this dating site requires a certain patience.” (Rick, 33, Toronto)elitesingles date


EliteSingles doesn’t offer anything unique or extremely effective, but at least it doesn’t take an advantage of singles like some other platforms: it’s genuine and reliable. It provides online flirt and offline meetings with real people, instead of overloading the users with bots and fake profiles. However, it’s rather for non-serious people who tend to be superficial in their search and judge mostly by photos. If one is an older, more profound, and idealistic person, it’s the wrong dating site for him. It’s almost impossible to find someone on EliteSingles basing on personality traits. The very basic criterions are: a nice appearance, and geographic closeness. So yes, it’s definitely a hookup dating app but if one is lucky, he can find something better.

There aren’t more complaints on EliteSingles than on other average dating apps, it’s always the same: some scammers and time wasters can happen on one’s way but the majority of users are genuine. Those are just young and merry people who want some fun. But who said marriages never start from having fun? EliteSingles has some nice success stories that it gladly shares. Therefore, chances to meet someone decent or at least honest and pretty are quite high.

If EliteSingles was a more full-ledged platform with blogs, tips, and fun tests, it would be way more popular among its audience. For this particular reason, we don’t rate this site too high and keep on considering it average. It’s effective and honest, yes; and its price is very fair. But its developers could do better and go further in their wish to connect people.

Although the principle of work isn’t totally commercialized or false, like on some other dating apps, it’s not fair to announce the EliteSingles platform is “ads-free” if the suggestion to get a Premium version is popping up every 5 seconds.

For sure, it’s very nice of the developers to let members use the trial version for free and we should actually thank them for that. Other platforms aren’t that kind. But one should be completely fool or blind not to notice that a paid version doesn’t differ much if to compare eventual results so it makes no sense to pay, at least on a constant monthly basis. So the developers are kind but tricky at the same time.

In general, all those disadvantages lose their meaning if someone light-headed and impatient just wants to have some quick fling, right? Luckily, there are some real users on this site therefore hookups are more than possible. But it’s a trap again: the geolocation feature is technically poor and badly supported so one cannot get many matches even in a huge city. What is the point then?

We won’t completely undervalue the EliteSingles site and app since it’s not dishonest or full of fraud but it’s hard to call it super effective either. That’s why it can be recommended to 35+ singles who want real chances to find a casual or long-term partner but it’s a bit too boring for late teens and too immature/disappointing for older people.elite singles girls

Technically, this site is close to perfect as not many dating platforms offer a full online protection, quick customer service, and many steps of verification/personification. It’s a bit business-like but it’s decent and qualitative indeed. Some users like to be cared about and others prefer to manage things by themselves, so again, it depends.

On another hand, many people are already tired of dating platforms that are simply commercial and don’t meet expectations at all. Vague profiles, fake members, meaningless conversations or even dangerous scammers – all that leaves so disappointed. That’s why we need something like EliteSingles – protected and reliable. Despite the critics, it’s probably the oasis of safe dating in the ocean of irresponsibility and taking profit of the loners. Plus, the price of VIP subscription isn’t very high comparing to many other platforms, so after all, it’s worthy of trying at least once. It’s exactly the case when trying and making your own opinion is better than being discouraged because of others’ bad experience. If you want to find a stable partner without being in hurry, EliteSingles is definitely for you.

EliteSingles is a very good dating site but only for super pedantic and phlegmatic people. For sure, serious relationships take some time and patience, but some users think it kills all the romantic part. Matching process on EliteSingles is unique, original, innovative, and effective, but it’s terribly long and slow. It’s hard to imagine who would be so, let’s say, anti-enthusiastic, passive, and obsessed with safety, for tolerating the 100% automatized communication that takes hours to be established. Very busy and hard-working people? Elderly people? Desperate single women? In any case, some categories of users seem to be happy with this kind of service as they leave many positive responses and comments in online stores and on other sources.

However, more energetic and active people find this innovative system boring and complicated. Some even describe dating through this site like waiting for a sun ray in a prison. Nowadays, when so many dating sites keep it fun, easy, and refreshing, makes no sense for people to waste their best time on some rules and restrictions. They want to correspond with many and sometimes date several girls a day. Maybe it seems less serious but it can turn into something profound as it’s life. For sure, the principle of this site will weed out the scammers and playboys but it definitely weeds out creative and impatient folks who could make someone happy. We rate it high but we would recommend it only to people with a certain type of character traits.


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