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9.4 is a premium quality dating site for people who were born to flirt. We all know that between friendship and marriage lies flirt! was created for flirt and romance for single men and women looking for their soul mate, love and enjoyment of sharing positive emotions with each other. Learn here how to get flirty and start flirting non-stop attracting interesting people around and your special one. Flirting is an easy and interesting way to get to know people closer and decide for yourself who can become your potential partner before you meet up. Special chartrooms and private chat make flirting interactive, with the help of a web cam you would be able to see the one you are interested in virtual life. Join for free and start browsing a vast data base of thousands of men and women waiting for flirt and find your perfect match.You will be pleasantly surprised that most of the features on are offered for free; you can freely search for your love, reply freely and date freely. Be flirty and will help to make your dreams come true, connecting you to your perfect match. This site offers you a safe, secure and enjoyable stay and the best sort of fun.



  • I’m just in love with this place. You can do anything here, because all people that join want free relationships and that means sex as well.

  • It is very strange, I joined this place and after an hour I met a girl that want to have sex with me. I think I will reconsider my taught about this place. I hope that I will have a good time with her.

  • Guys, I don’t know how you are doing but when I registered at I hoped to get some excitement from talking to these hot babes. It is not interesting to have sex on the first date. You have to play some sort of a game before you do it. That is why I joined, because offers you this excitement.

  • Is it something good? Don’t want to join another site where they will suck my money off!

  • Don’t know about the money that you spent on other sites, but at I’m already for a month and I’m quite popular among the ladies. I think its ok.

  • I love flirting with women and when I have the chance, I do it quite a lot. When I found out about this place, it was just amazing for me. So many girls that want to flirt, it is like I am in heaven.

  • All these dates, restaurants, flowers is not for me. At Flirt you can just play with each other and don’t worry about such idiotic things.

  • So that’s how women and men flirt now. I never thought that you can do it online. Guess I have to try it out myself.

  • What more a guy needs, right? Well some men don’t like the idea about flirting; they just take what they want without some silly love games.

  • Don’t you think its fun to flirt, play a game that you created, play by the rules that you dictate? Thousands of chances and infinite roles, stories and sexy games to choose to play with the person you were matched. Money is not the issue here; all that matters at is the moment and your imagination. After a week or two maybe it will come to you. If your innocent game will transform into something more reliable then it is only good for you, no? I don’t see any problems with the service and the idea of online flirting.

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