GoDateNow Review (Signing up, Female profiles quality, Users’ opinions)

godatenow dating site review
10 Content
9 Cost
9 Design
10 Support
10 Usability

How the site looks at the first glance

The dating site has a somewhat awkward layout on the main page depicting two women, who look either like a mature mother and teen daughter or like two female lovers. It’s not clear what the owners wanted to show with such an illustration and it will be probably changed. Maybe, the ladies symbolize different-aged Ukrainian and Russian females presented on this dating site, but why do they look so American then?

Other than that, the site has a pleasant stylish design and immediately attracts one’s attention with a big gallery of women’s profiles. The site also has a blog and advertises new materials from it. In addition, it promotes its own safety and security, strong verification process, availability from any devices. Some brief introduction into Ukrainian dating awaits for customers in the bottom of page. In general, the main page creates a strongly positive impression of quality and good perspectives. Reviews from the users are many and they sound interesting, but male personalities are way too model-looking which is a bit suspicious.women pics godatenow

Signing up

Signing up process is free and simplified to the maximum. Name, sex, email, and password are enough for creating an account. After email verification, all other fields can be filled. Signing in is also possible via Facebook or Google.

Female profiles quality

Female profiles are of extremely good quality on GoDateNow. There’s no exception and all profile photos are strikingly clear and glamorous. It proves all girls are registered by professional dating agencies, which isn’t obligatory bad: some percent of the girls is seriously searching for a mate although others are just after a financial profit. When the first bright impression is over, it becomes obvious that most girls aren’t very attractive, they’re just well-presented.

Free services

Free trial is available, but the site usage is credit-based meaning that every letter, instant message, minute of the chat etc. is paid by pre-purchased credits.

Safety level

Safety level is average. Reportedly, there’s no sufficient verification or anti-scam system.

Age group

The girls’ age differs between 20-28 and more. However, the focus on young personalities is obvious.

Pros and cons

Girls are real and it’s easily confirmed by video chats, video introductions, and the gifts delivery. However, some scam is always there and customer support is very slow in helping out the customers.godatenow mens profiles

Phone app version

No mobile app is available, only desktop version.

Users’ opinions

“GoDateNow brought us together with my future wife. I was smart enough to keep away from celebrity looks and I succeeded in finding a simple, down-to-earth pretty woman who agreed to get married with me. I couldn’t ever be happier. My evidence is important for all single Americans who dream about a Slavic wife. This is the best way, and it was worthy of each penny I spent.” (Matthew, 42, Miami)

“I’m not sure this site works well for me, too many scammers there and it’s expensive itself. I tried the free version but could do almost nothing until I paid. I avoided the most attractive female profiles but others seemed fraudulent too. They were quickly starting to make hints about the money and gifts. Maybe it’s just the women’s nature but it made me suspicious. I keep on chatting with only one who seems genuine but it doesn’t look very promising. In fact, not many girls there even bothered to reply to me. I think this site is just a money-making machine but for someone who got funds and lots of free time, it can be a good option.” (Mike, 36, New York City)

“There are lots of much better dating sites, I don’t know why I stopped over. But I liked the absence of fakes, which is so rare, and a big number of nice chicks to talk with. There’s a video chat option so you know for sure you aren’t talking with just robots. No one tried to sell themselves or get naked, it was just ok like if I talked to my old buddies. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Thanks dudes.” (Michael, 34, Kansas city)

“GoDateNow can be annoying because girls are attacking you with messages so much. I made great friends there and met some in reality, and I found my recent girlfriend there too. So it works, although it isn’t perfect. It’s just great when you are bored or lonely and want nothing vulgar, just a normal communication with new people. I’d rather recommend it.” (Kelly, 25, New York City)girls godatenow


With such a big base of members and interesting features, we would gladly call the GoDateNow 100% legit and trustworthy (and “money” worthy, if we could say that). But all we see is that their vast database is just an army of disappointed singles. There are just a few positive reviews and success stories the majority of which are old.

But it remains purely commercial and it’s hard not to see that. When we read about its results on the Internet, those results are usually about its income and not so much about successful love stories. The last ones are present too though.

Also its price: as you can see, it’s pretty high. The developers are trying to explain it by showing us how educated and cultured their female members are. But in fact, it cannot be checked or proved, as girls do not upload their diploma scans to the profile. You just get what you get.

GoDateNow does have and provide some real women’s profiles. But it isn’t 100% legit as it wouldn’t be profitable. It’s just a business like the majority of dating sites. As experts, we believe that a credits-based system is always fishy.

If to ask eventual customers, you’ll immediately see that platforms with a symbolical monthly payment like CuteOnly, are the most popular among western singles. It seems fair to pay little something for girls’ availability but not for every step and move you make online.godatenow mens pics

Beautiful single Ukrainians are a huge segment of dating market and they definitely deserve a decent and helpful dating site. GoDateNow initially had all opportunities for that but didn’t use them. The app is very buggy, customer support is often lazy and rude, even design still isn’t perfected, so the question is, whether the developers will bother to correct the things or not.

In reality, many modern sites suggest much more interesting and innovative features along with trendy design and fun extras. You won’t find all that here. Again, coming back to reality, the competition in the dating market appeared too high and much better platforms had the same price as very plain GoDateNow site with its chats.

It’s not a secret that customers are a bit spoiled and picky nowadays, they do prefer to deal with unusual and original platforms that feed them with the news, qualitative tips, and provide with unique options. One doesn’t find that on this site.

But, to honor the previously known success stories, we still recommend the GoDateNow to single westerners who already have some experience in dating online and can differ genuine girls from materialistic ones. The site demands an average income and provides easy and fast results, on a condition of patience and previously gained habit to go through certain virtual “obstacles”.

We rate the site as average and recommend it to beginners in Ukrainian / Russian dating who want to train their abilities to attract Slavic women and build a relationship with them. The platform has its disadvantages but it isn’t a complete disappointment and can be appreciated by someone who isn’t very demanding.


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