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9.4 is a premier Indonesian dating site comprising vast number of Indonesian singles looking for their true love. If you are a man looking for an Indonesian life partner or and Indonesian lady looking for a serious relationship and marriage, is the right place. Thousands of new members join the site every day, increasing your chances of finding your true heart warmer. Thousands of beautiful Indonesian ladies in the photo galleries of dream to become special for special someone. It is very easy to become a member of the site and the registration takes just several minutes. The site itself is user-friendly and responsive team of will make you feel at comfort when using our services. The services provided here are excellent, modern and meet the requirements of even the very demanding members. You can read many testimonials left by the members of the site on the special page. To have more services provided and more privileges over other memberships choose platinum membership. If your requirements are not so high, you can always choose from standard and gold membership packages. Join today for free.


Gifts and souvenirs are also a part of Indonesian culture. But it doesn’t mean you should present expensive stuff: just bring some fresh food to their table. Later some jewellery may help too, but that’s not obligatory during the courtship. And the main rule: eat everything they give, and accept their gifts in return!
When you already date an Indonesian single woman or live with her, the quality of your personal life skyrockets. You are cared about, well-groomed thanks to them, always fed well and respected no matter what. They also massage you, brush you, and kiss you as much as you want. Are you jumping to the plain right now?

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  • Indonesian women make my heart beat faster and I start sweating. Something keeps knocking in my head that for some reason my destined woman waits me somewhere on the website. Loneliness made gave me this chance to come and register at your online dating website. I was surprised when after someday I received few letters from beautiful girls, but the specifics of the e-mail I’ll keep to me and the girl. The basic features are enough for me to stay and communicate further. Maybe one girl will gladly take my personality and me for a union marriage.

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