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Italian men are rumored to be great lovers and flirts, and Italian chicks are all drop dead sexy, at least that’s what the general consensus is around the world. Well, Italian Friend Finder gives you a chance to put those two theories to the test, it’s an online dating tool that will help you score yourself an Italian friendship and relationship.

To learn about the Italian way of love all you need is a working e-mail address, it’s all it takes to set up your free account and to get browsing. You can check out personals and adds with the free membership, but most of the more fun features are locked until you pay a small fee. While this may not be up to someone’s tastes, having a fee is actually a really great way to reduce number of spam and fake accounts on a network, and the price is really affordable so it’s not really an issue. Everything can be looked for using the Italian Friend Finder search tool, from Italian men and women who are just looking for an online friendship to Italian singles looking for something more long term. Site features include great matching and searching tool as well as e-mail bases, chat rooms and even live cam chat section. Members upload their photos and videos very often, and the whole experience is more that of browsing an online community then checking out a simple dating site. Quality of the content varies as not many members are able to make HD quality photos and videos, but they gets the job of introducing people to each other done.

Italian Friend Finder is a part of a popular online dating network that will give you a lot of help if you’re looking for an Italian relationship.


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  • The service is not bad. Girls are beautiful, not to demanding but with some pride. I love to date with more than one girl. Some women don’t care and don’t see competition but don’t be fooled. I don’t say that I know what they are thinking but some Italian women are too predictable. Maybe I got lucky with some women; some of the luck is replaced with the advantages that offer online dating. Well you guys you have 2 possible choices: just close the browser window or try Italianfriendfinder yourself. Don’t have much to say.

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