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Followers of the Latter Day Saints need their own corner of the web to interact and talk to each other just as much as any of the other online dating communities, and that’s why Spark Networks dating sites have been expanded with LDSSingles, a place for those of the Mormon beliefs to gather up and find themselves true love.

Despite the name, LDSSingles and other LDS themed sites in the network are not owner or governed by the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints, nor do the viewpoints and statements of the site admins stand for the church, this is a stand alone site that just provides a meeting place for Mormons to meet and form friendship that can turn into something more serious. There are not too many members, just several thousand of them, but when you come online here you know you are surrounded by like minded people who share faith as well as hopes with you. Setting up a personal profile is very easy even if you aren’t to skilled with the internet and you can start browsing away at the profiles of other members in no time. It is also worth noting that the basic membership is completely free, but some of the more advanced features do need you to pay a membership fee, a pretty low fee, but a fee nevertheless. There’s a great anti spam and anti bot tool that keeps those annoyances away from your online dating life, and there is a system in place for you to report a suspected scammer and flag him for the site admins to look into it.

Mormon dating online was non-existent before this place came to be, LDS Singles is a great site for them to meet up and form new friends and bonds.


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  • I became your user some hours ago, but I can state that your webpage I like more than other sites of this kind. I was registered at, but here the searching system is faster and more useful. Also I like that your dating site propose me dozen of options. So, I will be your client.

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