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Pegasus Dating may as well be the phone book of London and most of the major cities in the area, that’s how many UK members there are. Premium UK dating and international personal adds site, here you can easily find love and relationship.

I have to admit that I’m a bit sceptical about the number of members that the site claims to have, with about 9 million accounts, I bet that at least one third if not more are spam and scam accounts, double accounts and so on. Hell, even if the half of the members are not active, that still leaves with us with whooping 4.5 million singles in the UK who are looking for someone to spend time with at the very least. From online chatting and innocent flirting to real life dates and long term relationships, you can find babes and lads from UK who are all about that and are not shy of listing their interests and kinks on a public premium dating site. Joining Pegasus Dating is completely free, all you need is a valid e-mail, but there are some features you do not have access to without a premium account, this is something that is good because it keeps the number of spam and duplicate accounts down significantly. The powerful search tool will match you with someone with similar interests and matching personality with ease and you can let your wit and charm do the rest.

All in all, this is a great UK based dating and relationship site with huge number of members (even if the real number of active accounts is most likely much lower then the site states), and has tons of interesting features to make online dating more attractive.


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  • Good day, rather to say evening. I liked for its serious and competent attitude to its clients. It’s worth to say that I rather fast began to communicate with different people, thanks to comfortable searching system. So I will use your site to find love.

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