PinaLove Review (profiles quality, Free services, Pros and cons)

10 Content
9 Cost
10 Design
10 Support
9 Usability

How the site looks at the first glance

The dating site has a super plain main page very poorly designed, that offers to sign up / sign in via FB or via the phone number, presents itself with a very brief text, and immediately presents a wide gallery of both female and male profiles.

Female profiles quality

PinaLove isn’t agency-based, therefore the majority of female members’ photos out there are casual and not very qualitative. Lots of selfies, social page styled photos, and non-personal images make the search more difficult.

Free services

Signing up process is free. Browsing through the profiles and 1 message per 10 minutes are free as well. All other services are paid.

Age group

Reportedly, the majority of members are 25 – 30 y.o., but there are also very young or mature female & male users. Seniors are very rare on PinaLove.pinalove dating

Pros and cons

It is possible to date via PinaLove for free, even with limited features. The database is huge, but not all users are serious or even real. It is mostly used for ladyboy dating recently.

Phone app version

PinaLove app is available for iOs, with a lower rating than desktop version. It is mostly criticized for non-serious girls and suspended accounts without any reason.PinaLove - Filipina Dating

Users’ opinions

“I stay on this site for 2 years now although I get tired of ads and fakes sometimes. Still, I am a huge fan of Filipinas and there are plenty of them here. I didn’t miss even one weekend without meeting someone new which is a serious advantage. No chances to meet a lifetime partner here though. Although other Filipina sites are also for fun only, it’s a bit frustrating. One day we get mature enough to spend a longer period of time with the same person.” (James, 39, Bahamas)

“Everything started for me from this site, PinaLove! I met my first ladyboy here! Maybe nothing to be proud of, but it was so cool. I am still here and I recommend it to all my friends. I was told a stable sugar baby can be found here too, but most of the ladyboys I met here were simple guys and not money wasters. Anyways, I enjoy it here, almost no bugs, although no big quality either. It helps to kill the time and flirt or have a quick hookup anywhere.” (Matt, 28, New York City)filipina dating

“It’s a cool site and app, I found so many friends through it. Some hookups too, I won’t hide that. Every evening I can get someone to talk with and if I am lucky, to meet in person. I think it’s a perfect place for young gay men like me to live a full life, at least virtually, and hang out together, both on Filipina mass events and face-to-face. I am going to travel the next few months and I’m sure PinaLove will make this experience brighter as well. I’m not sure if I can find a stable partner through it, but I keep on trying.” (Max, 31, Boston)

“Let’s say I found my boyfriend not directly through PinaLove, but through the company of nice men who I met with its help. So it’s definitely a key to the higher levels of society on the West but you need to already be something as well, since sugar dating isn’t allowed here. If you manage to follow this one little condition, you’ll proceed with your personal growth and you’ll be fine. My ideal guy took me to the nicest trip and I am so happy. I am just a plain worker of a cafeteria and I couldn’t afford such a vacation by myself. I am very thankful to PinaLove.” (Mia, 26, Manila)

“PinaLove is cool, it’s a bit buggy but I spend all evenings there, safe qualitative chats and a powerful, fair search. I am lucky to live in a big popular city so no problems with Asian matches nearby. On PinaLove, I see from the beginning who is verified and who is not. We also exchange private photos before the meeting. Usually all is safe. I like.” (David, 41, Washington DC)


PinaLove is a specialized Filipina & ladyboy dating site the quality of which is ok but not sky high. It isn’t trendy, isn’t stylish, and isn’t ultra modern, that’s probably why it is indicated as rather for middle-aged folks than for youth. Reportedly, there are also professionals of different kinds who offer their services for money. Some fake profiles are present too. But these disadvantages are typical for today dating platforms and can be easily forgiven.

But that’s the content thing. As to the search process, it became more annoying lately because of the enormous number of ads and commercials popping up all the time. PinaLove doesn’t crash very often so it can be called more reliable and relaxing than some other ones, and after all, a paid Pro version is still better than a free one. Plus, there’s mostly another age category that doesn’t tend to waste so many funds on hookups.

Returning to the primary idea, it’s all about matching of appearances and sexual preferences, which is just fine for young immature people who need some fun. PinaLove has never been meant for serious relationships. But gathering all sex-addicts of the world in one site isn’t its biggest problem.Successful Filipina dating Matches

The problem is only users’ broken hopes. PinaLove promised to be the easiest way to find a match for a nice short fling, or something bigger. And it was helpful until some moment. Right now it’s so full of ads, bots, fake profiles of models, scammers, and it crashes so often, that it turned into a frequent disappointment. It’s totally understandable that it’s hard to manage such a global, enormously big platform. But what about the frequent cases when a user is suddenly banned soon after he became a paid member? No one explains the reasons or refunds him. Looks like a trap!

For sure, PinaLove has too huge potential to call it a bad site but it needs to fix too many things to at least return to the previous level of quality. Not talking about a higher one. But even when all is fixed, and we believe it will happen nearest time, keep in mind that a concept of PinaLove isn’t for meaningful communication at all. It teaches people to be superficial and judge by someone’s appearance, knowing nothing about his/her interests or values and not even trying to learn. One can upload many photos to the profile but there is only place for one little phrase about one’s personality or his/her search requirements. The matching system and chat don’t allow to get to know each other in depth either. It’s a hookup site, no matter what the official reviews say.

Therefore, although you might already know that, PinaLove is recommended to young people who aren’t seeking anything serious, and to playboys/Asian sex addicts of any age, who are also patient enough to tolerate all those bugs and obstacles on the way to satisfaction.

As a final conclusion, we would say that PinaLove meets users’ expectations, even though those expectations are rarely about lasting relationships. It’s a calm and reassuring platform where every Filipina admirer can find a pleasant companion for an evening or for the upcoming trip. Its plus is a wide territory of members’ location including Europe, Asia, UK, Canada, US, even Russia and Indonesia where other ladyboy platforms may be restricted. It’s popular literally in every spot of the world so it cannot be completely bad. We would say that other Asian dating apps that seem to be more famous, let users down much more often so PinaLove is still worthy of our recommendations if not a complete delight.


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