ThaiFlirting Review (first glance, Female profiles quality, Pros and cons, Summary)

thaiflirting review
10 Content
9 Cost
10 Design
9 Support
9 Usability

How the site looks at the first glance

The dating site has a nice animated layout depicting happy mixed couples and youthful, model-looking Thai women. The main page isn’t informative at all but it definitely attracts one’s attention visually.

Female profiles quality

Women’s photos are mostly of studio quality, but without too much glamour and Photoshop editing. There are nice casual photos too. Women seem smiling and trustworthy, mostly attractive in their own way, either very young or youthful.thaiflirting dating

Pros and cons

Messaging, chatting, video chatting, help with the visa and marriage documents – you can expect all these features from ThaiFlirting. It becomes possible, partially, thanks to the fact that the main office of the team is situated in Thailand.

Phone app version

ThaiFlirting app is absent for now but can be launched in near future.thaiflirting profiles

Users’ opinions

“This site is ok and more than that… I met some wonderful women through it and I’m sure with such a quality I can also easily meet my future wife there. I recommend it to all my buddies who prefer Asian ladies. And it’s so affordable! I always thought finding love shouldn’t be too expensive.” (Jake, 38, New York City)

“At first, I was disappointed by ThaiFlirting as I saw same problems as everywhere: annoying ads and some scammers. But I was patient enough to talk with the team and I discovered how hard they work to weed out the fraudulent accounts, I just have to assist a little and report them. I also subscribed to avoid the ads as the subscription fee is surprisingly low. Soon after those improvements, I matched with a few girls and really liked one of them. We are dating now. So all you need is some patience and effort. It’s a good platform and I do recommend it to other Asian lovers”. (Marc, 42, San Francisco)thaiflirting search


ThaiFlirting is a less-popular dating site for interracial and same-race flirting and relationships. Although it is mostly used by young and very young people of Asian origin, there are also westerners out there. The site is mostly appreciated and loved, the critics concerns such typical problems as bugs, fakes, or ads notifications, but they aren’t disasterous like on some other platforms.

Communication is the most important part/side of any dating site and it’s just ok here. ThaiFlirting isn’t overloaded with glamorous or professional/commercial profiles, one can easily see the majority of profile photos are casual, natural, and trustworthy. The results are ok and the users confirm they had lots of real meetings through ThaiFlirting. However, some are just using it for online flirting. It’s anyway more pleasant with real people than with bots or scammers.

Another advantage is a big worldwide base of “exotic” folks who like to meet each other both online and offline. For this reason, we forgive the lack of original innovative features and the absence of any trendy concepts/design. It cannot be called modern or ultra-modern. But it’s just ok, and we take into account a big number of “positive” or “average” reviews.

We dare to rate ThaiFlirting dating site really high, not because its founders were brave enough to build their empire on the bones of enemies – to be exact, on people’s disappointment in superficial Asian dating platforms. No, we rate it high just because it’s doing such a great job. So many apps are created for taking their profit from the users instead of serving their needs. ThaiFlirting is absolutely different and it isn’t just about PR: many positive responses confirm that.

But despite of the huge number of positive responses and low price, it’s still not populated enough and has some lack of male profiles in Western areas. How is such a situation ever possible?

First of all, the Asian world is very wide and full of nuances, but the site is limiting their members to Thai girls only. Having a huge potential, ThaiFlirting is obviously badly advertised and poorly promoted in certain circles.

ThaiFlirting can be used for free, its inexpensive Premium subscription adds a few extra features. It should be adored for this particular advantage. But what happens in reality? The database is still small. It is launched years ago, so it had to attract a bigger number of subscribers already, but we aren’t observing that.

Although so cheap, ThaiFlirting treats its members like if it was the elite app. We mean the level of security and a qualitative customer support. They are just brilliant! We wish all datings platforms were that user-oriented. It’s literally everything a single Asian lover could need for finding her mate, but again, the site is underestimated and unseen by many.

As experts, we insist that ThaiFlirting deserves much more attention and can be confidently recommended for single westerners of all ages, all social levels, with any purposes, as a very effective tool for meeting new people online and successful matching.

To make a difference, it encourages people to upload their very best photos, but not only sexual ones. Those are photos from the trips, photos connected with the hobbies, or brightest moments in life. That’s exactly why we rate ThaiFlirting so high. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s original, and it gives hope to find something real. Moreover, people do start to date seriously with its help, sending a lot of success stories to the editors.

But is it really a fairy-tale, romantic and flawless? No, we have to stay realistic. Because of a more complicated (more human!) matching system, one’s search is consequently very slow there. Finding anyone even to talk with takes weeks, although the base of members is already big enough. The majority of users admit it’s a good thing though. They confess they feel more relaxed and confident even getting only a few likes a day: at least they know those likes are genuine and well-deserved! The fact this appreciation comes from real people, is warming up and reassuring.thaiflirting women

This safe and calming atmosphere creates the best conditions for trusting and positive relationships. Since all members are potentially ready for them, the communication starts on a good note and leads to great dates. It’s not just an assumption but a real experience of the ThaiFlirting members.

Asian dating is very specific and not many apps or sites can provide Westerners with serious female pretenders. Thailand is a country of sex tourism and it’s a well-known fact. Marriage-minded women with values can rather be found in conservative villages and smaller towns than in commercialized capitals. Every dating site connected with Thailand, should take many preventive measures to assure their members are safe and have a chance for a decent company. Such a platform should be more promising than just a private trip to Thai that every man can perfectly organize. ThaiFlirting definitely does that.

However, many men are already “trained” enough to detect the scammers or professional daters online, and manage to find someone at least to talk and flirt with. There aren’t many success stories though so it’s up to you whether to use it or not.

As a summary, we recommend ThaiFlirting even to beginners in Asian dating who want to try it online before going to Thailand in person, but who have enough experience with other dating platforms so they know how to avoid the typical problems.

We think that positivity, depth, and openness are keenly needed in a today world, and especially in the world of romance. It’s something that is nearly impossible to find in other modern applications. We would definitely recommend ThaiFlirting to all people from 17 to 65 y.o. who believe in love and hope to find a soul mate. Again, if to get more realistic, it’s the only Asian dating site that leads to the marriage in most of cases! Even if you aren’t that desperate to get married as soon as possible, try it and lift your spirit up. Meeting new people and broadening your horizons won’t hurt. Quite the opposite: it may heal your wounds and return you to life. It’s easy to understand from our review that we are the fans of ThaiFlirting,

It’s a rare case when we rate the dating site with 5 stars by all positions. It’s trustworthy, secure, entertaining, effective, and much more. The majority of positive responses from the users are in fact their success stories which is extremely inspiring.

We rate it that high because it gives a full online protection to a vulnerable group of women usually taken as the hookup material, and it provides them with a more stable private life, too. Success on ThaiFlirting is almost guaranteed as there are always many users online and they tend to be very friendly and open. Many likes, messages, and arranging real trips exchange make it all fun and promising. Taking into account how many people are interested in Asian dating today and how badly they are perceived/positioned in a “conservative society”, creating a safe and reassuring virtual space for them was a very nice idea. It definitely has a big social meaning and a positive impact on people’s minds.


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