Top 3 most popular dating apps in worldwide

Top 3 most popular dating apps in worldwide
10 content
9 cost
10 design
9 support
10 usability

Sometimes, you feel like having someone to talk to, but the people you know are miles apart. If you are single and want to mingle or you feel like you want to flirt, with your iPhone, you are equipped with the resources to find someone you can chat with, and if things click, you can have a new friend who you can meet face to face if you so desire. The following apps are built for your iOS devices, so if you are with your iPhone, iPad you can download any or all of these three dating apps to find your next date.

Color Dating – Asian, Black, White, Hispanic Chat

If you are looking for a date in wrong places, you might deny yourself the fun in dating. There are times its best to look for people within your race; this is not being racist or something but things like that count if you want to be successful with a date. Color dating app is thinking what I am thinking, and it’s great if you’re going to identify with people of your race in search of a suitable date.

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colord dating


When you are in a foreign land, nothing is more appropriate like finding someone who understands your vibe, and you can flow with without having cultural differences. With color dating, you can connect with users around you across the world. Anywhere you are, you are just at home!

Sort by ethnicity. You can find your perfect match by searching for friends from your ethnic group.
Tap to view. You can view a profile by tapping the button.
Direct message. The app allows users to send a message from the app;
Swipe to find love. To see the next profile, just swipe and as you do that more profiles come on your screen for viewing. Swipe a profile picture right indicate ‘like,’ and swipe left indicate ‘skip’ to next photo!
Live messaging system. It allows users to send messages and chat on the app;
Browse photos. Browse users profile free and get their full picture format.

Do you have to pay to use color dating app?
You can download and install for free; you may decide to use the free version or upgrade to VIP user to get more features:
⦁ View members who viewed and liked your profile;
⦁ You can swipe without restrictions;
⦁ Gain more visibility.

⦁ 1 month subscription = $9.99;
⦁ 6 months subscription = $34.99;
⦁ 12 months subscription = 49.99.

When you upgrade, your iTunes account will be charged with the amount subscribed, and unless you turn off the auto-renewal in the account setting, you will be charged when current subscription expires!

Sudy – Meet Elite & Rich Single

Sudy is a meeting place for the wealthy, successful and most beautiful people; there are over 3 million members with more ladies than men. The app is a melting pot of successful people and is rated as number one luxury dating app. apart from being a dating app; it also serves as a matchmaking resource for every single needing a partner can find what they want.

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sudy dating app

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If finding a wealthy partner is your mission, the Sudy app provides the tool to get what you want without much ado.

Home for wealthy and beautiful singles. Find elite and wealthy single nearby quickly;
Tailor search. Sudy has advanced search filters that get you exactly what you want without missing your mark;
Advanced matchmaking algorithm. There is no missing your match with the advanced matchmaking engine that matches you with what you want;
Free chat. Verified members can chat with others for Free;
Get Featured. Use Sudy “get featured” to boost your profile visibility across the app to users;
Status update. Share exciting daily moments through pictures and videos, to let others know more about you;
Safety. Sudy features members’ verification to ensure the right people are on the platform;
Zero tolerance for a fake profile. The trouble with the most dating app is phony profile, Sudy ensures constant removal of fake account to clean up the system for real people.

Do you have to pay to use Sudy?
You can download and install the app for free; to use the app, every member is expected to go through stringent verification, and you need to have a minimum net income of $200 thousand to be approved.

To use the app, you need an Android phone with the current version or Android 4.0.3 and above; a member must be 18 years and above!

Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles

Zoosk is 4.0 rated dating app running on Android OS phones. The app had over 40 million members’ worldwide and named best dating app for the year 2016. The app is among the busiest in the world.
Members send around 3 million messages daily with over 8 million verified pictures; it is a robust app that most users find cool to express their dating download

zoosk dating app

android download

Personalized SmartPick™. Allows users to define their preferences and likes as they deem fit;
Zoosk’s Photo Verification. It will enable members to submit their video selfies for lookalike confirmation of their photos;
Advanced search options. Users can use advanced search options such as body type, height, religion, and other characteristics to more;
More ways to meet and chat with local singles. Zoosk offers quick match up or browses for anyone you like;
Excellent customer service. A supportive customer service team to give you extra support when a user needs help;
Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology. The app has advanced users behavior learning technology that helps the app to predict what users will need, the connection to make and improve their dating experience.

Do you have to pay to use Zoosk?
Download and install the app for free; to experience its advanced features, a user needs to subscribe to the premium account. The premium prices are as follows:
⦁ 1 month subscription: $29.99;
⦁ 3 months subscription: $59.99;
⦁ 6 months subscription: $74.99;
⦁ 12 months subscription: $99.99.

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  • For me, my grandparents have always been an example of love and loyalty: they lived together, soul to soul, for almost 50 years… they practically brought me up, I spent all my childhood in their house, and constantly saw how they solved problems, quarreled and reconciled, as they understood each other, their mutual care and support. And here I am the grandmother suddenly says, “you know, I married your grandfather when you went, so already loved him, it was not like that. I saw that a decent man, well, nice, nice, of course. I decided to marry him, and then time will tell. But the love came later.”

  • Registered on the website, in the questionnaire indicated that I am a co-founder of the company. In the end liked a few pictures of men which I liked. They responded and asked for a phone number. I wrote 3 to 4 m. In the end, started calling what the women posing as secretaries of these men to meet and mingle, supposedly a lot of fakes. In General, I went to these offices, where after 30-40 minutes of “talking” and filling out the questionnaire, they begin to sell their services very rigidly.

  • Issue price from 50 000 rubles per month for membership. I use the techniques of NLP. Humiliate…”How!!!! For 12 years divorced and STILL NOT MARRIED!!!”etc. Place themselves with psychologists, I don’t know what about… In General, I ran away from there. I was chased down the hall screaming, ” what are you!!! Don’t want to get married!!!”. In the second office I went only because the girl swore up and down that she is definitely Secretary Andrei, and there are not any agent. Same thing in the end, only more expensive.

  • couples are rarely formed, men rarely write the first, communication quickly fades, without going into something serious or long, some functions are limited and available only when paying, there is no connection with the support service

  • started using it almost a year ago. you download the mobile app. registration by phone number. upload your photos as much as you want, write in the profile about yourself, education, age, profession. you ask preferences-age of men, distance from you. somehow, the maximum distance is 161км. why such a figure – XS. still show and those who are close and those who are in 2395 and 13467 km from you. were from Japan and from America and Canada too… that is allover the world.

  • Looking for couples. Looking at pictures of men and if you like, whisk right, if not to the left.

  • But it’s all free access. Paid I have not tried yet. I’m still wondering if I should. because fifteen hundred a month, and the result is zero.

  • periodically surf there – for a long time I sit and 90% throw off to the left. Finger gets tired. And the result is still zero. That is, sometimes, very rarely pairs are formed immediately, but most often you’re sitting there for an hour, whisk pointless and useless in some weird hope to find something that will hook, but it is rare and when you accelerate the view, suddenly whisk and the want to return, and it only paid… most men like garbage, the person concerned, or instead of yourself post photos of animals, machines, objects, strange scenes, nature, – I., a small percentage of well-groomed men looking for my half through an agent, and very little foreigners. Everyone else with glasses is a wanted man. but it is unclear who is looking for them, not the Interpol, not the wife with a rolling pin.

  • The fun begins when you are added to the pair. People hanging off you in pairs, and is silent. Mostly so. The individual instances that, Yes, they write themselves. This files most often on greeting is not. But with about 30% percent of the conversation still turns out. But it’s not long either. Then man falls silent forever.

  • I haven’t had a date yet. Times two taking wrote two days and, too, disappeared or we simply not converged in the interests.

  • Although girlfriend has found there for three days?? and already they marry… I think everyone has their own destiny and their own way…

  • one note: if I come from an IOS IPad, then everything is wildly slowly brushed away. the process is very tedious and complex. and When I started the app on Android, all the photos are brushed away instantly! the wonder and thrill)

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