Top 4 Teen Chat and dating Apps

Top 4 Teen Chat and dating Apps
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9 cost
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Dating is not only for adults, but teenagers can also date and live life. There are lots of teen chat and dating apps out there. Getting the right date and connecting with friends has never been made easier.

With your Smartphone, you can connect with millions of people and also get lucky to meet your future partner (which is so romantic). All you to do is download a teen dating app of your choice, follow their steps, and you will have access to teens like you looking for friends and dates 😉

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the top four Teen chat and dating apps on our list.

1. Spotafriend
Spotafriend is a teen swiping app for age 13-19 to make new meet new friends. All you need to do is wipe pictures of other teenagers you like and swipe right to hit the person up and become friends. If the other teenager accepts, you will get a match and can start chatting privately. Spotafriend is not a teen dating app; it is a chatting app to expand your networks and meet friends around you.


You can also invite your friends to go out, meet in real life have the best life experiences. You never know the friend you meet might be someone in school that you don’t know. Spotafriend is all about connecting with new people.

Why should you choose Spotafriend?
• The app is free to download and easy to use.
• It is a great app to meet new people
• Fresh updates every month

What users are saying about the app
• I love this app so much, I have made some close friends through finding people by chance here. Definitely worth the download! – ChubbyBunny4206959 **

• This app pics people close to you, not people that live across the country – Jug rod **

More information about the app
• Size: 156.4MB
• Compatibility: requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
• Languages: English and French

Price: free
Age rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download the app

2. Teen Dating App – Chat and Meet
Dating has never been easier! Download this dating app and meet with new teens immediately. Add your profile, filter users by interests and age, check profiles, and message anyone you like.

You can also press on “Feature Me” to promote your profile to thousands of other teens looking to make new friends.

Teen Dating App

If you are worried about privacy, the app allows you to limit who search for you and see your profile by their age. You can also delete your profile anytime you want to.

Why should you choose the teen dating app?
• The app is for free download and easy to use
• It’s a great app to meet with new teenagers that have similar interests as you.
• Lots of premium features to suit your needs.

What users are saying about the app
• This app isn’t my favorite. It needs the user to become a VIP member to send messages to people. I had to delete because I don’t want to waste money each month for a dating app. Sorry! – Jtmd24**

• It is absolute garbage the fact that you need to pay to message people and to see who liked you. I think it’s time for me to delete  – anonymous **

More information about the app
• Size: 62.1MB
• Compatibility: requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
• Languages: English

Age Rating: you must be at least 17 years old to download the app

Price: free

apple download

3. Meet and Chat for Girls and Guys
Download this fun app to make more real friends. Add your profile, filter users by age or interests, swipe through profiles and send them a message.

If you want to get a wider network exposure, you can press “Feature Me!” to promote your profile to thousands of other teenagers looking for new friends. With the “Feature Me!” feature, you will have lots and lots of friends that you can talk to.

Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys

If you want to use this app your way, you can use the premium features. With the premium features, you can make the app your app in no time as you can check who viewed and like your profile, remove ads, increase profile visibility with a verified crown and so much more!

If privacy is your concern, you can limit people who search for and see your profile by their age. When you are tired of the app, you can delete your profile, and no one will know you were once in the app (except your friends).

Why you should use the app
• It is free and easy to use
• It is a great app to meet with new friends and lovers

What users are saying about the app
** Some girls want money and just sex, yes. Some users think they are too good for you, yes. But there are some kind and sweet girls on here who will talk to you. You have to give it time and search a little bit. You will not be disappointed. You can go on Chatroulette, Omegle, all that stuff, but this is the best I have found out of them all – Random1234567777 **

More information about the app
• Size: 29.1MB
• Compatibility: requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
• Languages: English

Age Rating: you must be at least 17 years old to download this app
Price: Free

apple download

4. Teen chat nearby students date
This teen dating app is for nearby teenagers, young singles, and people who want to expand their social network. Add your profile, update your location on the map, start the match game with nearby teenagers and singles that are around you, and make friends.

To search for friends near you, turn on your phone GPS and you can easily see someone around you that you can chat with.

Teen chat nearby students date

Teen chat online dating app allows members to make new friends, chat with strangers all for free. Members can log in directly using Facebook.

Why should you use the app?
• It is free to use
• You will meet new people quickly through the app’s impressive features
• You can meet with friends nearby your school or neighborhood.

What users are saying about the app
• You have to give it your exact location when you sign up – Anonymous

• Unable to delete my account. Can someone please help me delete it, I don’t want it anymore! It sucks I’m worried I won’t be able to delete it – Yesenia Peppers

App information
• Size: 10MB
• Compatibility: requires Android 4.0.3 and later versions
• Languages: English

Age Rating: you must be at least 18 years old to download this app

Price: free

android download


  • I wrote one guy, offered to chat, well a little about myself has told. I looked up photos – well, a normal young man, nothing special. But the narrator is excellent, it was interesting to read. But he, it turns out, set out to find a wife from Western Europe, shoveled thousands of profiles, reviewed tons of photos, many wrote, though not all communication “went”. I’ve written off a few other girls besides myself. We began to correspond, and it turned out that we have a lot in common, even somehow indecently much.

  • We went for convenience, ICQ, and chatted often. But I have special feelings for him was not there to talk (and even better to listen to – he knew a lot, was able to explain the most complex things) – is happy, and in love with my hand was not even a hint. And then he decided to come to visit (for a minute, for 1000 km) for a couple of days. At a meeting at me nothing skipped a beat, in General there were strange feelings: it seems and it is pleasant the person, and at the same time it is unpleasant. But he then realized that everything was, seriously <3

  • Well, we walked around town, talked, and the guy went to his. And about six months later, he stunned me: he left a computer company with an excellent salary, moved to freelance, and decided to move to my city.

  • He understood that there was no love on my part, but he could not live without me. I now look back, and still wonder: there is nothing in me “sort of”: no beauty, no grace, no sense of humor, especially popular with guys never enjoyed, and suddenly this. In General, after 3.5 years of courtship, I gave up Smile, and we got married. Why so long? I had no feelings but friendship. Although I have seen that it is 100% my man, but waited, and when I lay a wave of love Smile, and it all covered.

  • during the week, go to the app every day, reject the first 2-3 profiles and immediately close the app. don’t like.

  • all the first proposed profiles will be people who liked you during the week. plus, attention, those who have just registered, so not all will be immediately shown in the matches.

  • but like only the best, most beautiful and the best work/job. the very first (frankly beautiful) it is necessary to put a super-like. the first are those who have a rating of more super-like it you show that this is your level.

  • as in the tape there were accounts without photos and frankly unattractive by anyone’s standards profiles, it is necessary to close the application. in no case do not mix your fingers and do not like them. and those who are after them, even if they seem OK-now they have a low rating. they will be shown to you again another day, wait for their rating to rise.

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