VictoriaMilan Review(Signing up, Free services, Pros and cons, Summary)

10 Cost
10 Design
8 Usability
9 Support
8 Content

How the site looks at the first glance

VictoriaMilan creates controversial feelings immediately after taking a look at it. The layout is openly erotic, and the main page openly proclaims the site works for married & attached people who seek some anonymous sexy adventure. Design is very minimalistic and somewhat dark / grey, as a hint about one’s secret desires.

Signing up

Signing up process is simplified and fastened to the maximum and allows the user stay anonymous. As always, registration is free and additional info can be filled later. No contact data is required, but email verification is needed.victoriamilan search bride

Female profiles quality

Many of the pictures are blurred due to anonymity, so one rarely knows to whom he is speaking. Among the visible photos, selfies and average-quality casual photos prevail. Females aren’t always young or attractive as their main advantage is readiness to hookup.

Free services

Free members cannot message the others. They can only send them likes and winks or invite to Favorites. The site can be called expensive: $59.97 a month.victoria milan price

Pros and cons

Accordingly to its specialization as an affair & hookup site for non-singles, VictoriaMilan offers a unique Panic button that helps to turn a provocatively looking page into an innocent one. 6 million active members are available worldwide.

Phone app version

VictoriaMilan app is available both on PlayMarket and iTunes, with a low rating. Its database is obviously non-sufficient so far and the users are complaining about the absence of responses.Victoria Milan

Users’ opinions

“VictoriaMilan is my place-to-be. I keep on finding cool people here and we are making our evenings unforgettable. I was lucky not to meet any dangerous guys or abusive assholes. I think this site is brilliant for a pretty little unicorn like me! Haha! Some people suggest sugar dating too and some support, but mostly it’s all for mutual pleasure and fun. I’m sure I will spend my next years on here. Thanks VictoriaMilan!!” (Nataly, 25, New York City)

“I am already on VictoriaMilan for several months. I got to know about it occasionally through my friends as it wasn’t very popular around. I liked my experience there, I go out with someone twice a month with its help even if not every weekend. You cannot count on a great quality of people here but at least for some anonymity, yes. Even if I move between the states, I easily find someone and it’s a good sign for me. You just have to be smart enough to never chat with the bots or with professionals and your sexual life will be ok.” (Gaby, 28, Los Angeles)

“I remember the old version and it definitely was cooler. But this one is fine too. You have to get used that it’s frozen sometimes, not all users are polite, the ads are enormous, and you’ll never get helped by support team. But if you know how to get through, you can meet dozens of cool dudes there. I met some for friendship, some for fun, and a few for hookups, but I saw that the majority of VM users aren’t serious as well. I think the developers are being honest, we know from the beginning it’s just for flirting. My brother hates using it though as it is lagging and stopping all the time. But even he admits there are enough chicks to choose from. So we rather rate it above average.” (Emily, 25, Chicago)

“I hated being on VictoriaMilan. It is said the owners are respectable so the site should be reliable too, but it wasn’t. All women seemed fake and often much younger than I asked. They tried to make me pay for the video chat with them naked or even to receive my direct contacts for a more effective scamming. Stay away from this, it has nothing to do with romance.” (Peter, 48, Seattle)victoriamilan search


We have to start by saying that users seem to be pretty disappointed by VictoriaMilan.

It looks and sounds weird from the beginning. VictoriaMilan is the opposite to Dirty but the site provides exactly the dirtiest adventures. Primitive yet provocative layout promoting the fulfilling of the darkest desires, bold promises of unusual pleasure. But who cares about the weird design until we see the real result? Which is, again, very doubtful.

Without any doubts, if they solved the scam problem, the effectiveness and popularity of the site would skyrocket.

But why would this replacement ever happen: scammers instead of real horny women? It isn’t expensive to them! And they are modern enough to love sex. What’s the problem then?

There can be only one answer: doesn’t matter what feminists say, wild sex with strangers, every day new ones, is against the women’s nature. They can play this game once in a while but eventually they want a relationship. Something that cannot be built with the help of such sites as VictoriaMilan and similar ones.

Another source of the problem is technical, or rather it’s just a laziness of administrators/tech support who don’t care to periodically clean the database from golddiggers. On another hand, scammers aren’t lazy at all. We wish real users were that persistent!

One more flaw is the total absence of interesting features. This site is plain like the wall. You just enter, choose someone handsome who lives nearby, and meet. But the users seem not to be against this ultra simplicity. The most frequent review text is, “I got what I needed”. And it’s true, hookup platforms are all about plain choosing and setting up a meeting. They are far from being social platforms, entertaining or psychological dating games. So we cannot judge VictoriaMilan too much for that.

No one complained about too many ads, too vulgar or naughty content, or constant crashes, so we make a conclusion that VictoriaMilan is at least usable if not completely user-friendly. There are reportedly some webcam girls who are trying to sell their professional services but they are very recognizable. And after all, if you avoid video chats and use only text chats, you’ll avoid them as well. Also analyse the messages: whether they are genuine and personalized or not.

In classical dating, one can just invite another one for a short coffee break without promising anything including even friendship. There should be certain courtship and proving a person’s good intentions and advantages before you two go further. So, you get a certain safe distance and time gap.

While on hookup platforms, it’s clear from the beginning what both of you want. It considerably shortens the distance between you and another person, as well as the time period. There’s no slight sign of courtship, only straightforward needs. If you liked each other’s photos and words, there is a big possibility you are going to like each other in reality, which leads to getting intimate very quickly, especially with this particular primary purpose.

That’s why it is crucial to make sure your hookup site is trustworthy. It solves the half of the problem.

Nothing is censored or pre-moderated on the site though, and the customer support is nearly absent. Consequently, there are reportedly some rude or abusive users who spoil the overall good impression, or freaks without concrete purposes.

No doubts, the users feel somewhat helpless without an attention from the support team, and they are quite annoyed with the ads and bugs. But let’s be objective, there are much worse platforms nowadays, and the advantage of being honest or not too commercialized is primary.

Our summary is that we still recommend VictoriaMilan to everyone who is after instant sex with unknown partners, and who is confident enough in his own ability to take care of safety because the site based on anonymity, won’t do that for him. One should also be patient regarding the flaws that remain so obvious and annoying. Otherwise, you guys are going to be satisfied with your harvest here doesn’t matter of which age and other parameters you are. We cannot rate it high enough but it has the right for existence, at least with its ideas of sexual freedom. If we all are lucky, the listed disadvantages will be taken away soon and we’ll enjoy all the diversity of open-minded sexual contacts in large metro cities worldwide.



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